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June 9, 2006: “Superman Returns” Spoiler Free Movie Review!

By Jeffrey Bridges

On the night of Thursday, June 8th I attended a special press screening (and IMAX 3D preview) of "Superman Returns".

Producer Chris Lee told us he came directly from Technicolor and we were technically the first audience to see the film.

A far more in-depth review will be coming in the future, but for now here's what I can tell you.

This movie is far greater than I could have ever anticipated, and I went in with extremely high expectations.

The effects, of course, do not disappoint. Several of the sequences are vying for the "most amazing thing I've seen on screen... EVER" and I've yet to decide which one tops the others.

But I didn't see many people questioning the effects, so on to larger issues. I am brimming with things I want to tell you. To reassure you about. To make you realize that this is really the Superman movie we've all been waiting before. But without details that will be hard to do. But perhaps my enthusiasm for what I've seen is coming through in this. At least, I hope it is.

James Marsden? Made me care for a character I had no real reason to. Parker Posey? Steals all her scenes. Eva Marie Saint? Touching and amazing. Frank Langella? A truly fantastic Perry. Sam Huntington? Best Jimmy EVER. Kevin Spacey? Easily the most sinister Lex to ever be seen on screen. A delight to watch. Kate Bosworth? Remarkably deep, tough and opinionated, just as Lois should be.

Brandon Routh?

There is no longer any doubt.

Brandon Routh IS Superman.

Routh and Bosworth have fantastic chemistry. Honestly, not a single performance was anything less than fantastic.

And the story? Well, that's what everyone wants to know, and the thing I can tell you the least about.

I still feel it inside me, honestly. It touched me. It's brilliant.

I hope this somehow does it justice, but I fear that I does not.

I have been moved.

I wish I could tell you more. I really do. I want to grab each and every one of you and make you understand how vital it is that you see this film. But perhaps my enthusiasm for what I've seen comes through in this.

At least, I hope it does.

Jeffrey Bridges

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