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Red Lanterns #31

Red Lanterns #31

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 28, 2014

Cover date: July 2014

"Judgment Day" - Part Three of Three

Writer: Charles Soule
Penciller: Alessandro Vitti and J. Calafiore
Inker: Alessandro Vitti and J. Calafiore
Cover: Alessandro Vitti

Reviewed by: James Lantz

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Guy Gardner's Red Lanterns and Atrocitus want Judge Sheko of the planet Primeen on their side. Kara Zor-El has an idea to help. Take the Ysmault blood in the flagship Kaalvar's cargo hold to Primeen. This does allow Sheko to come to her senses, but it also makes Atrocitus more powerful as the skies rain crimson. Supergirl tries to fix her error with her heat vision. This breaks Atrocitus' contact with the blood. However, Guy's team uses some of the same magic that Atrocitus used to create the Red Lantern rings to learn that much of Primeen's main city has been destroyed, and its frightened population wants the Red Lanterns to leave. In the meantime, Judge Sheko must choose with whom she will go. Her decision may well change the fate of both her people and the Red Lanterns.

Guy Gardner is confronting Atrocitus. Yet he cannot do anything. If he or the Red Lanterns with him try to kill Atrocitus, Rankorr will be killed by one of his minions. Meanwhile, Sheko seems to want to remain neutral in the war of the Red Lanterns. She wants to know both sides of the story before making any judgments. With that, Both Atrocitus and Guy Gardner go their separate ways awaiting the right time for war to be declared.

5Story - 5: This really was a good one even if it did end too fast We do see some great scenes with the Red Lanterns and Supergirl. They are clearly trying to help her grow up, but it seems she will be a handful even if her intentions are good. I am impatient to see how things will turn out for both Kara and the Red Lanterns as their stories progress.

5Art - 5: I cannot imagine any other art for this issue's story. It works perfectly for every page.

5Cover Art - 5: This one clearly screams, "Buy me!". Yet, it 's well done and made want to read the book right away.

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