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The Speeding Bulletin

The Speeding Bulletin is a weekly video report of all the latest Superman news.

The "Speeding Bulletin" video report (hosted by Steve Younis) is released once a week (usually on Wednesday morning).

Here's the latest episode:

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As of the January 7-13, 2011 edition of the "Speeding Bulletin", Scotty V joined the show with his "Great Scott!" segment, taking over from Neal Bailey's "Bailey Planet" segment which ran from the very beginning in 2007, ending with the December 31, 2010 - January 6, 2011 edition. Scotty's "Great Scott!" segment ended in 2018.

Speeding Bulletin Archives

Here are previous "Speeding Bulletin" video reports:

Speeding Bulletin (2012-Today) Playlist:

Speeding Bulletin (2007-2011) Playlist:

Very first attempt at a Speeding Bulletin video report: October 12-19, 2007

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