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DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #6

DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 26, 2014

Cover date: May 2014

"Cracking Skulls"

Writer: Keith Giffen (plot), Tony Bedard (script)
Penciller: Pop Mhan and Eduardo Francisco
Inker: Pop Mhan and Eduardo Francisco

Reviewed by: Michael Bailey

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As Skeletor, the Eternians and Justice League Dark fight off the first wave of mind-controlled heroes Prince Adam tries to keep his presence in Orko's realm a secret. This fails to work and he dives towards Orko's heart and finds Superman. Adam transforms into He-Man and frees Superman just in time for Orko to place an army of Trollans in their way.

Around the world hero fights hero until Batman has Black Alice reverse Orko's spell. Back in Trolla Superman admits that he isn't much use against magic so He-Man lends him the power sword. Orko opens a portal and orders Skeletor to send reinforcements and is greeted by an angry Skeletor, who attacks his master. The battle rages to Earth and just as Orko strips Skeletor of his newfound power the rest of the heroes rally against him. Superman impales Orko's corrupted heart allowing Adam to shatter it and Constantine banishes them to parts unknown. After a sad farewell between Adam and his mother the heroes of Eternia return to their world with the promise that once Eternia is freed Orko will be found. After they leave Superman asks Batman what he thought of the visitors. Batman replies that he thought they would never leave prompting Wonder Woman to suggest that they head to the Batcave and fix the giant hole they made.

4Story - 4: The only problem I had with this final chapter is how rushed it felt. Everything built to this confrontation and while it was epic in scope it just flew by too fast. Moments I had been looking forward to, like He-Man and Superman finally teaming up, came and went without much fanfare.

Other than that this was a fun wrap up to a fun series. While the He-Man/Superman scenes felt rushed they were still entertaining. The action was split between Justice League Dark and Skeletor facing off against the mind controlled heroes of Earth, which made for some fun moments. The real action happened with He-Man and Superman fighting Orko and while I would have liked to have seen more of it the moment where He-Man gives the sword over to Superman made me smile.

More than anything I liked how fun this story was. While the fate of the Earth hung in the balance the writing was light and energetic. Outside of being mind-controlled the heroes got along after the initial misunderstanding. My favorite moment was the final panel where Batman lets out a humorous sigh and says he thought the Eternians would never leave. This is followed by Wonder Woman suggesting they should help Batman with the giant hole in his cave. I could use this moment as an opportunity to go on a rant about how you don't see this sort of thing much these days but I won't. I just don't have the heart. What I will say is I would like to see more of this kind of thing and leave it at that.

In the end the series was everything I wanted it to be. I got to see the heroes fight and then team-up, I got to see Superman and He-Man work together and the whole thing with Orko just elevated this past the standard universal team-up. I'm not suggesting we should get a sequel any time soon but a year or two down the line I would more than be up for it.

3Art - 3: There was something a little off about the art this time around. I am not sure it is the artist switch that happened because while you can tell there is a change it's not abrupt. Like the story it feels rushed. The action was fine and the big moments, like Adam changing into He-Man, were fine. I just didn't get as much of a rush as I did in previous chapters.

4Cover Art - 4: This cover is okay. It is not the strongest of the series nor is it the weakest. I have no real problems with it other than maybe it could have been a little more epic to close the series out with. Other than that it's a nice image.

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