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January 24, 2006: CNN Says “Superman Returns” Can't Miss

In a report on the prospective movie hits for 2006, CNN.com claims "Superman Returns" Can't Miss being a sure hit and safe bet as a success at the box office, stating...

    "Superman Returns" (June 30): Admit it. For all the X-Men, Bat guys, Spideys and Fantastic Foursomes prancing around on screen, the Boy Scout from Krypton is still your favorite superhero.

    As the last "Superman" franchise did when it launched in the 1970s with an unknown named Christopher Reeve in the title role, "Superman Returns" has a fresh face, Brandon Routh.

    "I never intended to cast a well-known actor," said "Superman Returns" director Bryan Singer, who made the first two "X-Men" movies. "A known actor comes with baggage, and Superman as a character is much larger than any actor. I wanted him to come just with the baggage of the superhero. That's enough history to contend with."

    "Superman Returns" draws its star power from Routh's colleagues, Kevin Spacey as super-villain Lex Luthor and Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane.

    While it's not a sequel to the four movies Reeve starred in, "Superman Returns" is "sequel-like," the new movie drawing on the spirit and design of the earlier franchise, Singer said.

    The premise: Called away on urgent off-world business, Superman comes back to Earth years later to renew his romantic dance with Lois and save us puny mortals -- again.

Read the whole CNN report at their website.

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