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Superman Returns

June 28, 2006: “Superman Returns” Comments and Reviews

As you get back from seeing "Superman Returns" at the cinema, feel free to leave your personal views and comments about the film using the comments feature below.

ClarkJosephKent on June 28, 2006 12:21am EST
I am going to see again tomorrow morning.
Justice2004 on June 28, 2006 12:51am EST
jp1701 on June 28, 2006 12:51am EST
As good as the original if not better!
jpharrah on June 28, 2006 12:59am EST
i really dont understand what the twist is...i mean i know what it is..but i thought everyone suspected that...
jpharrah on June 28, 2006 12:59am EST
It was a GREAT movie though definately the best superhero flick of all of them
stillinthefield on June 28, 2006 1:00am EST
Superman Returns is by far the freakin' sweetest super-hero movie ever made... Maybe that's just the excitement of having just seen it talking, but it's gotta be up there. Seriously, go see this picture!!!
kalabro on June 28, 2006 1:00am EST
LOVED. IT!!! LOVED!! IT!!! I will definitely be seeing this again tomorrow. And again this weekend.
barryfreiman on June 28, 2006 1:03am EST
Seen it twice now - once in a regular theater, once in IMAX 3D. Definitely better the second time around - can't wait to start using my FOUR free movie passes from the Superman Day DVDs. Here's to Brainiac in #2. smiley
HappyArtist101 on June 28, 2006 1:03am EST
Singer did a FANTASTIC job. wow this was amazing! i cannot wait to see it again. THE MAN OF STEEL HAS FINALLY RETURNED!!!!!!!
JasonSpidey on June 28, 2006 1:04am EST

Very, Very Good.

But not great.

Maybe it just comes with having high expectations. Maybe it comes with the fact that I had such high hopes for this film after seeing X-Men, Batman Begins and both Spider-Man movies.

But after seeing it, I felt...a little empty. Like the movie got all those really, really important elements that we wanted in a Superman movie - dramatic saves, comic references, and so forth - but it didn't quite put them together the wauy I'd hoped it would.

To be honest, I think perhaps one of the biggest things that held the movie back was their clinging to the vague history of Superman I and II. We're left with too many loose ends. We know Superman and Lois slept together, but did he still fight General Zod? How much of the history remains?

The whole "kid" thing (yeah, who didn't see that coming, by the way) was kind of...unnecessary. I smell Peters at work here. I was honestly afraid, when Supes was in the hospital and the kid was looking at the suit, that he was gonna suddenly age twenty years into Clark and put it on because Clark's spirit took over him. The whole "sick kid" thing was kind of...well, I suppose it was meant as a red herring to throw people off, and I suppose it kind of makes sense (mixing alien and human genetics wouldn't work well), but then...if he was super all along, why...oh, whatever.

I hated the whole "Superman - Dead?" thing, in looking back at it. It reeks of Peters, trying to give us his whole "killing Superman" thing. We KNOW they're not gonna kill him once and for all. Nobody would stand for it. If they'd resolved the scene in five minutes, it would have been okay - but they dragged it on for twenty minutes, far too long in my book.

And where was the promised Chris Reeve cameo? And where was the dedication? It should have been either right at the beginning, or at the start of the end credits.

The pacing of the whole movie felt a little...off for me, I suppose. It felt like it had suffered too many rewrites, which had destroyed the original flow of the story. There wasn't really much building towards the climax - at least, not that I noticed., and I tend to see these things. It just sort of started off without much warm-up of the plot, and then just sort of stuttered along for a while. It never reallly flowed for me.

I was lukewarm on the portrayal of Lex. Spacey was dynamite, but it felt like the writers never quite settled on whether he was "humorous Lex" like Hackman or "bad@$$ Lex" like Rosenbaum. Why in God's name would Lex Luthor, if he was so brilliant and had such a great idea, surround himself with people like Kitty?

Routh did a great job, I thought, for the most part. There were a couple places where his Superman felt...kind of lifeless, I suppose, but he made up for it as Clark. He might have been a little wooden, but I think that's more Singer trying to stick to the theme of the original films than his acting talent.

Bosworth didn't do it for me, though. Not one bit. I never bought her as Lois. Whenever they'd cut back to her, I said to myself,
"Who's that giant forehead with the wig? Oh, right...it's supposed to be Lois." I didn't get any sense of Lois Lane out of her. At all. She didn't look the part, and she didn't act the part. Lois, for me, should be like Marion Ravenwood in Raiders Of The Lost Ark - ballsy, spunky, tough, yet still sweet and kind, too. Margot Kidder did a little better job of it than Bosworth did, but Erica Durance or Teri Hatcher (nah, really just Erica) would have done a much better job. Plus, Teri Hatcher would have been a lot closer to the right age, too.

Oh, and if the chemistry between Routh and Bosworth was the best they could get, that's pretty pathetic. IMHO, of course. I didn't feel half a spark there.

And, of course, there was the one crucial flaw which every Superman movie must have. First, we had turning back time by spinning the globe. Then, we had the endless trek by foot to the Arctic in two days. Now...we have the Kryptonite dead-lift. Yes, folks, somehow Superman FLIES somewhere around a million tons of rock into space WHILE BEING EXPOSED TO KRYPTONITE. Which, as was just established minutes earlier, causes him to become MORTAL. He BLED. Just being close to small FISSURES of it - not with giant crystals around him. Lex & Co. beat the hell out of him while around kryptonite.

So, what does that leave me with? Well, a Superman movie which never managed to get off its feet storywise, a severe lack of true Lois Lane, an unnecessary Death of Superman scene that did nothing but throw the storyline off, a major plot flaw and a kid whose future in the franchise is unknown. For the kid, my prediction: You'll be seeing Lois and Clark have a kid in the comics within a few years, and by the third film in this run, the kid will be wearing tights.

P.S. Didn't we just see a plot a lot like this in "Up, Up and Away?" Coincidence, my @$$.
JasonSpidey on June 28, 2006 1:05am EST
P.P.S. Oh, yeah, the costume worked fine.
barryfreiman on June 28, 2006 1:09am EST
anyone catch singer's apparent homage to another of his favorite movies from the 70s JAWS? When Superman flies out to sea and the buoy sounds off as he flies past. Total Jaws moment.
KingGramJohnson on June 28, 2006 1:13am EST
Superman Returns has met the standerd. I found myself amazed at how well the movie was, and how much it kept to the old story, it wasn't a remake, it was a continuation. So good.

I say thank you to everyone who worked on this movie.
EDGE 740 on June 28, 2006 1:15am EST
Best. Movie. Ever.

OK, well, maybe not the best ever, but by far my favorite. Everything in my opinion was perfect; the action, the drama, the effects, and the comic/Donner references. Perfect casting also I think, Routh was awesome, so was Kate, and Spacey was fantastic, he really made me want Lex to lose. My only question is 'when does this come out on DVD?!?!'
JoeyP21 on June 28, 2006 1:16am EST
incredible....i loved it from the opening scene to the last superman flyby...there were many parts that i got goosebumps at....i think that the effects were incredible and helped to show superman in a new light that we have never seen before....Routh was great....the suit was great......

i came into this movie kinda upset about the whole supes kid thing, but came out of it not so upset....it was a lil weird....i think im just kinda looking forward to seeing how it pans out with that situation

the last thing, and ill agree with jasonspidey...the reeve tribute should have been either right at the beginning or right at the end....the timing on that was really off

like many of you, i will be checking this out tomorrow as well, and am just going to enjoy our first incredible superman movie in a looooooong time!!smileysmileysmiley
extrasupertroy on June 28, 2006 1:16am EST
I have to agree to almost everything JasonSpidey said in his review. I think I was so hyped to see the movie that it fell a little short of my expectations. I love the Superman franchise with a passion, but this will be my 3rd favorite behind 1 and 2. Really a lot of this film felt like a remake of first one.

On a good note... The effects in this film are AMAZING!!! Routh was great, and the first action scene with the plane...WOW...the whole theater was cheering with the crowd in the film!

Will see it again soon! Again, very, very good movie...but not great!

