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The New Adventures of Superman


In the 1960's the new animation company Filmation Associates persuaded DC Comics to allow Filmation to do a Superman cartoon series. The New Adventures of Superman debuted on the American network CBS on September 10, 1966. In the second season, the show was renamed The Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure adding adventures with other DC Comics heroes. In 1968, the show format again changed becoming The Batman-Superman Hour which ran until September 6, 1969 when the show was cancelled partly from protests by Action For Children's Television because of violent content.

In the first season, the show had two 6 minute Superman cartoons bracketing a Superboy cartoon. Superman comics editor Mort Weisinger served as story editor, while several Superman comics writer also scripted some of the cartoons.

The first season had 18 half-hours. The second and third seasons each had eight more made. In the third season (The Batman/Superman Hour), the artwork changed to imitate Superman artist Curt Swan's style, and the Superman episodes now were 2-part Superman adventures.

The cartoons used the familiar "Faster than a speeding bullet..." used previously in the 1940's Fleisher cartoons, the serials and 1950's television show The Adventures of Superman. Within the cartoons, Superman used the familiar "Up, up, and away" and "This is a job for Superman" phrases.

From the radio show returned actors Clayton "Bud" Collyer as Superman/Clark Kent and Joan Alexander as Lois Lane, with Jackson Beck as narrator. Bob Hastings played Superboy/Young Clark Kent. The director of the cartoons was Hal Sutherland.

Episode List

Season 1: The New Adventures of Superman

Each "Half-Hour Episode" is broken up into the 3 parts mentioned above (i.e. Two 6-minute Superman cartoons bracketing a Superboy cartoon).

  • The Force Phantom
    Invaders from one of Mars' moons sets about using their Force Phantom creature to destroy Earth's defences, but Superman stops the energy creature, overloading the generator which powers it, which in turns destroys the invader's spaceship. (1-1)

  • The Spy From Outer Space (Part 1)
    An alien from another galaxy appears on earth causing volcanoes, fierce lightning storms and hurricanes. When Superboy and Krypto stop him, the mysterious creature tells of a coming invasion and vanishes to his home world. Quickly following, Superboy's powers begin to ebb from his body, and Krypto can only look on as his master is captured and held prisoner within a clear dome. (1-2)

  • Mermen Of Emor
    Clark and Jimmy investigate the mysterious disappearances of divers off a rocky coastline. Against Clark's warning, Jimmy goes scuba diving on his own and is captured by a group of Mermen who have been collecting humans for their Roman-like gladitorial games. Hearing Jimmy's signal watch, Clark changes into Superman and rescues Jimmy and the other missing men and closes off the cave tunnel between the surface world and the underworld of Emor. (1-3)

  • The Prehistoric Pterodactyls
    An earthquake in the antarctic sets free two prehistoric Pterodactyls. An American Fighter Pilot soon comes in contact with one, while the other menaces San Francisco. Superman saves the pilot and uses some Navy cable to lasso the first of the flying creatures, and drags it along behind him as he sets off for San Francisco. After a short tussle, he uses a large net to restrain the second Pterodactyl, and flies the two of them to a distant planet to live out the rest of their days. (2-1)

  • The Spy From Outer Space (Part 2)
    At his masters suggestion, Krypto spills a paint-like substance over the clear dome, shading Superboy from the planet's red sun which has drained his powers. He quickly over-powers his captors and, together with Krypto, heads back to Earth to defeat the invading army. (2-2)

  • Merlin's Magic Marbles
    Luthor uses a time travel viewer to fool Merlin into supplying magic marbles that will help him with crimes. One set will temporarily make him look like an 8 year old. Another makes him a shadow. (2-3)

  • The Threat of the Thrutans
    When Thrutan astronauts find themselves stranded on Earth, they threaten to blow up a rocket base if they don't get a rocket provided to get them back to their galaxy. Superman stops their bomb, and sends them homewards. (3-1)

  • Krypto's Calamitous Capers
    A trio of villains cause trouble in Smallville, but every time Superboy tries to stop them Krypto attacks him! Superboy realises the villains have a gadget that causes Krypto's strange behaviour and blocks Krypto's ears, together they quickly round up the crooks. (3-2)

  • The Wicked Warlock
    Using an almost-exhausted magical gem stone attached to an end of a wand, a sinister Warlock robs an armoured truck to steal a new magical gem stone to replace his aging one. Each time Superman attempts to grab him, the Warlock turns himself invisible and escapes. Superman tricks him into holding the magical wand above his head, and grabs it out of his hand just as the Warlock turns invisible. (3-3)

  • The Chimp Who Made It Big
    A monkey sent into outerspace in an experimental space flight is bombarded by rays when a piece of kryptonite smashes against a nearby meteorite. This causes the monkey to grow into a large ape-monster causing destruction on earth and giving Superman a hard time with its kryptonite vision. (4-1)

