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July 5, 2006: Visual Effects Companies Talk “Superman Returns”

Various Visual Effects companies have written articles about their work on "Superman Returns"...

XSI Base asks previsualization artists and supervisors about their involvement on the film...

    Q: Can you tell us about a particular shot you worked on and the process how it all came together?

    A: My most rewarding shot was what was called at the time "Superman Recharge". It consists of a beautiful shot of Superman in between layers of clouds recharging in the sunlight, and another shot with a sweeping camera move which ends in Superman launching back to earth. It began with a couple of rough sketches which I was left to broadly interpret. I built up a series of sky textured grids and imported the Superman model and designed the shot. I would present periodic versions for Visual Effect Supervisor Mark Stetson who would do over the shoulder reviews, or drop them into the cut for Bryan Singer to look at. I was also involved in building the virtual Kent Farm along with XSI artist Steve Evans as well as doing extensive work with the "Metropolis Disaster" and the final sequence.

Australia's Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) talks about working on various visual effects sequences, including bringing Superman's X-Ray Vision to the big screen...

    The conceptual design and delivery of shots showing Superman's x-ray vision allowed our team to truly flex their creative muscles. Working closely with Mark Stetson, RSP's conceptual artist David Scott delivered inspiring artwork of Superman's x-ray vision. A team of visual effects artists then developed tools to transpose this vision into shots for the big screen.

    The end result can be seen in a number of x-ray effect shots provided by RSP, from looking through the walls of Lois Lane's house, to scanning through the anatomy of her body. These conceptual designs were delivered to other visual effects vendors around the world as reference for their work on other sequences where the effect was employed.

Sony Pictures Imageworks is the focus of a multi-part article a VFXWorld.com (subscription required), in which Bill Desowitz explores how Sony Pictures Imageworks advances its animation techniques to enable The Man of Steel to fly.

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