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June 25, 2006: Big Praise for Sydney from “Superman Returns” Stars

The Daily Telegraph has published an article with comments from the cast and crew of "Superman Returns" telling how much they enjoyed being in Sydney, Australia...

    "It's such a fantastic country," Bosworth said.

    "I'd love to live there."

    Spacey's favourite watering hole was the inner-city tequila joint, Cafe Pacifico, which is hidden in a dead end street in Darlinghurst.

    Ask Spacey what his favourite memory of Sydney was, he simply says with a smile: "Cafe Pacifico Margaritas."

    Bosworth said another Mexican place, which she could not recall the name of, was a destination for big nights.

    "I loved the Pier, Hugos, Icebergs and a Mexican place, I can't remember the name of it, but we always went there," she said.

    "It always ended up a huge night."

    Sam Huntington, taking on the role of Clark Kent's earnest friend Jimmy Olsen, used Sydney as a base for expeditions with his family.

    "Sydney is one of the greatest places in the world," the 24-year-old New Hampshire-born actor said.

    "If Australia was closer to my family, we would probably live there."

    "We went up to the Great Barrier Reef, the Southern Highlands, the Blue Mountains and to the Hunter Valley which was just beautiful,

    "I tasted a bit of wine there, actually, more than a bit of wine."

You can read the complete article at News.com.au.

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