  • The Man Who Knew Superboy's Secret
    After changing from Superboy to Clark, a costumed figure shows it knows he is Superboy. The man says he is from Krypton too but grew up on another planet. He has Superboy meet him later and then claims he knows of an antidote to kryptonite. He is really an alien from another planet who Superboy has previously thwarted, and hopes to trick Superboy into losing his powers and being captured. But Superboy had noticed he had a scar and so was suspicious. (4-2)

  • The Deadly Icebergs
    A band of hi-tech pirates set loose 3 magnetic powered icebergs which are set to detonate explosive upon impact with a large nuclear powered ship. On board, Clark excuses himself from a suspicious Lois Lane, and flies off as Superman to capture the villains and stop the deadly icebergs. (4-3)

  • Robot of Riga
    Lois and Jimmy investigate reports of a strange UFO. Jimmy uses his Superman Signal Watch when they realise they're lost, however before Superman can respond, the two Reporters are abducted by a UFO and flown into outer space. Hot on their trail, Superman arrives on the planet Riga in time to save Lois and Jimmy from a huge fire-breathing robot, and fly them back to Earth. (5-1)

  • The Deep Sea Dragon
    A deep sea expedition comes across a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean which contains what they think is a huge pearl. Soon after they are attacked by a strange sea monster and put out an S.O.S. call. Hearing the distress signal, Superboy heads out to sea with Krypto and it is soon discovered that the Sea Dragon (a genetically engineered creature of a famous scientist) was just trying to keep safe its egg (the pearl). But pirates have their eyes set on the egg and soon after steal it from the sleeping dragon, who wakes up and goes on a rampage. Superboy and Krypto capture the pirates and return the egg to its mother. (5-2)

  • The Invisible Raiders
    The Sorcerer and his two hooded henchmen rob a museum and escape Superman, while kidnapping Jimmy, when they turn invisible. In their cave hideout, Jimmy uses his signal watch to alert Superman. (5-3)

  • Neolithic Nightmare
    While Clark, Beannie and Jimmy are on an expedition inside a series of caverns known as the Breathing Caves, Jimmy is sucked down a long wind-tunnel to an underground world. Menaced by a giant creatures such as a frog, dragon, eagle and spider, Jimmy is finally saved by Superman. (6-1)

  • Super Clown of Smallville
    A rich old man who is well known for never having laughed in his life, puts forward a large monetary reward towards charity if anyone can make him laugh. Superboy and Krypto take up the challenge but they don't even put a smile on the old man's face. It's not until Clark Kent has to reveal himself as Superboy to the old man in order to save an airplane from disaster does the old man break into laughter... the idea that Clark Kent wants him to believe that he is Superboy is the best joke he's ever heard. (6-2)

  • The Return of Brainiac
    Brainiac returns to Earth in his flying saucer. When Lois and Jimmy spot him, Brainiac uses a shrinking ray to shrink them. Superman responds to Jimmy's signal watch and also falls prey to the shrinking rays. Superman manages to save Lois from being kidnapped by an ant and fries Brainiac's electronic brain, before enlarging himself and the others. (6-3)

  • The Magnetic Monster
    Aliens from the planet Damoss test out their new magnetic gadget on Earth as a test for their coming invasion. Their gizmo flies around, magnetically attaching itself to airplanes, bridges and other metallic objects, melting them into a soft mess. Superman attempts to stop the gadget, saving Lois twice in the process, until he eventually sets it on its own creators, melting their space ship. (7-1)

  • The Visitor from the Earth Core
    On a mission to retrieve samples of a radioactive rock from deep within the Earth's core, Superboy and Krypto also find a strange black sphere which they bring back with them. Using the tunnel they dug, a crystalline creature emerges and begins tearing across the countryside. Thanks to Krypto, Superboy soon realises that the black sphere is actually the crystalline creatures egg, and after hatching the baby, Superboy and Krypto lead the mother back to her baby and seal them back within their underground home. (7-2)

  • The Toys of Doom
    Lois and Jimmy find themselves the prisoner of the Toyman after being tipped off about his location. When destructive machines create havoc around Metropolis, Superman races around defeating them, until he eventually ends up at Toyman's hideout where he defeats the Toy Army that awaits him, saving Lois and Jimmy in the process, and leading Toyman right into the arms of the Police. (7-3)

  • The Iron Eater
    A meteor crashes near Metropolis with a shape-changing monster that eats iron and steel. Clark is riding with Lois on a train, when she spots trouble up ahead. Clark leaves Lois behind to investigate and discovers the line is damaged, changes into Superman, and saves the train. Each time the monster causes some damage, it allays suspicion by shape-shifting its appearance. Superman eventually captures the monster as it prepapres to eat a bridge. He takes it to live on an iron asteroid. (8-1)

  • The Beast that went Berzerk
    Professor Ames feeds a solution to a pygmy elephant that transforms it into a rampaging mastodon. Superboy and Krypto catch it so the professor can give an antidote. When the professor's assistant reuses the potion, Superboy and Krypto must go to Africa to get new ingredients for an antidote. (8-2)

