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June 26, 2006: Another “Superman Returns” Spoiler Free Movie Review

By Marc Freiman (Barry Freiman's 23 year old nephew)

Let me start out by saying this: you won't be disappointed. It is very much a throwback to the original 1978 movie, from the spacious blue font of the credits to the title theme to Brandon Routh channeling the spirit of Christopher Reeve. That said, you also won't fall in love with it at first. There seems to be a lot happening right from the get-go so a true connection with the characters is not established. This is most certainly due in part to the fact that a chunk of footage was left on the cutting room floor concerning Superman's trip to Krypton. Those that are worried about the time lost from the cut footage need not: the movie still clocks in at 157 minutes, and after about a half hour into the film you start caring more and more for the players involved.

Click here to read Marc's complete review, and look for an indepth full review from Jeffrey Bridges in a few days.

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