Cannot wait for the sequal!!!! smiley
kalelthemanofsteel on June 28, 2006 1:18am EST
The tribute to the first movie right at the beginning was awesome, Sent chills through me. not to mention all the little tributes through out the entire movie. The Lil twist in the story line through me for a hoop but they pulled it off big time. Brandon Routh did an amazing job. I can't wait for a sequel.
JBMOS on June 28, 2006 1:18am EST
Awesome. I was a little worried that that the kid being Superman (while not definitive) would throw me for a loop. But it didn't. Spectacular. I can't wait to go watch it about 12 more times.
sbeamish on June 28, 2006 1:19am EST
The original films laid the groundwork, but I've got to say, I felt this surpassed even Superman: The Movie.

I always need some time to let things sink in and get my impressions into focus, but I'll probably be going back to see it again tomorrow. Later in the week I'll doubtlessly chime in with more thoughts.

I suspect we're going to see a LOT of additional footage, when the DVD is released.
mrudkin on June 28, 2006 1:21am EST
The movie was excellent. I am a big Superman geek, as we all are here, and I was very happy with the movie. The entire movie crew did an excellent job making this movie.

I have mixed emotions about Superman having a son. As JasonSpidey posted, we all knew Superman and Lois slept together, but we knew nothing more than that. I personally feel that having a son will ruin Superman's image. What happens to Superman's son in 20 years, he will have a kid... and so on and so on.... Within a century, the world will be flooded with Supermen. At the same time, though, I think the twist to the story was exciting and gave us all something to think about as we left the cinema.

Over all - this movie rocked! I'm a dye-hard Superman fan, and Brandon was an excellent choice for a Superman. I swear that in a few scenes in the movie I could see Christopher Reeve's face. Brandon did an excellent job taking his place. If Chris Reeve was alive today, he'd be very proud of him.smiley

TheRonz on June 28, 2006 1:22am EST
Stellar...absolutely stellar. I still think I'm dreaming. One of the most unbelievable and amazing experiences thus far in my life.

And the scene at the end, smiling to the camera? I had chills! Unreal, absolutely unreal!
hdansjr on June 28, 2006 1:24am EST
omg omg omg....I loved it. Routh pulled it off! I was skeptical as i think many people were, but damn, that rocked! There were many many haters in the movie I was at, but there were many more people who loved it! I'm glad they did the dedication to the Reeves and I loved the small nods to the past films! I'll be seeing this this weekend again!
RouthFanSR on June 28, 2006 1:25am EST
It was a good movie. It wasn't as good as spidey 2 or the original superman though IMO. It was definitely a good start though. Routh simply IS SUPERMAN. I never thought any differently throughout the entire movie. Bosworth and Spacey were both good as well. Spacey's Luthor was not campy at all to me. I wish he had more scenes with supes though.

The Effects were top notch. The cinematography was great if not a little dark. I thought they should have used the Willams theme more.

The superman beatdown brought tears to my eyes as did his recharge by the sun. The Lois kid stuff worked for me (though I didn't think it would)

The things I think i didn't like were mostly because they showed too much in the previews. I was a little underwhelmed by the airplane rescue.

Lex's evil scheme comes off kind of dumb in context of the movie. It was much more fleshed out in the Novelization. I don't think alot of people in the general audience got that...including my wife. They should have explained it a little more.

I liked it. Overall I'd probably give it a B-. It kind of reminds me of the first spiderman movie. it was a good taste now bring on the sequel and a real challenge!smiley
chuck30 on June 28, 2006 1:26am EST
I just got back from seeing this film and let me say... WOW! I came in, hoping for just a good movie, instead I got GREAT! Seeing the opening credits, in that familiar style, gave me chills. I love the original film, so much, that every time I watch it, I feel like a kid again. It's hard to explain, but I get this feeling of total awe and wonder, and seeing this film brought that out in me. "What more could anyone ask?" As for the "Superboy", I don't feel as harsh on this as some might. It's a growing question in the comics, and it's something that no one has ever really had the courage to explore. With the exception of the "imaginary story." I think this can only bring unlimited story ideas and I, for one, look forward to seeing how this develops.
ChadStorm on June 28, 2006 1:30am EST
I am biased Superman fan in general, but this movie kicked ass. What a great story. I'm glad that producer Jon Peters threw out the concept that Superman wouldn't fly or his uniform. Bryan Singer out did himself this time. ABove all of the action sequences, it was a beautifully told story. With a beautiful ending.
When do we start the countdown clock for the next film?
Kudos to the entire cast and A superkudos shout-out to Brandon Routh for accomplishing what only Christopher Reeve did 20 years earlier - Making us all believe a man can fly - AGAIN!!! The flying sequences were better than what was shown before. I can't stress enough how great this movie was. People need Superman. We need Superman. Superman Returned!
mikebear on June 28, 2006 1:31am EST
Just saw the movie and I thought it was great. The special effects were fantastic and Brandon Routh did an excellent job playing Clark Kent/Superman. It felt like he did channel Chrstopher Reeve. I agree wholeheartly with TheRonz with the end of the movie where he is flying over the earth and then smiles at the camera...I had the chills also. Good storyline and a great continuation to the storyline. Brian, you did a great job.
Netto1118 on June 28, 2006 1:32am EST
Absolutely spectacular. Routh mage me belive that once again a man can fly. Personally, the twist with Jason being Superman's son, wasn't a bad idea, just different, but that still adds to the movies greatness. Kevin Spacey's Luthor adds sadistic homisidal revenge to a foundation in which Hackman made famous.

NcKryptonian on June 28, 2006 1:33am EST
That was amzing. I know its been said before but still Im so freaked out I can barely type. Im definitely going to see it again several more times and definitely taking my kids as well. But OMG that was just the best superhero movie I have ever seen.
SuperMark118 on June 28, 2006 1:35am EST
just got back and I'm extreamely satisfied!
can't wait for the next one!
so everybody run out and see this, its the movie we've all wanted for over 2 decades!!! smiley

oh and JasonSpidey, if you had waited a second before leaving the theater you would have seen the dedication to Chris & Dana Reeve, it was right after the initial cast credits.
amc-kal-el on June 28, 2006 1:35am EST

But not great like Superman The Movie or Part 2...

Some reasons:

Two VERY unneeded references to dead dogs (or eating dogs). WTF was that!!!! Imagine if something like that was in Part 1 or 2.

Superman dies ending WAY WAY too long. It just dragged on. Should have been shortened for more Martha.

Lex... banging an old woman to get her cash. Seriously; I didn;t need that in a Superman movie.

Thats all for tonight folks....

Lastly: The plane catch and use of Reeve's line had me and my whole theater erupt in applause... smiley
Dobie on June 28, 2006 1:37am EST
I was both absolutely thrilled and completely disappointed by this movie.

The action sequences of this movie were awesome. I loved being able to see Superman in action. The main players (Clark/Superman & Lois) were great. I swear that Routh was channeling Chris Reeve at places. And Kevin Spacey played Lex Luthor to an evil perfection.

And then there was the storyline. Spoiler Alert: I am going to be ranting about a plot point so if you want to be surprised, read no further. You have been warned. THEY TURNED SUPERMAN INTO A DEADBEAT DAD! Superman, who has always been the world's biggest boyscout has an illegitimate child? Superman now stands for truth, justice, the american way and unprotected extra-marital sex? And when he does find out he has a child his comment is "I'll be around?". How about "I want to be a father?" Or "Lois, we have to talk?" Or "I want my mother to meet her grandson?" No, just "I'll be around." He doesn't even tell the mother of his child who he really is!

The whole storyline makes me realize that giant spiders really wouldn't have been that bad.
Super4Ever on June 28, 2006 1:41am EST
Great, great movie.

No, amazing movie. Really amazing.