  • The Ape Army of the Amazon
    A disreputable scientist with a sonic device and a rogue soldier are using the sonic device to control apes in the amazon. Clark is piloting a plane, with Lois, that crashes nearby. Superman saves Lois when the apes attack the plane, and again inside a temple where the scientist is looting treasure. (8-3)

  • The Fire Phantom
    A strange walking flame of fire emerges from a deep mine shaft and sets fire to everything in its path. Clark and Jimmy are out camping on a fishing trip when Jimmy decides to go for a late night stroll. He soons finds himself surrounded by flames, and is only saved when Clark awakens to the smell of smoke and quickly changes into Superman. Finding the fire phantom, Superman eventually manages to extinguish it after a couple of attempts. (9-1)

  • Superboy's Strangest Foe
    A couple of strange aliens cause panic when they use a number of gadgets to create havoc on Earth. Superboy and Krypto come to the rescue, and manage to capture the two beings and place them behind bars. When they go off to investigate, the two heroes discover a space craft which has crash landed, and two adult aliens unconcious nearby. It is soon explained that the two aliens causing the trouble are their children, only using toys (which on their own planet are harmless). The family is reunited and Superboy and Krypto help get their ship back into space. (9-2)

  • The Deadly Dish
    Luthor desguises himself as a famous Professor, and hypnotizes Lois, Jimmy and Perry, giving them instructions to place themselves in danger within distance of his Kryptonite Ray machine. The plan is to destroy Superman using the Kryptonite rays as he comes to the rescue of his friends. However Superman uses a lead shield and destroys the Ray machine and captures Luthor and his henchman. (9-3)

  • Insect Raiders
    A passenger ship is attacked by a swarm of insect men and an S.O.S alert is sent out. Superman responds to the call and saves the ship when the insect raiders try to sink it. The leader of the Insect Raiders vows to find Superman's weakness, and kidnaps Jimmy Olsen placing him on delicate bomb-filled eggs as a means to keep Superman busy while he and his army go about another raid. However Superman devises a method of safely saving Jimmy and then swiftly captures the Insects Raider and puts them behind bars. (10-1)

  • The Capricious Crony
    When an underwater volcano briefly errupts, a strange looking little creature is shot up to the sea surface and caught in the ensuing water spout. Saving a nearby ship from being drawn into the spout, Superboy and Krypto save the little critter aswell. Left behind by his master who goes off to find where the creature came from, Krypto finds himself trying to avert one disaster after another accidentally caused by the fun-loving creature. Finally Superboy and Krypto fly him back down the opening of the Volcano, and return him to his family and home. (10-2)

  • Return of Warlock
    Steeling another Magicians Ruby from a museum, the Warlock is back to his old tricks. To exact revenge on Superman he sets about toying with his Daily Planet friends. First he brings to life the skeleton of a dinosaur to attack Jimmy, then takes control of Lois' car and drives it up the side of a building. Realising that Perry White is next, Superman positions himself to trick the Warlock, removes the ruby from his wand, rendering the Warlock powerless, and swiftly flies him to prison. (10-3)

  • The Abominable Ice-Man
    Lois in Hawaii finds the area suddenly becomes frozen. Superman arrives and finds an ice-man causing the freezing. Superman saves the ice-man from a fleet bombardment, and delivers him and an ice age creating device to a distant asteroid. (11-1)

  • Krypto, Super Seeing-Eye Dog
    Superboy and Krypto find a capsule from Krypton with dangerous weapons. Krypto accidentally activates one, blinding Superboy. Krypto helps Superboy rescue a ship, then later they respond to a bomb alert. They dig out the bomb saving a bridge. When Superboy lets the bomb explode away from the bridge, he finds the blast restores his sight. (11-2)

  • The Men from A.P.E.
    Luthor, the Warlock, Toyman, and Prankster band together as Allied Perpetrators of Evil using an abandoned lighthouse as a headquarters. Prankster and Toyman scheme to lure Superman where they can aim a kryptonic beam invented by Luthor at Superman. Superman eventually finds a lead pipe in the harbor to shield him from the beam. (11-3)

  • The Tree Man of Abora
    A scientist discovers a strange tree growing near a meteorite crater. The tree comes to life, drinking all the water it can find, creating havoc as it goes. Superman captures the Tree Man and returns it to its home planet of Abora. (12-1)

  • The Black Knight
    A friend of Clark's finds a magical cape that used to belong to Merlin. Wishing he was back in that time, Clark sees his friend disappear right before his eyes. Rotating counter-clockwise as Superboy, he travels back in time to save his friend from being trampled by the Black Knight's horse. Superboy is soon challenged to a duel by the Black Knight (aided by Merlin). But Superboy wins the day, Merlin and the Black Knight are arrested by King Arthur and Superboy and his friend return to their own time. (12-2)

