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December 11, 2006: Exclusive Interview with Michael Thau

Editor of "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut"

By Barry Freiman

It's not surprising that film editor and director Michael Thau has had so much involvement with Superman. Thau, the film editor and director who oversaw the preparation of "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" (the "Donner Cut"), worked as director Donner's personal assistant during the 1980s (Donner's current "Action Comics" co-scribe, Geoff Johns, also started out as Donner's personal assistant several years later).

Thau also spearheaded the editing of the 2001 "Superman: The Movie" Special Edition DVD as well as having directed, produced, and edited the three documentaries on the 2001 DVD, "Taking Flight: The Development of 'Superman'", "Making 'Superman': Filming the Legend", and "The Magic Behind the Cape". All of Thau's work product on "Superman" and "Superman II" can be seen in the newly released "Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition" (on discs two, three, and six).

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