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March 5, 2006: Kevin Spacey Set for Superman Sequels

Kevin Spacey appeared on the ITV1's "Parkinson" on Saturday in the U.K. and revealed he was set to return for a number of sequels after "Superman Returns".

In talking about splitting his time between running the Old Vic theatre in London and making films, Michael asked Kevin about the film he was making for 6 weeks between 40 weeks performing at the Old Vic last year, and mentioned that it was 'quite a big movie'...

KS: It was a big movie, yes, it's the next Superman in the Superman series, and I play Lex Luthor.

MP: Was that fun?

KS: It was great fun. It's one of the great iconic parts... ever, and I was incredibly fortunate because the film was directed by a remarkable director named Bryan Singer who had directed me 10 years ago in The Usual Suspects, so it was a great opportunity to work together again with Bryan.

MP: And of course it's a franchise, so presumably that looks after you for the next few years?

KS: I will be doing the second one and possibly the third.

The interview was rounded up with Michael Parkinson inviting Kevin back again, to talk more about "Superman Returns".

Thanks to Gav Warrender for the interview transcript.

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