  • The Image Maker
    Professor Nula seeks revenge on Lois Lane for putting him in prison. Disguising himself as a Professor Luna, he invites her to write a story on his amazing new 4D Movie technology. She arrives with Clark, and is soon in peril when the Professor's pet Yeti grabs Lois. As Clark changes into Superman, the Professor encases Lois in an air-tight bubble which he plans to rocket into space. Superman cripples the rocket ship, rescues Lois and captures the Professor. (12-3)

  • Superman's Double Trouble
    Aboard a government submarine, Clark Kent changes into Superman when an underwater earthquake sets free a giant lobster. At the same time, a similar giant alligator is set free from volcanoe. When the two huge beasts come together on land, Superman comes to the rescue, captures them both, and returns them to their underground habitats. (13-1)

  • Operation Counter Invasion
    The U.S. army gets ready to attack a strange UFO that has landed in the desert. Superboy convinces them to give him time to handle the situation peacefully. Landing near the aliens, they are amazed and concerned at the powers and abilities that Superboy and Krypto display, and mistakingly convince themselves that their coming invasion of Earth will fail if all earthlings have these powers. (13-2)

  • The Deadly Super-Doll
    A sorceror makes a small clay replica of Superman, and uses it to make the Man of Steel's flight erratic, while his thugs go about a crime spree. Using his strength of will, Superman fights against the magic that controls him, stops the theives, and then captures the evil sorceror. (13-3)

  • Lava Men
    Superman flies to stop an erupting volcano that threatens a Mexican town where Lois is. After deflecting the lava flow, Superman finds the lava forms a Lava Man. Breaking the creature causes multiple lava men that endanger Lois. Superman stops them by dumping water to cool the lava. (14-1)

  • The Jinxed Circus
    Superboy and Krypto help a circus plagued by accidents caused by the owner's former business partner. (14-2)

  • Luthor Strikes Again
    Lex Luthor kidnaps Jimmy Olsen to set a trap for Superman. When Superman takes the bait, Luthor and his men fire upon him with Kryptonite-ray guns. Weakened, Superman tumbles into a vat of lead-based yellow paint which protects him from the Kryptonite, enabling him to capture the villains. (14-3)

  • Mission to Planet Peril
    Aliens land at a coal mining facility and begin to steal the coal. When stopped by Superman, the aliens tell of an overlord on their home planet who has taken hostages and will shoot them unless they stole the coal which he planned to use to create an object harder even than diamond. Superman escorts them back to their planet and defeats the evil dictator. (15-1)

  • Hurricane Fighters
    On a school trip to the Metropolis Marineworld, Clark Kent is alerted by a far off call from Krypto about an on-coming ferocious storm. While the everyone else runs for shelter, Clark changes into Superboy and, with Krypto, averts many disasters caused by the hurricane and eventually moves the storm out into sea. (15-2)

  • The Pernicious Parasite
    A thief comes in contact with a radioactive element that somehow gives him the power to drain energy from anyone he touches. Security men try to apprehend him but he simply drains them of their energy when they grab him. When Superman comes onto the scene the same thing happens to him and he falls weakly to the ground. Realising he can't beat him, Superman simply grabs onto the Parasite and allows him to drain him of all his powers. The Parasite explodes! For as Superman explains, a normal human can not possess all of Superman's strength. (15-3)

  • The Two Faces of Superman
    The people of Metropolis are stunned when they witness Superman committing a number of crimes, and when Superman confronts Jimmy he explains to Superman what he just saw. Together they fly off, and Superman discovers that the Toyman has built a Superman robot which has been committing these crimes. With Jimmy's help, Superman defeats the Super-robot and captures Toyman and his men. (16-1)

  • Superboy's Super-Dilemma
    Superboy and Krypto drop in on Professor Potter who is experimenting on a plant growth formula. When he gives Superboy a serum he believes will forever protect him against Kryptonite, he accidentally mixes it with the plant growth formula and soon enough Superboy grows to gigantic proportions. His size becomes a danger to those he tries to save, but thankfully the Professor comes up with an antidote that brings Superboy back to normal size. (16-2)

  • The Imp-Practical Joker
    A strange 5th dimensional imp calling himself Mr. Mxyzptlk magically creates chaos at an Amusement Park. Superman flies to the scene and rescues those in danger, and spots the little man creating all the trouble. The imp tells Superman that the only way he can return to his own dimension is by saying his name backwards... something he doesn't intend to do. After a number of attempts, Superman finally tricks Mxyzptlk to say his name backwards, thereby sending him back to the 5th dimension. (16-3)

  • Superman Meets Brainiac
    A robot called Brainiac is stealing animals two by two from a local circus to re-populate a dying world. When he encounters Lois Lane and Superman he shrinks them to take them along as human specimens. Superman has other ideas and stop Brainiac with Lois' help. (17-1)

  • A Devil of a Time
    Dressed in a devil costume for a Fancy Dress party, Clark Kent spots two criminals talking in a far off park. Flying off in his devil costume, Superboy frightens the criminals into thinking he's really the devil and offers them three wishes in return for one. Each wish they ask for backfires as Superboy cleverly twists their words against them. Finally tricking them into giving themselves up, along with a list of crimes they've committed and criminals they've committed them with. (17-2)

