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June 30, 2006: Dean Cain's Thoughts on “Superman Returns”

Dean Cain, who starred as Superman in the 1990s "Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman" TV series, was recently interviewed by USA Today after seeing "Superman Returns". Here's part of what he had to say...

    Q: How does Brandon Routh measure up as the new Superman/Clark Kent?

    A: Great job, but I can't compare his Superman to mine because in our version, Clark Kent was the main guy. We changed the legend a little bit. We didn't have a Fortress of Solitude. Brandon reminded me of Christopher Reeve (star of four Superman films from 1978-87). Their Clark Kents were the same bumbling fellows, but Brandon's Superman seemed a little tougher than Christopher's.

    Q: How does Kate Bosworth compare to Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane?

    A: Teri's Lois had a hard exterior with a real soft interior. The whole thing with Lois having a child (a 5-year-old son, Jason) in the film was a little unsettling. I have a child (Christopher Dean Cain, 6) and that changes things. Lois Lane is always going to be an intrepid reporter, but I would never bring my child to a place where he could possibly get in danger - yet she does, which was kind of surprising.

Read the complete interview at the USA Today website.

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