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December 7, 2006: “Superman III” Evil Superman Costume on Ebay

An original screen-worn Superman suit from the movie SUPERMAN III is currently on auction on Ebay.com.

    Worn by the late Christopher Reeve himself, as the "Evil Superman", this suit was purchased directly from the Super Museum in Metropolis Illinios, directly from curator Jim Hambrick, and is now up for auction.

    This is the "Dirty Suit" Costume as it was purposely made in darker colors to look soiled and dirty for specific scenes in Superman III. This is a complete Suit! Comes with Top Tunic, Leggings, Belt, Boots, and Cape. Comes with letters of Authenticity directly from Jim Hambrick. Suit has the "Berman And Nathan's" Tag on tunic, and reads: "Christopher Reeve Colour E 18632 Superman III". Two "female" black half inch snaps are sewn along both left and right shoulder of tunic inorder to attach cape. Cape has padded shoulder lining with a group of 8 "female" snaps. Two rows of four black half inch snaps sewn horizontal at inside shoulder middle back of cape to attach "cape Flapper" which was an electronically controlled device six 2 foot roods which when activated would make the cape "flutter" when attached and give the screen appearance of cape movement during flight. The boots were also used in "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman II" and "Superman III" they were dyed to match the "Dirty Suit" segments. The "Flying Cape" did have two slits/openings on each side, for the wires/flying scenes, which were later sewn together, so thereare no more openings on each side. Just the Cape only was usedon theflying scenes, as well as the walking scenes. The Tunic was just a walking tunic, no slits on that!

Visit the Ebay auction for more information and details.

Thanks to Jeremy Schneider for bringing this to our attention.

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