  • Seeds of Disaster
    Strange pods from space settle to earth releasing seeds which quickly grow into large distructive plants. Superman flies around destroying the plants, but is warned that there are way too many for even him to stop before the earth is completely destroyed. With a plan in mind, Superman takes a large lense into space and with sunlight and heat-vision manages to destroy all the space pods before they release their deadly seeds. (17-3)

  • The Malelovant Mummy
    Clark and Lois accompany a famous scientist on a dig in Egypt, where Lois accidentally awakens an ancient mummy from its tomb. With Lois' life in danger, Clark changes to Superman, rescues Lois and stops the mummy's rampage through Egypt. (18-1)

  • Revolt of Robotville
    Clark and Lana are visiting a futuristic city populated by robots, when a deranged scientist tries to make the robots attack. (18-2)

  • The Bird-Men From Lost Valley
    Flying in the Daily Planet news helicopter, Jimmy spots a flock of bird-men stealing from the local farmlands. Hearing Jimmy's report, Clark changes into Superman and follows the bird-men. What he finds is that the peaceful bird-men have been blackmailed by a crooked man who found their hidden habitat and forced them to mine for gold or go without food. Superman sets things straight. (18-3)

Season 2: The Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure

  • A.P.E. Strikes Again
    Professor Noble has invented a machine he calls the Trouble Televisor that will alert its operator of any crimes being committed and signal Superman. Lex Luthor, the Warlock and Brainiac team together once more in attempt to destroy the machine, but Superman stands in their way. (19-1)

  • The Beast With Two Faces
    A giant dragon-like creature crashes across the countryside and then suddenly becomes passive. Superboy and Krypto discover it is the pet of an alien being who has a remote device that controls the beast. A band of criminals overhears the conversation and kidnaps the alien, controlling his pet to enable them to committ crimes. (19-2)

  • The Lethal Lightning Bug
    A freak lightning storm electrifies a swamp river creating a huge lightning bug that threatens to destroy a nearby space launch. Superman investigates and learns that the bug returns to the swamp to re-energize itself before each attack. (19-3)

  • The Prankster
    A pram is pushed into on-coming traffic... with only a doll within the pram. A money safe is dropped on Clark Kent as he is about to enter the Daily Planet... it's made out of paper. Clark Kent changes into Superman and berates the little fellow behind these pranks, who insists Superman can't arrest him as technically he hasn't done anything wrong that anyone can prove. So letting him go, Superman sets about playing his own pranks on the Prankster, irritating him so much that he frustratingly admits to committing the prankish crimes in front of Superman who gets it all done using a tape recorder. (20-1)

  • The Gorilla Gang
    Superboy and Krypto find the Gorilla gang of gangsters have robbed a bank. Later, on a school trip Clark and Lana Lang encounter the gangsters in a cave, where Clark secretly uses his powers to cause havoc for the criminals. (20-2)

  • The Saboteurs
    As Clark Kent is driving down a country road he witnesses an explosion which wrecks a nearby Railroad bridge. Changing into Superman, he saves repairs the bridge allowing a train to safely pass over. Later he and Lois are captured aboard a government ship carrying atomic waste. It seems a group of villains are set on dumping the atomic waste in the Metropolis harbour allowing them to loot the city once it's vacated. Superman however has other plans for them and foils their operation. (20-3)

  • The Wisp of Wickedness
    An evil alien creature is turned into a sphere of mist when he is killed during one of his own experiments. Drifting to Earth, the mist settles within the hat of a Metropolis motorist, who suddenly turns mad and tries to run down a playground of children. As he's captured by Superman the hat blows off his head and the man doesn't understand why he did what he did. Time after time the hat finds itself a new owner who also create havoc. Superman soon spots the wicked wisp, freezes it and sends it into outer space. (21-1)

  • The Chameleon Creature
    On an African safari Clark, Lana, and Professor Lang spot a rare white ape. They then spot a white creature that can change shape and abducts Lana. It turns out the creature is the white ape, which can change shape after exposed to strange purple gas. (21-2)

  • Superman Meets His Match
    A large chunk of Kryptonite collides with another meteor and hurtles down to earth. On the scene, Superman is weakened as the Kryptonite splashes into the ocean. Hitting the ocean floor, the Kryptonite cracks open revealing a strange green creature who has the same powers as Superman. Unable to defeat the creature, Superman manages to knock it out long enough for him to fly it into space where he leaves it on a far away planet. (21-3)

  • Night of the Octopod
    Superman fights off a strange flying saucer that has a strange octopod device. The octopod threatens a rocket base near Niagara Falls. Throwing the Octopod into the waters near the base of the Falls, Superman destroys the un-manned spaceship that brought it to Earth. However an electric eel pacing by gives the Octopod the power that it needs to take flight again, sapping more power from a nearby power station. Superman comes to the rescue once again, short-circuiting the Octopod after a brief tussle. (22-1)