I really, really enjoyed it. The effects, the story, the action, everything about it was great. I plan on seeing it at least once more, not right away though, I'd rather go during a smaller crowd next time.
Tanic on June 28, 2006 1:42am EST
[small]I just got back from seeing Superman Returns. Great Film! Just AWESOME! The flying was sweet! Going to see it again. Love how they put a little of the old Luthor and a little of the Smallville Luthor, to make this Luthor, Spacey rocks! Brandon Routh did a GREAT job, but Christopher Reeve will always be and REMAIN the BEST Superman of ALL time!
Thank you Singer and Routh, for making us believe again, that a man can really fly!
Rjaniz on June 28, 2006 1:45am EST
I only have a few gripes, overall, i was very pleased with the film.

1) Since when did superman turn into a peeping tom/house intruder?! WTF?!

2) What was up with all the very dark flying scenes?

3) Wish there would've been another way to dispose of the crystal stuff. I know supes is strong, but seeing him struggle with the plane and all, I just didn't believe that he could lift that much earth into space. But I'm probably overthinking that.

Other than that, I think it was great. The entire plane scene rocked, especially the speech at the end.
hurley711 on June 28, 2006 1:45am EST
Man did this leave me wanting more. Greatest movie ever? You guys are nuts saying that. I'm a Superman fan at heart, and I have to tell you Spidey 2 was better and the Spidey 3 trailer looked like it's gonna top the first 2 movies. As stated above maybe I expected too much, but this film left me wanting WAY more.
CK Eric 19 on June 28, 2006 1:46am EST
Empty. That, as JasonSpidey noted, is exactly how I feel. It was good, for sure, and Routh is completely capable in the cape, but some of it just didn't click. It seemed too scattered...as if we never really got to see enough of Clark or Lois to empathize. We have never seen such tremendous action of Superman in action, to be sure, but the heart of the story seemed lost. Many of the incredible action sequences (the plane rescue, the rooftop gattling gunner) seemed simply to exist to remind us that, "Hey, this is a Superman movie!" While they were all fantastic sequences in isolation, they never seemed to find a cohesive footing in the film.

And the plot with Lois' offspring seemed both hackneyed and somewhat offensive if one is to hold the purest of moral lights on Superman. I know how pivotal that plot is to what Singer was trying to attempt, but the film could have been much better without it. There are surely other ways to prove the extent to which Lois would move on yet remain fixated upon Superman in the wake of a 5 year absence.

Speaking of Lois, Bosworth's acting was fine...she just never felt like "Lois." She acted very well, but her depiction of the character was in some intangible way, simply off. So was her chemistry 9or lack thereof) with Routh. Certainly no Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. Bosworth's Lois had none of the firebrand traits as did Phyllis Coates in Season 1 of the Adventures of Superman, nor none of Hatcher's in the early going of Lois and Clark. And the emotional interplay between Bosworth and Routh was lacking, maybe not due to either of their acting, but due to the dialogue and overall plot. Routh, as Clark, came across very well as being hurt at Lois' situation, but their interpersonal dynamic was off.

But back to the beginning. Things developed slowly, which is fine...if they go somewhere. But I felt that Singer tried to do too much, all the while achieving not nearly enough. Ma Kent's role seemed almost...dare I say...irrelevant. The young Clark scene was a nice visual display, but did little to further any emotion or plot.

And when emotion was - feebly - attempted to be injected into the plot, it was done so with another hackneyed and unnecessary "death of Superman" sequence. It, sadly, seemed flat and is a prime example of Singer (or the writers) trying to do too much in one film. Sometimes less is more.

Spacey as Lex was fantastic. And James Marsden as Richard White carried the emotional weight of the film. Marsden seemed the most natural and at ease in the film, and his character certainly had considerable emotional weight.

There were nice homages to the first film: Lois and Clark getting stuck in the Planet's revolving door, Clark's "swell," a reference to an article written by Margot Kidder's Lois, etc.

In the end, it is certainly far, far better than suffering through Nick Cage as Supes or seeing the disaster that the other, now defunct scripts would likely have been. I look forward to more Superman from Routh, and hopefully Singer will find his footing in films to come. While this film is certainly worth seeing, far better than either of the last two Reeve's films, and a worthy addition to the Superman legacy, it lacked an overall cohesiveness that would have made the movie truly great.
The Mighty Grendel on June 28, 2006 1:50am EST
Well, it's 1:30am here in PA and I just got back from seeing Superman Returns. I have to say that it was a great frickin' movie. Now, don't get me wrong, it had its flaws, but the combined total of awesomeness completely blew it away.

The Good

Brandon Routh pretty much nailed the part, I feel. I was a little apprehensive at first, but ultimately he brought Superman back to life. All in all, an excellent casting choice.

The special effects were very, very excellent. It was kinda strange seeing a superhero of Superman's caliber "do his thing" in a movie, as all the other superhero movies were, for the most part, rather street level. This movie, for a split second, absolutely made me believe a man could fly.

The way Lex Luthor came back. I won't spoil anything about it, but the way he not only got out of jail, but also got a ton of money was actually rather funny.

The "twist" that Singer added... okay, so it was quite probably the worst kept "secret" ever conceived (hee hee), but I think it played out very well, especially toward the end. And the kid didn't pull an "Anikan," which is always a plus to me.

The "Not So Good"

The plot kinda left me a little cold. In essence, it was a slightly more epic, post-Cold War rehash of the first film. There could have been a little more going on outside of the Lois/Superman story, in my honest opinion. Basically, it felt like the whole "action" side of the movie was thrown in and interrupting the love triangle thing.

Kevin Spacey. He was, as always, pretty darn good... but he played Lex Luthor down too much. He definately could have "hamed" it up a little more and still maintained the "darker edge" that he gave the character.

Parker Posey. I just don't like her, and she lacked the charisma of the "original" Miss Tesmacher (I appologize for misspelling the name).

Some Thoughts

Honestly, this movie was really good. I mean really, really good. It's a movie that I will definately see again, and will eagerly follow sequal "news and rumors." Unless this world is full of soulless automatons, this movie should make some serious bank, especially on DVD. Brian Singer directed this movie masterfully and the screenwriters did an okay job (despite my above complaint about the plot).

It's great to see Superman back in action. smiley

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease,
The Mighty Grendel
RickEl35 on June 28, 2006 1:50am EST
By far the BEST superhero movie ever made!

Brian Singer, PLEASE don't ever leave Superman we want MORE!!

The last son of Kryton has returned and will stay as long as Brian Singer and Brandon Routh are involved!

I only wish Christopher Reeve could have seen this movie. I'm sure he would have loved it.

Christopher Reeve made us believe a man could fly, Brian and Brandon.....showed us.
Paul Belfi on June 28, 2006 1:52am EST
I could write on and on about this movie but I won't.

However I will say this... it is as perfect of a movie as I have ever seen.

It is difficult for me to be objective on something that I am rather passionate about - I remember being a little boy with a hand drawn Superman 'S' pinned to my long johns and a towel tucked in my shirt as a cape and running around the house make a 'swoosh' sound like I was flying all over the place (or was that last night)?

Superman always was something special to me - he stood for good and integrity and everything that I always wanted to be in my life as a person (and he could fly too which was so cool). I'm a sci-fi guy and I loved that element about Superman as well.

This movie was so touching to me on many levels - I can't do it justice. Superman tries to find his place in the world after being gone for 5 years and re-connect with his family, his friends and with Lois Lane. There is some powerful, powerful stuff in this movie and one hell of a surprise too. If you want to know what the surprise is scroll way down and I'll tell you.

Forget the amazing special effects, forget the drama, forget the wonderful humor and fun bits and enjoy the REAL STORY.

You will laugh, you'll be on the edge of your seat, you'll believe a man can fly and you will cry once or twice. Oh and the music? HOLY TUNA is it awesome!!

Even if you are not a Superman fan (and if you aren't please move back to Russia) you should see this movie, Trust me.
beej1300 on June 28, 2006 1:53am EST
I can't wait to see it again. I couldn't wait to see it before... I'll admit that I was a little worried.... but it blew me away. The story was great. Yes, there were gaps I would have liked explained. If the events of Superman II were definitely part of continuity, it would have been nice if someone had mentioned Zod and so on. But that would have been to please us and not the rest of the audiance. My friends were saying that it was long... but it probably didn't help that we didn't get out of the theater until 1:00 AM.

