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March 16, 2006: New “Superman Returns” Trailer Screens at ShoWest

The new trailer for "Superman Returns" was shown at the ShoWest convention. Quint from AintItCoolNews was there to interview Brandon Routh, and he caught the "Superman Returns" presentation and has published his description of the trailer...

    Then we see the biggie. Superman trailing a plane with engines smoking. He rips off one of the plane's wings, sending it flying back. The plane goes into a nose dive and Supes charges after it, smoke trails surrounding him as he and the plane are both pointed towards the earth. The shot is the classic Superman shot, with Supes dead center and the camera looking as if it's placed on his back, showing his shoulders up. Keep in mind we're pointed down.

    The other wing of the plane rips off and flies right at Superman, which is also us at this point. It rushes up and right as it hits Superman the screen cut to black. The fanfare still going, the title comes up.

Read Quint's complete description at the AICN website.

In other "Superman Returns" news, Extra and Access Hollywood will both be interviewing Brandon Routh on their Friday shows today.

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