  • The Great Space Race
    Strange rays fired on a group of icebergs sets them floating through the air. Superboy and Krypto arrive on the scene and take care of them. Soon they're services are needed again when a meteor shower strikes. Spying a strange space craft, Superboy and Krypto force it to land, and find they've mistakingly stopped alien police from capturing Clarix, an escaped villain scientist after Uranium for his evil contraptions. Superboy and Krypto set a trap for Clarix and bring him to justice. (22-2)

  • Brainiac's Bubbles
    A UFO is spotted hovering over Metropolis. It releases a transparent bubble which captures Lois Lane. Coming to her rescue, Superman is captured in a bubble prison of his own... the product of another Brainiac robot. Dr Heckler has set his Brainiacs to capture Lois as he wants her as his Queen to repopulate the planet Meiga. Superman has other plans, and manages to escape from his bubble, destroy the Brainiac robots, and rescue Lois. (22-3)

  • War of the Bee Battalion
    Crooks use a professor's Growth Ray, intended to help produce more honey, to grow huge bees to attack Metropolis. (23-1)

  • Finger of Doom
    Superboy finds cosmic rays from a 'rogue star' have caused an astronomer to join a criminal gang, and the astronomer can now emit an energy beam to attack. (23-2)

  • The Toyman's Super-Toy
    The Toyman devises a huge robotic insect that he tests by flying it over a local zoo, scaring the animals. Superman sets things straight and is about to grab the robotic insect but the Toyman makes it self-destruct first. The Toyman puts to work another robotic insect to steal for him, this one equipt with Kryptonite-vision. However the gigantic bug is no match for Superman who uses lead to block the kryptonite radiation and destroys the robotic bug. (23-3)

  • The Cage of Glass
    Brainiac uses his shrinking ray gun to shrink the whole of Metropolis to the size of an ant colony. Superman is powerless to break through the glass shield surrounding the city, but escapes through a ventilation tube, knocking out Brainiac and returning Metropolis to its correct size. (24-1)

  • Krypto, K-9 Detective
    When Rover, a performing circus dog is abducted, Superboy places Krypto undercover. Krypto is soon captured aswell, but the transmitter collar he's wearing is destroyed, leaving Superboy unable to locate him. However Krypto's bravery and Rover's barking lead Superboy to the secret hideout where he captures the crooks and returns Rover to the circus. (24-2)

  • The Atomic Superman
    When a professor has Superman test a new explosive liquid by drinking it, Superman finds when he speaks he breathes fire. After raising Lois' suspicions about Clark Kent, Superman goes to Mercury and lives with fire breathing beings, until he stops exhaling fire. (24-3)

  • Luthor's Loco Looking Glass
    Jimmy and Beany unpack a large mirror sent to Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. Clark arrives just in time to witness Jimmy disappear into the mirror! Using his X-Ray vision, Clark discovers that the mirror is actually a Matter Transfer machine built by Lex Luthor. Jimmy finds himself inside a run-down Fun Park, endangered by Luthor's sharks. Using his signal watch alerts Superman to his location. Although he tries to trick Superman, Luthor is eventually captured within the Tunnel of Love. (25-1)

  • The Neanderthal Caveman Caper
    Crooks find a caveman thawing out. They trick him into wanting to fight Superboy, and then use the caveman to keep Superboy busy, while they steal an experimental Flying Mole. (25-2)

  • The Warlock's Revenge
    The Warlock's sister uses a magic ruby on a broom to free him. He takes the ruby and goes to start a campaign of endangering Lois Lane, before Superman uses one of his magical creations against him. (25-3)

  • The Halyah of the Himalayas
    A plane crash awakens a frozen creature known as the Halyah which has been asleep in the ice within the Himalayas for hundreds of years. Angry at being awakened, the creature goes on a rampage until Superman puts him back under layers of snow. (26-1)

  • The Terrible Trio
    Superboy teaches three school bullies a hard lesson by granting them their greatest ambition... with a twist, that makes them realise the error of their ways. (26-2)

  • Luthor's Fatal Fireworks
    Luthor has Jimmy Olsen kidnapped and placed in a balloon. He then shoots fireworks at the balloon to attract Superman, who he plans to kill with kryptonite laden fireworks. (26-3)

Season 3: Batman-Superman Hour

  • Luthor's Lethal Laser (Parts 1, 2)
    Acting on a tip Lois and Jimmy find a rocketship in a park. It is Luthor's, who kidnaps them and flies them to the moon, while having Superman distracted by a munitions fire. On the moon, Luthor aims a laser at Earth's arctic ice cap and tells the world governments he will melt the ice cap flooding coastlines, if he doesn't get control of the world. Superman reaches the moon, just in time to save the escaped Lois and Jimmy from being shot by the laser. Luthor then has Superman pursue him, hoping to trap Superman. Luthor is working with Brainiac and hopes to have Superman be shrunk in the rocket and killed by kryptonite gas. (27-1)