But, I loved it. I'm going to see it again and again and again... there is no such thing as a perfect movie.... but this is by far my favorite movie..... ever.
Sigi21 on June 28, 2006 1:55am EST
What a great movie !!! I want to see in IMAX now!!!smiley
SuperFobby on June 28, 2006 2:00am EST
i am going to side with the "empty" people.

there was a lot that was good about it. the humor was situational and not forced. the acting was decent all around. i had no problems with brandon routh. i dug jimmy olsen and perry white. but:

1) why did young clark have glasses in the flashback to smallville? had he not developed perfect vision yet? that's inconsistent with the first movies, but mostly just confusing.

2) when superman lifted the island in the air - luthor's henchmen got crushed by a falling spire and seemed to die. so, essentially, superman KILLED THREE PEOPLE. in the comics, the writers would have found SOME way to have superman not kill anybody. but in this movie, not only did superman kill three people, however "inadvertently," but the damn kid killed someone too! and he's only five!

3) what the hell does that speech by jor-el, repeated by superman at the end, even mean? "you will see my life through your eyes?" someone explain that to me!

4) lois = damsel in distress? since effing when? have we reverted to fleischer cartoon territory? except now not only does she wander randomly into ridiculously dangerous situations, she brings her son with her too? "hey jason, come with me on this random boat that is probably the origin of the EMP that almost killed me." great parenting there, lois.

5) what the heck was lex's plan? did he REALLY think that people were going to buy land on that cracked-out black spiky island? what was he going to do with the money he made? travel to what was left of western europe and live in some underwater resort in southern france? why, why, why did they have to do another real estate plan?

i don't want to be only negative. it could have been much worse, any of the previous scripts/actors would have been a travesty. this wasn't a travesty. it was pretty good. but i am a bit disappointed i guess.
hurley711 on June 28, 2006 2:01am EST
Did anyone else feel sick when they were dragging SUpes across the ground and he was kicking like a little girl and struggling? That scene was emotional for sure
stollison_99 on June 28, 2006 2:03am EST
thank you to all the people who made this movie possible.. it has been a blessing to see it and i can not wait to see how the next one plays out with this story...and to all you routh haters(bleep) yousmiley!
quadpro1 on June 28, 2006 2:05am EST
i think this movie was good, but not great. all of the characters were played great by the actors, and i really dont think anyone could have done a better job then brandon (although some of the sceans were kinda tacky). he played sups really well and did a pretty ok job as clark kent too. but i just dont think anyone will ever do it quite as good as chris reeves. i just thought the plot wasnt the greatest. and although the special effects were great, i think chris did a better job at making superman fly more gracefully. can anyone disagree with that?????????? all in all, i would give this movie a B+ only because i had greater expectations as i think most people would. i will go see this again on the imax.smiley
shears on June 28, 2006 2:08am EST
For the love of GOD!!! PLEASE do not reveal spoilers from the movie!!!

Some of us haven't seen the movie yet and we just want to get feedback on how the movie was, not a full book report on the story!

I already read a few spoilers that have totally taken out any surprise that awaited me in the movie. UGH!
Sunshine Superman on June 28, 2006 2:08am EST
Absolutely great! I was so looking forward to it, and it didn't disappoint. Brandon Routh is now Superman.

Even my wife, who isn't a Superman fan, loved the movie. We both can't wait to go see it at the Imax. Fantastic!
Supes531 on June 28, 2006 2:14am EST
I thought this movie was the GREATEST MOVIE EVER! Pacticaly every seen was a work of art. The acting was incredible. Each actor/actress owned thier part. The Visual effects were amazing. I also found the sound to be great too(and i dont usually notice sound effects often). For me, i got chills in the very begining when they soom out on Krypton(with Jor-El's voice in the background) and show the destruction of Krypton. It was Beautiful!smiley
SuperFobby on June 28, 2006 2:15am EST
shears - i'm sorry if something i said spoiled the movie for you, but this is a thread for people reacting to the movie! it assumes that you have seen it! it's not just screening time anymore!

maybe the moderators should clarify whether they want only "spoiler-free" comments or if we can FINALLY have a discussion about what actually happens in the movie, rather than just "general reactions."
mnsupesfan on June 28, 2006 2:15am EST
Wow! I loved it! it has been along time in coming. The flight scenes were freaking sweet. Although only a couple of times I noticed the CGI Superman, didn't distract me a lot.You really got a sense of how powerful Superman was in this movie. I think more so than the first one. I need to see this in IMAX. I was expecting to see the dedication at the beginning as well. We know that the DVD version will have the deleted scenes like Ben Hubbard remarking about Clark flying in the night before and Clark reading the saved newspapers. A++ A fun movie with a nice story. Superman has truely returned.
musicgirrl on June 28, 2006 2:17am EST
Great movie. Just got in and coming down off my "Superman High".
I am curious to see where they will take this storyline in the next movie though...... we all have very high expectations for Superman as a father. We can only hope they won't let us down.

I have to say I LOVE Brandon Routh as Superman. He fills Chris Reeves shoes (or boots) very nicely.

Every part was perfectly cast IMHO except for Lois. I'm sorry, but Kate Bosworth gave us a flat, expressionless (for the most part) performance! Where is that spunky, gutsy attitude we all came to love about Margot Kidder's LL??? That is what makes Lois......Lois Lane for Pete's sake. That is what Clark/Superman loves about Lois so much!!!! It just wasn't there with her and it took something away from the movie for me. Heck, Erica Durrance (Smallville's LL) does a better job than this Kate B. did.

JasonSpidey nailed it in his comments above.

Did I mention that BR as Superman is AWESOME!! Visual affects are off the charts, and every woman that sees this movie is now in love all over again with Superman. I know I am.
He is the perfect man/alien. Let's just hope that he is also going to be the perfect father.
BlackKryptonite on June 28, 2006 2:19am EST
i have 1 qualm about the whole movie.... the effects of kryptonite on superman in superman 1 were pretty extreme, and that was with just one big chunk of it around his neck... but somehow he landed on the island and walked around? uhhh?

But otherwise..... HOLY CRAP WAS THAT A GREAT MOVIE. The twist i wasn't expecting because all the reviews said it "wasn't clarified".... what the!? how wasn't it!!!?? either you guys bold faced lied (jerks... but thanks for not telling) or you are blind and def. wow.... I have to say I am very moved.... it's hard to make a character as good as superman be interesting... but after watching I think more and more about "wow.... he is completely selfless and intense beyond any and all to do the right thing..."... it's very inspiring.
greatn on June 28, 2006 2:27am EST
I just got back.

My review: It was an ok film. Good in parts, never great. I felt the writers didn't really have a handle on what Superman was about, though Routh was great with what he was given, as was Marsden. The movie was littered with problems. Problems which would sound like nitpicking if I cited some, but the problem is, there are about a hundred of these little "nitpicks" and they add up bigtime. Besides the little problems, the plot is pretty stale after 30 years, and Lex Luthor's(make that Luther's) plan is pretty ridiculous and not well thought out. The movie is extremely light on action, with only about 3 major action scenes and a couple of minor ones. Superman spends more time brooding than actually being Super in the film, and really comes off as kind of creepy at certain points, in a stalkerish way.

Overall, it's an ok movie, but I was dissapointed, because this is Superman, and I expect better than 'ok'. If I were to give it stars, it would be 2.5 out of 5, just average.
jmart on June 28, 2006 2:29am EST
I really loved the film. I've been waiting like most of you for this flick since it was in the hands of Burton so to see Singer do such an amazing job was really great.

I've heard what tons of people have had to say about this film. Most of the positive things people have mentioned are things I agree with. They've all been said over and over (which is cool, it's good to hear people praise the film) so I'll just say I agree the casting was perfect, the story was touching and homages to the comics and donner films were perfect.

This film was amazing. It was great too watch it with what was mostly Superman fans - I got very emotional many times during this film because Superman had returned and that effected me beyond belief.

