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July 27, 2006: Celebrity Authentics Presents Brandon Routh Autograph Signing

Celebrity Authentics is hosting Brandon Routh's first and only autograph signing on August 1st.

Only 500 signatures will be available on a variety of items, launching live at 9pm EST on www.gridironauthentics.com.

In other Brandon Routh news, the WB announced during the San Diego Comic Con that the "Superman Returns" star will be providing the voice for the villain, Everywhere Man, in the upcoming 4th season of "The Batman" animated series.

Here's further clarification about this signing event from Gridiron Authentics:

    Our signing is Brandon's first and only organized signing. To this point his autograph has only been able to be obtained by chance meeting such as on the street or at an event appearance at ComicCon in San Diego where he took brief time to meet fans and sign a few autographs. Brandon has confirmed that he has not had a 'sit down' signing in any capacity nor has he signed multiple autographs for any one dealer or group. About 99% of 'Routh' autographs sold on ebay are indeed fake. Unfortunate but true for most 'A-list' celebrity autographs offered on ebay.

    Brandon will only be signing 500 items for us and we are providing the public with the opportunity to pick and choose which item they would like to receive signed. These items will launch at 9:00pm EST on August 1 and will be sold at fixed prices on a first come, first served basis. Price will range from about $225 - $275 depending upon item. All items will include a Certificate of Authenticity with picture of Brandon from the signing. Each item will also be affixed with the Celebrity Authentics serial-numbered Hologram to ensure authenticity.

    Requests for photos or items to be personalized (ie: To Barbara") will be made but cannot be guaranteed and orders must be placed under this condition. Brandon has kindly consented to this signing to attempt to fulfill some of his autograph requests but time is limited for the signing session.

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