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August 2, 2006: “Superman Returns” Japan Premiere

After the August 1st press conference, the actual premiere of the movie took place today in Japan at the Roppongi Hills theater.

Befitting the Man of Steel's costume, the Japanese rolled out the blue carpet for the stars of the film. Approximately 500 fans were given white "Superman Returns" T-shirts as they lined the blue carpet, waiting for the actors to pass by them on their way into the theater.

Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, and Kevin Spacey all spent around 45 minutes signing autographs and taking photos with their Japanese fans.

The foursome made their way to a platform where they greeted the fans as a whole, with Bryan Singer greeting the crowd with the traditional Japanese "Konnichiha".

As Bryan thanked the crowd ("Arigatou") an enormous balloon floated upwards, and burst open at the announcement "Superman Returns", with hundreds of smaller balloons being released from within.

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