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December 22, 2006: End of Year Superman Buzz

A few early honors have been awarded to "Superman Returns".

The Phoenix Film Critics Society gave "Superman Returns" their award for "Best Visual Effects".

While MSNBC put the Superman and Lois' night flight sequence from the film on their list of Top Ten Movie Scenes of 2006.

    10. "I hear everything."
    The burden of being Superman in "Superman Returns".
    Nothing makes me feel like a kid again like Superman, and though "Superman Returns" wasn't perfect, and could've been edited down, I admired the filmmakers' decision to make the movie, not a reimagining of the myth (a la "Smallville" and "Casino Royale" ), but a continuation of a 25-year-old movie series. At the same time they updated matters, and never more so than when Superman takes Lois for yet another ride around Metropolis. As they hover over the city he asks her what she's hears. "Nothing," she says. "I hear everything," he responds. And that's the key. The problem with Superman has always been: How do you find a credible villain? How do you create drama? He's Superman: He should be able to defeat anyone. But perhaps the drama should be in his being Superman. In being able to hear everything. What a burden that must be. "Superman Returns" suggest this. Not enough, but, who knows, maybe that's the direction the sequel will go. Either way, it's good to have the big guy back. It's good to feel like a kid again.
Thanks to Nate1986 for this information.

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