  • Forget Me Not, Superdog
    In space Superboy and Krypto are hit by a kryptonite meteor. Superboy takes an unconscious Krypto home. When Krypto wakes up he has amnesia, and goes off to a carnival. Superboy stops the mischief being caused by Krypto, then follows Krypto to where a scientist and his kid are being threatened by a thug. The thug causes a device made by the scientist to explode. Containing the explosion causes Krypto to recover his memory. (27-2)

  • Can a Luthor Change His Spots? (Parts 1, 2)
    Jimmy tells Clark that he saw Luthor in the Daily Planet. Superman finds Luthor using a device on Perry, who says Luthor has reformed and is now science editor. Jimmy next checks in Luthor's new lab at the Daily Planet building and sets off a lightning machine, which Luthor claims was a security device for the building. Jimmy spots Luthor apparently using a device to rob a bank vault, but it is only a demonstration and Superman must rescue Perry now trapped in the vault, after saving Lois who was in a sub trapped in a maelstrom. Finally Jimmy finds Luthor sabotaging the presses while readying devices that will launch the Planet building into orbit. Jimmy must escape being bundled and rescue Superman when Luthor sprays kryptonite ink over Superman. (28-1)

  • Superboy Meets Mighty Lad
    Superboy encounters another boy who apparently has similar super-powers, and starts upstaging Superboy. Mighty Lad claims to also be from Krypton, but Krypto is suspicious. It turns out Mighty Lad is an alien, but from another planet, and his super-powers and the disasters he responded to were caused by gadgetry. (28-2)

  • The Team of Terror (Parts 1, 2)
    An alien, Satana, from the planet Quanta tries stealing nuclear energy from a power plant on Earth to attack her planet. When Superman stops her attack on the power pant, she helps the Warlock by using plasto to make his wand's magic ruby emit kryptonite to weaken Superman. Superman saves Jimmy and Lois from the Warlock and stops the Warlock, then stops Satana despite her sending an army of plasto monsters at him. (29-1)

  • King Superboy
    When a small sun appears, shooting off wild electrical currents which cause havoc on Earth, Superboy and Krypto fly off into space to investigate. They destroy the exploding sun and land on a nearby planet where they are told be the inhabitants there (who believe Superboy is the Boy-God of their profecies) that the exploding sun and others like it are weapons used against them by another species living on the dark side of the planet. Superboy and Krypto distract the dragon-like creature on guard, save prisoners, and destroy the machine creating the small suns, and fly back to Earth. (29-2)

  • Rain of Iron (Parts 1, 2)
    Lois is about to embark on a vacation when she spots a man by the name of Vamore, who Clark recognizes as the friend of a criminal Professor Dujy who escaped from prison. Lois follows Vamore to a remote island resort, while Superman is busy catching large iron spheres that threaten Metropolis. Following their trajectory, Superman realizes the iron spheres are being bounced off an asteroid in space from an island in the Pacific by Professor Dujy and Vamore. The professor first uses the island natives and then Lois Lane as hostages before being thwarted by the Man of Steel and taken to jail. (30-1)

  • Double Trouble, Double Doom
    Three explorers are lost in remote mountain ranges. Superboy and Krypto investigate and find an alien space craft sawing off mountain tops in search of escaped criminals from their own planet believed to be hiding in the area. Superboy discovers that the criminal aliens have the three explorers held hostage and use them to threaten off any attack from Superboy as they plan to plunder a planetoid made totally of gold. With Krypto's help, the alien criminals are brought to justice. (30-2)

  • The Mysterious Mr. Mist (Parts 1, 2)
    While Clark and Lois are at Perry's farm for the annual Daily Planet picnic, a mysterious mist entity comes up from a well. The entity can create the appearance of being human from inhabiting clothing. It attacks Lois, but Superman saves her. Unfortunately, however it pursues Lois to Metropolis and repeatedly tries kidnapping her, so that she can become the queen of its subterranean kingdom. After Superman confronts it in the Superman museum as Superboy, Superman manages to capture it, and seals up the well. (31-1)

  • The Trap of the Super Spacemen
    Superboy and Krypto rescue a space capsule with an astronaut. At the space center the astronaut starts shooting beams destroying things. When examined by a doctor, the astronaut is found to be an alien. Superboy and Krypto investigate an asteroid near where the capsule was, and find aliens using the astronaut as an energy force. Superboy is trapped and his powers siphoned into the aliens, who then plan to invade Earth. Krypto helps save Superboy who regains his powers, smashes the alien's power transferral machine, and stops their spacefleet. (31-2)

  • Luminians on the Loose (Parts 1, 2)
    Lex Luthor beams to earth two Luminians, creatures made of pure laser light, and sets them to work destroying everything they touch. When Superman proves invulnerable to their touch, Luthor arms himself with kryptonite. The Luminians decide Superman is not worth the trouble and turn on Luthor. Superman saves Luthor and together they devise a stratergy to send the Luminians back to their own world forever. (32-1)

