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Mild Mannered Reviews - Adventures of Superman

Adventures of Superman #50

Adventures of Superman - Chapter #50

Released Digitally: April 7, 2014

"Mystery Box" - Part1 of 1

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: Valentine DeLandro
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Cover Artist: Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Reviewed by: Alisa Lea Gossage

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The get-away driver wasn't expecting guns. But as bullets whizzed by Gina, Lois Lane reminded her that needing a 'get-away car' sort of implied trouble. So, what was the big deal?

Lois and Gina escape near death at the hands of the island's casino thugs and arrive at the local airstrip, but as Lois' little commuter-plane takes off, she drops a package. But no worries. One phone call, and Superman retrieves it for her.

Inside the dropped package is a very important item. It's a Valentine's gift for Superman. But he has to wait to open it. Valentine's Day is four days away. And he can't peek. Lois lined the package with lead. Superman is curious.

As the days go by, Superman asks Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman what they think the mysterious gift might be. Each Superhero has their own idea about what the perfect gift would be.

No Aquaman, it's not a fish...

And of course, Superman wants to give the perfect Valentine's gift to Lois. So, he puts together something special.

On Valentine's Day, Lois floats down from the sky using a parachute. Superman catches her and tells her that she is late. Of course she's late. She's always late. That's a part of her charm.

They exchange gifts. Superman has been to the depths of the ocean and to various parts of the earth putting together the perfect gift. It's a bracelet with a tachymeter scale with a rotating bezel to help Lois calculate speed and distance. Since Lois is frequently running away from trouble, it's the perfect gift. Lois loves it.

And what was the gift Lois gave Superman? She gave him... a mystery.

As a man who can see and hear most anything in the world... Lois decided that he needed something that would flummox, frustrate and intrigue him. Thus, he is not allowed to open the box. It's contents is to be forever a mystery.

Superman laughs. He already has that... in Lois.

The end.

4Story - 4: The Good: Action, adventure, romance... everything that makes a geek-girl's heart beat a little faster. And how awesome is it that Superman is asking advice from his... ahem... superfriends. (Yes, I said it. It's corny. So, sue me.) I especially loved the conversation between Supes and Batman as Superman is holding up the train tracks ala "Superman: The Movie." It's like they are two pals having a normal conversation during a work day.

Of course we have to get the 'Wonder Woman' perspective. THIS is the relationship that Superman and Wonder Woman should have. I do not like their relationship in the New 52. They do not meld well romantically. In AOS they are friends and co-workers. I like that relationship much better.

The Bad: We don't get to see what's inside the box? Really? I'm going to wonder about that for... well... forever.

3Art - 3: I would have liked more detail on some panels. I like do like some of DeLandro's close ups of Lois and Superman. I especially like the fact that his Superman looks a lot like Christopher Reeve. But I do wish that Lois looked prettier.

3Cover Art - 3: Wasn't this cover used is "Adventures of Superman" - Chapter #42 and #49? I'm guessing that they are going to use this cover on AOS one shot stories. It's a nice cover, but it would have been nice to see something new.

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