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August 11, 2006: Star 7827 Launches Super Hero Games

Star India's new Web site, www.star7827.com, positioned as the new destination for mobile content, has launched its Super Hero series of mobile games that the company says brings together the best of Hollywood and Bollywood.

Reaching more than 300 million viewers in 53 countries across Asia, STAR is a television network watched by over 120 million people every week.

The new site, referred to as Star 7827, was initially set-up to enhance channel and viewer interactivity by offering instant involvement in shows and contests across Star's posse of channels.

The new Super Hero series includes Superman, Batman, and India's first Super Hero, Krissh. It also includes the action of Terminator, Robocop, and Rambo; the sci-fi of Star Wars; and the drama of Diehard and Oceans 11 in the Hollywood section.

Commenting on the launch, Viren Popli, senior vice president, Star Interactive, said, "With Super Heroes all over the place this season, we have got them all onto one place that is Star 7827 - from Superman, Batman, Catwoman, to Krrish, they are all out here on Star 7827."

Star expects its new series to further help www.wap.star7827.com become the preferred destination for GPRS subscribers looking for exciting mobile entertainment.

A preview of the series is available on the Star 7827 Web site. Users in the Asia region can SMS "Game" to 7827 in order to download the games, which would be charged anywhere between Rs 30 to Rs 100.

    Superman Returns
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    Superman has been on a 5 year mission far away, leaving Lois Lane and the people of Metropolis on their own. Public opinion of the great hero is at an all time low, and the people have learned to adjust without him. But now as they are lulled into a false sense of security, Metropolis has been over run with criminals and catastrophes. Can Superman regain the trust of the people and bring peace back to the city. The fate of Metropolis is in your hands.

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