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Superman Homepage Rules

Welcome to the Superman Homepage

Every great community has rules and laws that aim to ensure people coexist peacefully. The Superman Homepage is no different. There are boundaries to what is and what is not allowed.

We strive at all times to maintain an environment that encourages lively and intellectually honest debate on all topics pertaining to Superman. To that end, we expect you to follow our basic rules and premises. YOUR ABILITY TO COMMENT - AND REMAIN - A MEMBER OF THIS WEBSITE IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT YOUR RIGHT. Violation of our rules and expectations are grounds to ban you permanently from being a member of this site. We also reserve the right to edit and/or delete any member-posted commentary or material we determine to be objectionable. In all cases where editing occurs, however, we will endeavor to append a note (e.g. "Edited") to the original post acknowledging the edit.

These rules are in place to ensure the Superman Homepage continues to be a friendly environment where members can learn and share information on all things Superman.

A Note About Moderators/Administrators

Moderators and Administrators are officially appointed members whose job includes monitoring the contents of the messages posted. They have the authority to edit or delete threads and comments as they deem necessary. Re-posting something a Moderator has previously edited or deleted is NOT allowed. (See "What happens if I break the rules?"). Similarly, publically questioning a Moderator's decision to edit or delete a comment is discouraged. Sometimes mistakes are made, and sometimes a Moderator may overreact. In any such case, please lodge any related complaints directly to the appropriate Moderator (if you know which one); if you do not know which Moderator to address, do not receive a response, or if the Moderator fails to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, please contact Steve Younis for follow-up using the Feedback Form.

Moderators/Administrators also have the authority to warn/reprimand offenders if they have crossed a line of behavior and, if needs be, SUSPEND or PERMANENTLY BAN persistent offenders from this site, at OUR discretion. We realize that the level of discussion can get heated at times, and that it is easy to allow the level of discourse to escalate. We assume you are NOT children but adults and expect you to conduct yourselves accordingly. If you feel you have been unfairly treated in the course of our monitoring, please feel free to email us, and we can discuss the events leading up to a warning/reprimand, suspension or banning. We promise to be as fair and impartial as humanly possible.

Our Member Rules are as follows:


  • Advertising or soliciting other members to buy, sell or peruse any products or services through the comments system or private messaging is not permitted. Chain letters and junk mail are also strictly prohibited. Comments that contain this kind of content will be edited and/or deleted.

Self-policing: What should I do if I see objectionable material on the Superman Homepage?

  • While it isn't entirely unappreciated, efforts by regular members to moderate other member's Comments almost never works and is not acceptable. Please do NOT reply or respond to the objectionable material or the member who posted it. Moderators are not able to constantly monitor the site. As such, we depend upon you to inform us when members are violating our rules. Please also recognize that Moderators cannot necessarily respond immediately to such notices and that some time may pass before any warranted action is taken. You are otherwise free to dispute claims and/or counter arguments, but another member's failure to abide by the rules generally does not grant you the right to do likewise. "Be the change you want to see in the world."


  • A Troll is defined as a person whose comments have the primary effect of flaming, disrupting, antagonizing, provoking and/or abusing existing members. "Trolling" is a form of harassment. Comments deemed by us to qualify as trolling will be deleted and the member may be privately warned that there is a concern regarding the nature of their comments. If that fails to deter a change in attitude, then public admonishment will follow, with the aim of giving an open warning that such comments are questionable and that the person needs to clean up their act. If the behavior is still not corrected, then finally the member in question will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from posting on this website.

  • Note that you MAY or MAY NOT get the private or public warning, depending upon the nature of your comment, or of your actions (flooding the site with "trash" at some odd hour of the night will get you shut down REAL quick!!).


  • Material that is knowingly defamatory, illegal, abusive, threatening or harassing is strictly prohibited. This includes critical commentary not directly related to the item (News or Forum) under which the material is posted. As with anything, you, as a member, should use good common sense when commenting. In other words, you agree not to be a jerk. Comments containing personal attacks on another user will be edited or deleted with no warning or consent.

Right to Privacy

  • You may not violate another member's privacy by publishing personal information against that member's will. If you violate this rule, your account may be automatically suspended or banned without prior warning.


  • Comments that are completely off-topic or otherwise nonsensical (determined at our discretion) will be deleted. If you violate this rule, your account may be automatically suspended or banned without prior warning.


  • Comments containing such will be edited or deleted accordingly. If you violate this rule, your account may be automatically suspended or banned without prior warning.


  • Material that is sexually suggestive or deemed by us to be otherwise obscene is not permitted. Comments containing such will be deleted on sight. If you violate this rule, your account may be automatically suspended or banned without prior warning.


  • Providing or asking for information on how to illegally obtain movies, television episodes or other work protected by copyright law is strictly forbidden. If you violate this rule, your account may be automatically suspended or banned without prior warning.


  • Posting the same question or statement in more than one area of the Comments is not allowed. Should this occur, only the thread in the most relevant forum will be left open; all others will be subsequently deleted.


  • If you are posting information that might be considered spoiler material, please ensure you include the word SPOILER at the start of your comment:


      This message contains spoilers


What happens if I break the rules?

At best, your comment will be edited by one of the moderators. If the offence is more serious your comment will be deleted and you will be issued a warning. Posting "why was my comment edited/deleted?" etc. will only make matters worse, so please don't.

Should you have already been issued warnings and/or a temporary suspension and continue to break the rules, your account will be sent to the Phantom Zone. That means you and your IP address are banned and are no longer welcome on this website. Your account will no longer function. If you try to re-register, your new account will be banned immediately and any new posts will automatically be removed, regardless of their nature.


In the attempt to create a compromise where everyone is happy, the following suggestions are also recommended:

  1. Use common sense. Anything that you say or do carries consequences. If you find yourself questioning the nature of what you're going to post, then it's probably not safe to post it. Save yourself trouble and ourselves time: think before you comment.

  2. Always be civil and courteous. The Superman Homepage is visited by people of different ages, genders, and races from all over the world. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also, see Trolling, Flaming, Right to Privacy, and Racism/Sexism above.

  3. Remain on topic. If a particular news item pertains to a specific topic, do not go off on a tangent and post remarks that aren't specifically related to the topic at hand.

  4. Only post pictures when absolutely necessary, and when they are directly relevant to the topic discussion. If the image you are posting is large in size (either pixel size, file size, or both), then please post a link to the picture instead of posting the picture itself. Images that contravene this suggestion, or the comments that include them, may be deleted at our discretion without warning.

  5. Have fun! :)