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Hanna Barbera's Super Friends


Since the 1960's superhero cartoons had received good ratings despite interest groups protesting alleged violent content, interest in the 1970's in creating new series existed. Hanna Barbera produced a new series based on the DC Comics concept of the Justice League of America called Super Friends. Debuting on ABC on September 8th, 1973, the Super Friends concept would go through various incarnations providing DC Comics fans adventures through 1986 on ABC. The series was sucessful enough to merit a Super Friends comicbook series that ran from 1976 to 1981.

Episode Guides


  • Toon Magazine vol 1, no. 6. (1994), includes character sheets and synopses.
  • Wizard's Superman Tribute Edition (1993)
  • Comics Value Monthly Special Superman Memorial Issue (1992)
  • Billy Barry presents "Hanna-Barbera's World of Super Adventure" Volume 1, Written by Michael Swanigan with Darell McNeil (1991)
  • Summaries marked by * were submitted by Shirley Burton based on the cartoons shown on USA and Cartoon Network. Shirley has her own web site at The other summaries were written by Andrew J Gould, based largely on the cartoons shown on the Cartoon Network.

Many thanks to The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine for valuable "Credits" information.