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August 31, 2006: Rich Hoover Talks “Superman Returns” Visual Effects

The Pulse caught up with Rich Hoover, "Superman Returns" Visual Effects Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, and asked him all about his position working on the film and some of the actual work he supervised...

    Hoover and his team were based at Imageworks in Culver City, but he did travel down under to get some of the other shots. "I spent six months in Sydney Australia overseeing the green screen plates and background plates to prepare for our work which was very important in terms of preparation.

    "A plate is a piece of live action photography that isn't complete in and of itself," Hoover explained. "It is a partial piece of live action that needs some other elements added in later. It's those missing pieces of photography and imagery that we provided to the shots."

    When all was said and done, Hoover and his team were pleased with every scene they worked on, but there was one scene that stood out in his mind as the best. "There was a shot called 'Listening Post' where Superman is hovering over the world listening," Hoover began. "It was entirely digital and we worked on it for a long time, trying out many ideas and techniques to bring it to the screen. That shot definitely represents everything that we learned throughout this process and it was one of the best moments in the film."

Read the complete interview at The Pulse website.

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