I understand people have problems with certain aspects of the film, which is cool - we all have our opinions. Personally to me the film was perfection. I only wish they had kept in the Krypton scene and the Ben Hubbard/ Ma Kent stuff - just because from what I've heard and read it would have just added more depth to an already deep story.

But in the end I don't want to talk about the flaws of the film or what could have been better. The fact of the matter is this film was touching and well done in ways I never would have thought possible. The film is complete and we can't change it - but who would want to? It tells the story of a hero returning to a world which desperately needed him.

And in real life, the movie returned Superman to our world. A more cynical world then 20 years ago - a world that needs a hero more then ever and now he's back. Superman Returns.
DeLorge on June 28, 2006 2:30am EST
A GREAT movie-- Had a bunch of EXCELLENT points and few disappointed points.

Get to the disappointed points.

1. The son- Should have been saved for the second movie. Don't get me wrong but this movie placed ALOT of focus on this little kid. Like Lex said cute kid but should have been but on twoard the second movie atleast. QUESTION WHY DID THE KID GET A D in gym??? lol

2. The newsroom meeting. That part where White said "does he still stand for truth, justice and all that stuff" THAT WAS WRONG. If your going to say something say it the right way. Truth, Justice and the AMERICAN WAY like Superman said in the first one.

The real GOOD stuff.

1. Showed him being vulnerable--somewhat human like. Thinking he was the only one left and that the world moved on without him was great. Made people believe he was needed again. Movie theater I was in for the last 30 minutes was SOOO quiet. Few people were crying cause of the man of steel being hurt.

2. The falling from the sky & hospital part. Seeing them try to help was hard to watch here is a guy that bent over backward to do something and when they tried to save him they couldn't do a thing.

3. Casting- Singer did Awesome. From Routh to Spacey.

4. Effects- Much better than the previous. Only other movie that could have out done it would be BATMAN BEGINS. D.C has done a good job reviving the comics.

Sucks we have to wait 3 to 4 years to see the next one. Anyone think that Singer can do Superman/Batman ??????
petethebossross on June 28, 2006 2:33am EST
I thought it was great but was left with the feeling that there was alot missing. Partially from all the movie cards and clips i've seen there was alot more plot involving Smallville and his journey to Krypton and i guess that stuff was all deleted...sad but a great movie nonetheless
greatn on June 28, 2006 2:37am EST
"When those who speak negatively about it REALIZE this is the first movie in 20 years.. AND THAT IS ENOUGH for REAL fans.."

daft, that is a pretty ridiculous statement. What if they had made the movie where Superman's powers come from his suit that he keeps in a can and Lex Luthor was from krypton and they fight "crouching tiger" style? by your logic we would have been obligated to like it.

Feel free to think whatever you want about the movie, but don't insult me because my opinion is different.
redbluetights on June 28, 2006 2:38am EST
it was the best movie of all time....i wished it would never end...the only thing is that i dont think alot of people understood y lois kid was clarks son...i thought they should have shown a flashback of what happen so people who didnt see the movies wouold understand...but i loved it my friends loved it...i give it a AAAAAAA+smiley:
unknownsoldier on June 28, 2006 2:39am EST
Have to wait till June 30 to see it where i am - Am curious to know what Steve Younis feels about the movie? - respect his opinion,,,
Cougar on June 28, 2006 2:39am EST
Saw the Movie Monday night at a Free preview. This movie is exactly what the franchise needed. a good story to reintroduce Superman back into the general movie going public.

If it does well enough in the next installment hopefully there will be some actual fight scenes of Superman fighting some creature or robot and they may want to play up Superman's other abilities. The only reason I say this is as I was leaving I overheard some people say " I don't see the big deal all he does is fly around and get beat up by no name henchmen.

Regardless, this was the best comic film made so far, and I am counting the original Superman movie in this, in my humble opinion.
discodale on June 28, 2006 2:40am EST
I've waited 28 years for the series to continue. This IS the finest Super Hero movie ever made. Period. After seeing it in IMAX 3D tonight, I can't wait for thr regular theater version and then the DVD to clear up and tie in all the Kryptonian references made throughout the movie. 6 Stars out of 5! Brandon IS Superman....period. Thank You Thank You Thank You.....smileysmiley
CodyC44 on June 28, 2006 2:48am EST
Amazing visuals...gave me chills. Regaining strength from the sun above the clouds....incredible. The flight Superman and Lois shared over the harbor with their reflection in the water...breathtaking. Thank you Jerry and Joe.
clarkkent86 on June 28, 2006 2:49am EST

This is the absolute best comic book movie, wait scratch that, the best MOVIE I have ever seen. I love the Donner film but Singer's Superman tops it. Brandon Routh is Superman, he did a fantastic job. He made a great Clark Kent as well as Superman, he wasn't better than Christopher Reeve, but than again no one ever will be.

This movie will drive me into the poor house because I will spend all of my money seeing this movie over and over again.
nelhs_superman on June 28, 2006 2:52am EST
Loved it except I'm afraid of where they;re gonna go with it from here

Not sure if I like the fact that he has a kid...and what was up with that speech in the kids room at the end?

My only fear with the whole kid angle is that in the next one we'll have a superboy flyin around.....and they need to explain more how Lois "knows"....as far as I remember..she forgot everything at the end of the second movie....because of the magic kiss....so wouldn't she be a little freaked out and wonder how the heck she had Superman's kid?

Also...with the whole lifting the land mass into space....I think the angle the writers we're trying to play with that was he "recharged: in the sunlight and that gave him enough strenghth to carry out his task....however, it does seem that all the recent shows and movies are being inconsisten with how much kryptonite effects Superman....

However I did enjoy the movie...especially the beginning..I loved the opening credits...and the plane sequence was amazing....now I gotta go see it in the IMAX
returns 06 on June 28, 2006 2:58am EST
ive known superman since i was a baby ind ive seen every superman movie and i have to say the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!smiley
Shalamarke on June 28, 2006 3:00am EST
There is no doubt that the film is entertaining. I love that they used the Smallville take on what heat vision looks like, and I love the sonic booms Superman makes when he flies fast. That added some realism to the fantasy.

I do like the bits of Christopher Reeve we get out of Routh and above all, I am so glad that he actually acted pretty well. I was terrified we would find out he was awful and he did just fine.

I liked how well they portrayed Superman's flight as being so controllable ... he can fly fast, slow, harsh, soft ... it was well done.

I had trouble buying him lifting that big chunk of earth full of Kryptonite, and I justify it two ways: 1. When he first lifted it, he had dug UNDER the kryptonite. It wasn't until the earth started to crumble away and reveal kryptonite that he got weakened by it. 2. I think they wanted us to believe that he was lifting the earth in SPITE of the weakness and I think they just didn't quite show the struggle well enough ... but that was made up for by the fact that Superman wore himself out so badly that he fell all the way to earth and had to rest for a few days to recoup.

(while on that point, I just want to say ... why didn't ANYONE put him into sunlight at that point???? Even LOIS knows this and I really expected her to open the blinds)

Aside from specific points, I found myself entertained, and slightly disappointed - but I think I did that to myself. Let me start by saying that I am not a "superman" fan ... I am a Christopher Reeve Fan and a Smallville Fan and that makes me some form of Superman Fan by default ... but Superman is not my A-#1 favorite hero.

Still, for the past two and a half years, I have frequented this page mostly due to Smallville, and almost by osmosis, I have become knowledgeable of Superman and I have watched this film grow from a spark in Singer's eye to the grand production that it is... and I think I just saw too much before the film.

No, I didn't see any spoilers. I did try to avoid those ... but I did see all of the production photos. I did read all of the hype. I did know they were probably doing something with the kid in the plot. And in a way, I robbed myself of the complete thrill this could have been if I hadn't seen so much of it already by now.

I loved the film. really, I did. But what do I remember about it now? Honestly ... ? I can't stop thinking about the Spiderman 3 trailer!

Don't hate me for it ... and I probably shouldn't say that here on the Superman Homepage ... but that's where I am at.

LOVED the film. Can't wait for Spiderman.

