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March 13, 2006: Behind the Scenes of a CADMUS Labs Experiment

Last week we brought you a " render" image from "Superman Returns: The Videogame". This week EA has released behind-the-scenes details about this image and its significance to the world within the game...

    In Superman's long history of battling evil villains, many of his missions have resulted from experiments gone wrong at CADMUS Labs - an institution which has built up a distinguished reputation for hosting genetic experiments that often go astray. Here you see Superman going head-to-head against the result of yet another CADMUS Labs mishap, as he tries to save the citizens of Metropolis from this villain's malice.

    The design team of Superman Returns: The Videogame out in Tiburon, FL has used in-game assets and rendered them out in Maya to create this visual benchmark for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

    "This is an image of Superman using normal-strength Heat Vision against a CADMUS Labs creature," said Executive Producer, Chris Gray. "You can adjust the strength of Heat Vision in real time, but the more powerful you make it, the greater the drain on Superman's stamina. As you can see this is a fairly precise use of his super powers."

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