  • The Space Refugees
    An alien spaceship is shot at by three men hoping to scare them off. Superboy and Krypto arrive on the scene are discover that the aliens are the soul survivors of the planet Verg. Understanding the plight, Superboy sets about making the land comfortable for them, however when he flies off the three men cause havoc for the aliens. Receiving a warning from Krypto, Superboy returns to the scene and saves the aliens and captures the men, realizing their motives were greed-driven by the diamonds buried in the area. (32-2)

  • The Ghost of Kilbane Castle (Parts 1, 2)
    In Scotland, while Clark Kent stays the night in an inn, Lois and Jimmy go to haunted Kilbane Castle. Two twins at the castle try scaring them away, fearing they'll discover their clan stole the castle from another clan. Their scare tactics cause a ghost from the other clan to be released. Superman manages to save Lois and Jimmy, arrest the twins, and assure the ghost that his clan will regain the castle. (33-1)

  • The Monster Molecule
    A physicist invents an energy device that uses a universal molecule. When showing it to another scientist, the device malfunctions, and causes magnetic waves attracting all metal objects hit by a beam to be attracted to the sun. Superboy and Krypto save a bridge and then stop the device. But the observing scientist is left affected by the energy, so Superboy and Krypto must fly into the future to obtain a piece of the power source molecule, so that the physicist can save the scientist. (33-2)

  • The Japanese Sandman (Parts 1, 2)
    In Japan, Clark and Jimmy are covering an industrialist who is being hounded by a saboteur. When Jimmy gets a Black Pearl after Superman rescues a pearl diver, the saboteur summons a mystic Sandman figure who can blow sand causing magical sleep to help with his sabotage. Superman must fight off the Sandman's sleeping sand and save Jimmy from a deathtrap, before capturing the saboteur and defeating the Sandman. (34-1)

  • The Great Kryptonite Caper
    A crook plans to stop Superboy by luring him to a trap with a piece of Kryptonite. Lana manages to later get it and sees Clark collapse when near it. The crook kidnaps Lana, and Superboy and Krypto must somehow substitute emerald for the kryptonite. (34-2)

In addition to Superman's appearances in solo adventures and as Superboy, during the 1967 season, Superman appeared in three short adventures of the "Justice League of America" alongside Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), the Atom (Ray Palmer), Hawkman (Carter Hall/Katar Hol), and the Flash (Barry Allen). The episodes were "Between Two Armies", "Target Earth", and "Bad Day on Black Mountain". These episodes are included on the two-disc DVD set "DC Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures".

Superman appeared in a 1972 episode of "The Brady Kids" cartoons (a Filmation spinoff of "The Brady Bunch" TV series). The episode was titled "Cindy's Super Friend" and had Cindy meeting mild-mannered Clark Kent. The Brady Kids team up with the Man of Steel to paint a bank building during the city's "Paint-Up" week. The Wily Toulouse La Trick and his henchman Igor substitute delayed-action invisible paint so that when the bank becomes invisible they can rob it. Little do they realize that Clark Kent can change into Superman any time he can find a telephone booth.

Superman also appeared in an animated segment in an episode of "Sesame Street". The Filmation animation depicted the Man of Steel teaching children about the letter "S".


Here's a full credit list for Filmation Associates' The Batman-Superman Hour (CBS, 1968-69):

A Duconvy Productions Inc. Presentation
Directed by Hal Sutherland
Associate Directors: Rudy Larriva, Amby Paliwoda, Don Towsley, Lou Zukor
Art Director: Don Christensen
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Prints by Technicolor
Production Coordinator: Rock Benedict
Checking Supervisor: Marion Turk
Ink and Paint Supervision: Martha Buckley
Voices: Bud Collyer (Clark Kent/Superman); Bob Hastings (Superboy); Ted Knight (Narrator/The Pieman); Joan Alexander (Lois Lane); Casey Kasem (Dick Greyson/Robin); Jackson Beck (Lex Luthor); Olan Soule (Bruce N. Wayne/Batman); Jack Grimes (James "Jimmy" Olsen); Jane Webb (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl; all vilainesses); Cliff Owens
Background Music: John Marion
All Characters Appearing In The Batman-Superman Hour Are © Copyright Characters Appearing In DC Superman-DC Comics. Copyright 1968 By National Periodical Publications.
The Character Batman Was Created By Bob Kane
Executive Producer: Allen Duconvy
Produced by Norm Prescott, Lou Schemer
Produced at Filmation Associates in Hollywood in association with the Duconvy Prod., Inc.
Batman © Copyright - Duconvy Productions, Inc. 1968


  • Toon Magazine vol 1, no. 6. (1994), includes synopses
  • Wizard's Superman Tribute Edition (1993)
  • Comics Value Monthly Special Superman Memorial Issue (1992) lists episodes, but often with different titles