MrSonmyChest on June 28, 2006 3:06am EST
the movie was only decent to me. with there was more action. hopefully next time they'll have a super villain to battle it out with him. the effects were superb but i thought the movie was good not great. ill check out again and see how i feel.
Shalamarke on June 28, 2006 3:08am EST
I do want to add one point - it IS the best SUPERMAN movie ever - and, it could not have been so without it's predecessors - - What I mean is, it would not have achieved that without the existence of the first two, and, it is the best one of all.
Steve Eden on June 28, 2006 3:11am EST
Okay, obviously in a movie about Superman, you gotta have special effects. These days CG have become absolutely indispensible to almost every movie you see. Unfortunately, in most movies you can easily tell when you're looking at a computer generated scene. NOT so in "Superman". The flying scenes were absolutely THE best I've ever seen, and beat the webslinging / jumping from building to building in "Spider-Man I" by a clear country light year. Imagine what the first Chris Reeve flick would have been like with this kind of tech... Blows ya away, don't it? I COULD buy the hoisting of the crystal island because the Superman I was raised on was the silver age guy who was infinitely strong. On the kryptonite thing mentioned above, Superman cut UNDER the island so far that when he began his assent the green K was too far from him to affect him. It was only after the crystals were tossed by Kitty and NEW growth occurred and the green K crystals protruded through that it began to affect him. Furthermore, this scene was intended to show that with or without superpowers, Superman is a hero. It was obvious that he was in trouble, but if he were to give up, the island would fall back to Earth, killing the "billions" of innocents that Lex laughed about. But he continued and it ALMOST killed him. Now here's a point for debate. I thought the sunlight filtering into the hospital room was what actually revived him. My wife said she thought it was the kiss on the forehead by the kid. What do you think? Now then, while action is necessary in a Supes film, the story was more about relationships. And this is obviously what was missing in the all (yes, I said ALL) the Reeve SEQUELS. Like they said early in the production, ya gotta have the STORY. I would have liked for Luthor's plan to have been something other than real estate again, but it worked well here and gave Spacey a little Hackman continuity to work with. Spacey, by the way, was THE MAN in this flick. Great job keeping the humor, ego, and general evilness (is that a real word? - evilness? Ah well) without letting it get too campy. Singer desrves kudos for keeping the entire show out of that trap as well and "playing it straight"! Bosworth, I gotta say, didn't do much for me, but she was quite adequate as the "GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND" who took the departure as a personal affront. I kept waiting for James Marsden to fall into a crevice or run away in cowardice. Glad they chose NOT play that stereotype card. AND, I was oh so VERY happy to see Noel Neil and Jack Larson in the flick WITH LINES to speak and not just quick Stan Lee type cameos. They were actually important to the story. Neil moreso than Larson, but you see where I'm going with this. Noel had me in near tears with her deathbed scene despite the fact the movie had just gotten underway. While it wasn't exactly an Oscar winning performance, it proves that THIS old lady still has some acting chops. Something she never really got a chance to prove in her "Adventures of..." days. Larson was great as Bibbo. I'd love to see these two get offers from their participation in this movie. Finally, Routh. I have read and heard how much he looks and sounds like Chris Reeve, but I didn't think so so much. His physical performance was very convincing. He really didn't have enough dialogue to adequately review the way he delivered his lines, but his body language and expressions said it all for me. He wanted SO MUCH to be with the woman he loves yet he knew that he COULD NOT HAVE HER. That is part of Superman's moral fiber, and that was conveyed to the audience quite convincingly. The "peeping Tom" thing DID seem out of place, but when you lose "the one" it does tend to make you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. So I chalk this up to a brief moment of weakness for our hero brought on by heart sickness.

Bottom line: Both my wife (who is not NEARLY as much a Superman fan as I) and I thouroughly enjoyed the movie.
*WARNING*WARNING* Cliche follows: We laughed, we cried, it became a part of us.

Okay, well, it did NOT become a part of us, but DID do the laughing-crying things.

Oh, and I liked the Aquaman PJs on the kid.

Sorry to go so "Bailey-esque" on you. You may return to normal mode now...
edphlash on June 28, 2006 3:12am EST
thanks daft_punk. you said it best. it was a fantastic movie. every movie has flaws and things that are disagreeable. the first 2 superman films were full of things like that.

superman returns is the best comic based movie yet to be made.
Shalamarke on June 28, 2006 3:12am EST
I agree with jmart completely.
mavkel10 on June 28, 2006 3:17am EST
I have to completely agree with JasonSpidey, Dobie, and CK. I was disappointed with this movie. Did not like the kid part whatsoever. Are they going to make him Superboy later? PLEASE tell me they aren't going to take it in that direction. And I was incredibly excited this morning for this. I was entirely ready to come in with an open mind and give this movie a chance to wow me. But it just didn't. I did love the homages to Superman I and II, and I really liked Routh, I think he did quite well...but Luthor was not as dark as I thought he should have been. Although, Kate did better than I thought she would. But she still was not Lois for me.
But even after all that, I wish the movie all the luck in the world and I hope that it does well enough for a another to be made...and I will surely be first in line to see it as well. I plan to see it quite a few more times in the upcoming days, namely IMAX.

So good. But not great.
RhynePutman on June 28, 2006 3:19am EST
I just got back from seeing the IMAX 3D version of the film in Kansas City, KS.

I saw SUPERMAN in 3D in KANSAS for the first time. Oh, the fanboy irony. (I've never been to Kansas until tonight).

I have a ga-gillion little comments to make about the graces and flaws of this wonderful film, but I think I'll save them for some more anaylsis of the movie. Maybe take some Nealish notes, I don't know, we'll see.

Overall, I'm glad that this was the first Superman movie I saw on the big screen. (As a four year old, I was introduced to Superman when my parents rented the Quest for Peace.)

Knowing my opinion counts fairly little, I REALLY await the NEAL & STEVE reviews. Give them to us, MIGHTY ONES!
kalsec on June 28, 2006 3:19am EST
There are some things about Superman that you can't mess with -- some licenses you just can't take.

He does NOT have illegitimate kids. He does not have kids that are to be raised by Lois Lane and some fill-in character while he flies away and says simply, "Good night." He does not lay in a hospital bed with his suit off on the chair like some random schmuck.

How can Singer do this and claim to like this character, claim to get him?

What happens in the sequel? With Richard White being such a "good man," forget the Superman/Lois love interest angle. Maybe the next movie will be the wedding of Lois Lane to Richard White. How exciting. Maybe this kid will learn to fly and we'll watch Richard White marvel at the fact that his/Lois's kid has superpowers.

Even if you are okay with him having kids (and you shouldn't be), he is more removed from being a part of Earth than ever. He can't claim this kid (I hate even putting those words together about Superman). Is he going to float outside Lois's house forever? How could we hear the first half of the movie all about his alienation and loneliness and then see him so happy to fly away from a family that should be his? It's so incongruous, so silly.

What a total ruin of such a great potential Superman movie. The effects were great. Brandon Routh was terrific, but this story was utterly dumb. How does the guy carry a city-size chunk of rock into space with kryptonite staring him in the face when he couldn't even handle a couple of thugs punching him. So dumb.

I just can't believe that the wait is over, and this is what we're stuck with. I can't believe it.
dereko2006 on June 28, 2006 3:19am EST
Wow! Wow! Wow! This was a phenominal movie. Not a perfect film, but wonderful none the less. Christopher Reeve did a great job for the 70's and 80's, Brandon Routh and Brian Singer did a fantistic job for tonights film. Watching the film on opening night with a room full of die-hard Superman fans made it that much more enjoyable. Go see this movie. I'll see it again tomorrowsmiley
Denz-El on June 28, 2006 3:22am EST
The movie was..for all intents and purposes..far beyond the expectations of Superman fans here in the Philippines..nothing quite like an almost "open-budgeted" film that can push the limits of special effects and production design. My hats off to Byran, the production staff and the cast, of course! The drama behind the return plot was, i guess, the best way of bringing back the story of the most sought-after superhero of all time.

