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Mild Mannered Reviews - Superman/Wonder Woman Comics

Superman/Wonder Woman #3 Superman/Wonder Woman #3

Superman/Wonder Woman #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 11, 2013

Cover date: February 2014


Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel
Inker: BATT
Cover: Daniel and BATT with Morey

Reviewed by: T.A. Ewart (aka liheibao)

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Superman/Wonder Woman #3 Superman/Wonder Woman #3 Cat Grant opens a manilla envelope and boots the flash drive she finds within, only to have a look of astonishment on her face after having done so. We cut to the moon, where Superman has retreated, hoping that the excess energy that was given him in his fight with Apollo will eventually drain off. He speaks with Batman who reveals that while he's comfortable working with Superman, Diana's upbringing and values concern him. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman looks for a Christmas gift for Superman. In North Africa, Zod kills a surviving Bedouin, who pleas with him for help. Zod sees a bird in flight, and decides to take flight himself. He's successful at first, but then begins to fall, only to find himself brought to ground by the Martian Manhunter. Zod battles against the Justice League of America, until Wonder Woman and Superman arrive, and she restrains Zod with her magic lasso. Steve Trevor asks for Wonder Woman to escort Zod back with him into custody, but she refuses and follows Superman, where Zod is held at the Fortress of Solitude. Zod asks Superman if anyone like him has come through, a woman named, Faora, but Superman isn't able to confirm any such thing. Alone for the nonce, Wonder Woman bestows her gift to Superman: the gift of time. The rest of the League is monitoring the Earth and that will give them time, however brief, to be with each other. They share a kiss, only for Superman to break off when his super-hearing alerts him to people discussing Wonder Woman and Superman being together. Their relationship has gone public.

3Story - 3: Soule's initial storyline will probably read better collected than in the installments that are serialized comic books. The pace is staccato at some points, and while there are moments of grand entertainment, there aren't enough for the full read or to feed the need from last month.

Soule starts with Cat Grant, which is great, as the storyline of deserves more light. Either that or return Clark Kent back to the Daily Planet. We get one page of that, and it's gone. No more till next month (when it will probably be shown that Cat outed Superman and Wonder Woman). There are a lot of characters to juggle in this series, and it's understandable that some lines will be left hanging for a wee, but you could have mistaken the opening page for a full ad from DC. Since we're not seeing a lot of, you might even believe that you picked up the wrong book. One more page would've been grand, and it could have easily been taken from the Zod scene.

Superman and Batman's conversation was done well, inasmuch that you get the sense that Batman is fishing for information, and Superman is the dumb farmboy Batman says that he is. You can see Batman's mind cataloguing every response for future reference, while Superman is just happy to have someone to talk to. Batman makes an excellent point about Diana, and in doing so why the relationship is dubious for the long term. Superman sees himself as human, despite his great abilities. Diana sees herself exactly as she is: exceptional. That is a mind-set and a value-set which should provide interesting scenes for future, but it's a reminder that Superman and Wonder Woman don't share the commonality needed for a relationship.

Zod's appearance is sound. We know immediately that he's no good, after he kills the Bedouin for saying, "Please," even if his super-hearing is paining him. The flight scene seems forced, but Zod says that he learned English by watching from the Phantom Zone, so perhaps he's seen Superman fly and so he tries to do the same. The Justice League of America was created as a counter to the Justice League, but they can't handle Zod, so that's out the window. The tension between Steve Trevor and Superman is unnecessary and undetectable. It doesn't serve either character well of they're nose-to-nose, particularly if the impetus is that Wonder Woman, who was with Steve (and will be again), is now with Superman and one or both of them have to be jerks about it. Cool in company and caustic privately plays better.

All that being said, Soule still manages to give us more time with Wonder Woman and Superman as a couple. Wonder Woman's gift to Superman is pretty cool, and very thoughtful, though the question does arise as to why she's doing it, unless writers have finally allowed Clark's obvious Christian ties into play. That and he doesn't get Wonder Woman anything at all, proving that she's not Greek Orthodox. The reveal at the close of this issue is welcome, as it can only move things along, since we know that Clark wants this relationship to stay private. Thanks Batman.

It's not a bad issue, but there is a lot going on, and little nucleus to revolve around. It's a series of scenes and it plays almost as an intermission to the action that has occurred prior. There are two questions that this series needs to answer and answer quickly: 1)Why are Superman and Wonder Woman together? We know that DC will milk this all the way to Diana making babies if that's what fans want, but it doesn't serve the characters at all without a reason for it all happening. It doesn't have to be a positive either; they could be together because they're alone, because they don't believe they can be with fragile mortals, etc., but it has to be more than we're the strongest on the lot. 2)Aside of a relationship, why do we need to see Superman and Wonder Woman paired together in a comic? Batman and Superman have been teaming-up for over 60 years and are the World's Finest team for doing so. There is a complement to their pairing, a synergy that many writers have been able to tap and expand on. What is the force of Superman and Wonder Woman together in action? That still has to be shown.

4Art - 4: A step-up from last month, and well-deserved as we're taken to no less than five different locales, and all rendered well, so Daniels may be hitting his stride. It would be nice if the outfits weren't all armor based, which would really show Daniel's hand even better, but you cannot have everything.

3Cover Art - 3: Superman and Wonder Woman looking roughed up. Thankfully he had his shirt on.

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