There's nothing like seeing the movie in IMAX 3D! Worth every penny I paid for..and worth watching again and again!!! smiley
Arsenal on June 28, 2006 3:26am EST
I think this is definitely a great Superman movie. I had only a few points to make.

1.) Did this feel like a 200 million dollar movie to anyone? I thought everything looked fabulous, but it didn't seem like 200 million dollars worth of setpieces, action, etc. Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings show their budget more than this flick. Just curious.

2.) I like that young Clark wears glasses. It almost implies that Kryptionians on Earth have War of the Worlds like reactions to our environment, causing poor vision in young Clark, and extreme allergies in Jason. And once they absorb enough sunlight, they outgrow the bad reactions. Pretty cool addition to the mythology.

3.) If they had Kryptonite RIGHT THERE, it would have been nice to try and use it to help with the medical work (needles). Nitpicky, I know. Anyway, it works as a story point.

4.) How can you not get Bosworth? I thought she was an incredibly sympathic Lois. Did you want her to come out and say "Hi. I'm sassy and spunky" while posing in a mini skirt? It's called subtlety, people. She a working mom who clearly does her job better than anyone else, loves her fiance, and was heartbroken by Superman leaving. Not to cast accusations, but sometimes I wonder if some moviegoers just don't "get" women characters on film. It wasn't that hard to figure her out. I'd take this girl over Rachel Dawes or Mary Jane any day of the week.

5.) Anyone who doesn't understand Luthor's plan just isn't that smart. Period (so there, ebert). Saying that a Kryptonian content isn't habitable is ignoring the obvious fact that KRYPTONIANS COULD AND DID LIVE ON SUCH LAND. Besides, he had a whole collection of crystals that could do any number of technological wonders, as evidenced by previous movies. That's the deck up his sleeve. Extrapolate from there.

6.) Anyone who doesn't get the "death of Superman" plot really needs to take an American Literate class. How could you not get that Christian imagery is very deeply rooted in our literary culture? Have you learned nothing from the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne? smiley

7. ) There should be a drinking game for the number of times that Lois should have internal bleeding or concussions, but doesn't. No one can say she's not tough! smiley

Anyway, everyone take it easy. This is a fun loving, layed back movie, and shouldn't be shouldered with too much aggravation or expectation. Lord knows, expectation is one of the worst human character traits.
Pravus on June 28, 2006 3:45am EST
I've been sitting here for a while trying to figure out what to write, trying to get a solid perspective on Superman Returns. It was all right, not great, not even really good, It was lacking something, something big, something important, can't really put my finger on it. I really enjoyed some of it and was really disapointed by some of it. Routh wasn't bad, I think should there be sequals he will turn out to be a good Superman, Spacey was good, I even liked Bosworth (the whole cast was good)...Hell, I EVEN liked the kid! Some of Superman's actions seemed out of character, had a problem with that but that wasn't Rouths fault. Where the hell was Krypton? He was gone for 5 years and we didn't even catch a glimpse of what he found. I would have preffered to see less of Lois bouncing around inside the plane and less of the plane scene as well as less of the hospital time if it meant seeing what was left of Krypton on the big screen. Special effects were great, the suit was horrible and when Louise mingenbach or whatever her name is was shown in the opening credits I swear to God some of the audience, people I didn't know Booed (myself included)! Maybe it was because this was the first area showing where I live and the theater was just over half full and nobody was standing around talking about the movie afterward, that could be part of what was missing. All I know is I wanted to love this movie but as it stands, other than taking my family to see it I doubt I will see it anymore.
LibertyRanger on June 28, 2006 3:47am EST
Well let's see here, where to begin...

Intro: Even I wouldn't be censored I would spout out a word starting with F and ending with ING, because it was well worth it. I cheered, everybody in the theatre cheered. Amazing, absolutely amazing.

First Hour: Everything I could hope for it to be, but it did see a bit broken up and missing a beat here and there. It didn't seem as if everything was a natural progression of the plot. At some parts it seemed as if dots were being connected and a laundry list being checked off.

Second Hour, First half hour-forty five minutes of it: The scene where Superman is being beaten, just brutal. But neccessary. I enjoyed it in a story motivated way.

The last however long it was: Okay the "is he dead or isn't he dead" part was completely unneccesary, completely. I agree that parts of this movie absolutely stunk of Peters. Thank god there wasn't any Spiders or Polar Bears in it. Jason as is son, completely unneccesary. But I can understand that it kind of is "forshadowed" at the beginning of Superman: The Movie.

All in all, I felt that it was better than X-3, The Hulk, Daredevil, Constantine, Fantastic Four, and potentially Ghost Rider. As far as on par with the rest of the films from the franchise, better than Supes III and IV (of course that's not too hard), and tied with Superman II (mainly because I feel that the Donner Cut is going to be awesome and better than the current one). But Superman: The Movie is still the best.

Brandon Routh: Better than I could have thought, I'm glad I had faith in Bryan Singer from the get-go.

Kate Bosworth: Started out as spunky Lois than she became totally confused Lois. I was confused too, but I think the main point is because the story didn't really cater to Lois being Lois.

Kevin Spacey: Love him, so evil and so brilliant at the same time. Pity he didn't start up Lexcorp in this one.

I began thinking that there might be a chance that they would literally bring the first movies into the new continuity. Meaning that Lex would have started Lexcorp (with Gertrude's money), the Fortress would be destroyed (leading to a new one like in For Tomorrow, or even "New Krypton" becoming the new Fortress possibly).
Yet the movie felt incredibly influenced by "Son of Superman", which if you haven't read I would suggest reading.

The franchise has kind of become it's own story, and has become more of an "Elseworlds" tale than an actual adaptation. Still........................Superman has indeed Returned!smiley
GregHouse on June 28, 2006 4:00am EST
JasonSpidey got the essence of my impressions of the movie in his review. I haven't read many of the other posts, but his seems to be the closest to what I thought. I'd add on to his review, but I don't have time right now. I might write an extensive one within a couple of days. But that will only be in due time.
charl_huntress on June 28, 2006 4:03am EST
It was very good...but the ending was too wistful for me.
Arsenal on June 28, 2006 4:05am EST
The franchise has kind of become it's own story, and has become more of an "Elseworlds" tale than an actual adaptation.

This is like the whole "John Stewart is THE Green Lantern because of JLU" issue. If the majority of the people on the planet know this story, have picked a comic in their lives, and don't know who John Byrne is... then this is Superman. The only other competition for that would be Smallville, where Clark and Lois are hanging out while he's in high school and college. Nuff said.
kalsec on June 28, 2006 4:09am EST
Arsenal, thanks for the calendar check. I know it's 2006. I want Superman to be timeless. I don't want him to have kids out of wedlock because there's more of that going on in 2006. I'm not taking a morality stand on kids in and out of wedlock. I don't care when people have kids.

I'm saying SUPERMAN shouldn't. Not because of any morality issues, but because if you enjoy the continuity of the character, you know that he wouldn't just say, "Oh, I have a kid that I haven't seen in five years and will never get to acknowledge either as Superman or Clark Kent."

Also, again, what does this do to the sequels? Is that kid going to be in them? Richard White? Lamely killed off? Nothing good will come.

And, yes, I did get upset when he and Lois spent the night. I lived with it and drove on. I was disappointed to find it part of this movie's background. But, I really did approach this movie with a ton of hope and a pretty open mind. Even so, if they spent the night together and were close enough for that, why the formality? Why "Miss Lane?" I'm saying: incongruous.

I don't need Superman having sex. I can see any soap opera for made-up love triangles and "guess what, this kid is yours" story lines.

I wanted a superhero movie. Actually, it being Superman, I wanted THE superhero movie.
quadpro1 on June 28, 2006 4:09am EST
i have an idea of where singer may be going with this whole "superman baby" thing. if you recall in superman II when lois and sups did the deed, he had already had his powers taken away so he could live a normal life so he was just as mortal as the rest of us at the time when he created the sperm of steel. so the boy probably wouldnt inherit all his powers such as flight. maybe he'll only have his lesser abilities such as super hearing or xray vision. then as he grows up into a man, he could be his dads sidekick on the ground lol smiley what do ya'll think???
brandons1520 on June 28, 2006 4:14am EST
smileysmileysmileyAMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!! What an absolutey incredible movie. It lived up to all my expctations & then some. THANK YOU SO MUCH MR. SINGER.smileysmileysmiley
Jor-ElKal-El on June 28, 2006 4:18am EST
Superman Returns is a very good film! Chris Reeve played Superman, but Brandon Routh is Superman from my collective consciousness of who the character is, he even looks like Superman in the comics than anyone who has played the character before, in my opinion. I cried during the scene when Lois was with Superman at the hospital, not just because it was a touching scene, it's because Superman was laying in that bed, As I was crying I knew Superman was back! For a sequel I'd like to see the cape to be red on the outside of it, not just the inside of it, also an awesome Supervillain. Let there be Brainiac!!!
jemurdo on June 28, 2006 4:19am EST
Amazing...absolutely stunning. I watched it in IMAX3D, and I'm speechless. JASONSPIDEY - Yo, kid, you need to stop being such a critic. Although I respect your opinion, Superman paved the way for all other superheroes, including your boy Peter Parker. This movie will easily smash all box office records. Way to go, Singer!
Makeshift Python on June 28, 2006 4:30am EST
The moment the titles played with the theme music, I was done. You couldn't shake me off of the movie, you couldn't make me move my eyes into another direction. When my friend next to me tried telling me something, I couldn't hear what she said. I was in a catatonic state. That's how powerful the movie was for me.

I have never felt that kind of energy since I was a little 5 year old boy watching Superman for the first time on a TV screen. I believed a man could fly, I believed in the characters and I believed in the story. Singer made you believe more than that a man could fly.

This is without a doubt the true continuation of the storyline that started in 1978 and was in a limbo since 1980. Singer made Superman III and IV no longer exist in my head, they are now just seperate entities.

How did I feel for the the boy Jason? Cute kid, like Lex said. He didn't annoy me probably because he didn't have much lines and was the small silent boy type. The wedlock thing never bothered me and after this movie I don't think I'll have a problem with it at all.

How does it measure to S1 and S2? It's better than S2, no doubt. Better than S1? That's tough. It could be, yet it could not. I'd say they are very close, I mean VERY close.

Is Brandon Routh the man of steel? Yes. He didn't capture me like Reeve but he didn't dissapoint either, I think he handled the job very well. Kate Brosworth, before seeing the movie I had a little problem with that casting. After seeing her performance, she kind of grew on me. She's not like the Kidder-Lane. But she stands well on her own. Now... yes, you know who I am thinking of next. Kevin Spacey as Lex. Less campy and more ruthless than Gene Hackman. For a guy who was in jail for 5 years he had to go mad esspecially fueled with anger toward's Supes. Kitty, oh. Just great chemistry between her and Spacey. I look forward to seeing them again when the next Superman movie comes out, though I hope Lex won't take the lead villian spot again and take a backseat like he did for Zod. I really hope Brainiac is brought onto the big screen.

I rate this movie 9 out of 10. 1 is taken away just for a small bitty reason, it was a little too long. Doesn't hurt the movie at all, just a minor flaw. This movie made me want to fly.smiley
steelty on June 28, 2006 4:34am EST
I just got back from the movie and i'm telling you.. it blew my mind.. and my sisters mind who isn't a superman fan at all.. if anything she's the opposite.. but seriously i'm not a guy that cries.. but when superman was being beatin .. i cried.. it really broke my heart, i almost couldn't handle it.. this movie was amazing.. groundbreaking and magestic.. my sister said she's never seen a movie like that, she loved it! The movie has greatness written all over it.. i'm in AWE!!
MatchesMalone on June 28, 2006 4:37am EST
"Oh, I have a kid that I haven't seen in five years and will never get to acknowledge either as Superman or Clark Kent." -Kalsec

This is important stuff for us fans. The fact that Lois has given birth to Superman's son is now a movie plot line with no where to go. It is impossible to create a public persona for Superman that includes a Superson.
I have to go with Jason Spidey, and ask what kind of continuity are we talking about. It's not being picking becasue Singer chose to use the first films. If by some miracle Lois remembers she slept with Superman(and he has passed on his Super traits), then she must remember that she slept with Clark Kent. How since she slept with the very Clark looking Supes does she remember Superman, but not Kent.
Eric Ck was right about Marsden and Spacey. Spacey brought some anger to the picture to highlight Superman. Routh was very good as well.
I understand kalsec, and mavkel10's frustration at the plot and the seeming irrelevance of many scenes.
daft_punk says we're not real fans, but we are. We're westling with the concept of this Superman who will now embark on a life with so many lies and deceptions that it will make his former big secret(being Clark Kent and Superman) look like a joke. There is no way for Superman to continue as he was. He must, at least for any following movies be an absentee Dad. The kid's already 5.
musicgirl said let's see if he can be the perfect father. But Supes can't ever let anybody know he has a kid, least of all the child. It's just a little Greek for a Superman plot.
However the shear force of will to bring this movie to theaters and Singer's courage at taking on a character that he loves is admirable. I will be watching it again. The 3D is no joke. I mean although the glasses are annoying the effect is great!!
I look forward to the other comments. After all it is Superman-smiley
cryptoknight on June 28, 2006 4:39am EST
Effin' A-M-azin'
jpharrah on June 28, 2006 4:46am EST
jason spidey has abeen a member for a while...i respect his opinion even though i dont agree with it...calm down guys not everyone is going to like it...and besides if i remember jason spidey sorta supported this movie before he watched it...
Supereyes on June 28, 2006 4:47am EST
ohhh...I still have to wait! Well, atleast I know it's good, right? What about the opening-credits? What was that like? I CAN'T ****ING WAIT!
Arsenal on June 28, 2006 4:48am EST
Kalsec, these movies have never been about him fighting Darkseid and Metallo. This, Supes 1 and 2 are about the relationship of Lois and Superman. It might as well be the subtitle. They are arguably the most important romantic couple in the fiction of the last 100 years. How could you not think that sex and children would not become an issue?[center]

Even so, if they spent the night together and were close enough for that, why the formality? Why "Miss Lane?" I'm saying: incongruous.

Depends on whether the amnesia kiss is still an issue. Or whether he's being coy. Or whether he's being cute. Etc. I'm personally of the mind that she was amnesia kissed (using Kryptonian technology), and there are memory fragments.
dpkonofa on June 28, 2006 5:15am EST
Overall, I was thrilled with this movie. For the few people like JasonSpidey that didn't enjoy it too much, I just have a few comments...

Picking up the island, it's pretty obvious that he went under it. There's enough landmass in the way to keep him from being exposed to the radiation (otherwise it would have unlimited reach? that'd be stupid..). That's the whole reason why he's unconscious after he pushes it into space. As the bits of earth (and probably even some cooled magma) fall and expose him to more kryptonite, he becomes weaker and weaker, and that's after being fully recharged from the sun...

Some of the other stuff mentioned, I agree with, but for the most part, I just can't. I didn't have a problem with the kid. I didn't have a problem with Bosworth. I think that's what a matured, settled Lois Lane would be like. She's still got a little bit of the spunk, but she seems like she's reserved it a little. That's what I saw in that. The pacing was a little off at times, but that's because of cuts. If we get the DVD with those put in, I think it might fix that issue.

Overall, I loved it. Can't wait to see it in 3D. smiley
Jeffrey Bridges on June 28, 2006 5:19am EST
Well, I just want to say to all of you who loved it:





To those of you that didn't, come on over to the SR spoilers and reviews thread on the SR message board and let's discuss. There's NOTHING I'd rather talk about at the moment than this movie.

Mmm, that's some fine filmmaking.
afriend on June 28, 2006 5:21am EST

I'm not even feeling empty, I feel outright rage! I was almost ready to demand my money back, and I wasn't the only one. When I saw Spider-Man, Batman Begins, X2, and Star Wars Episode II in the theaters the audience cheered at just the right places (c'mon seeing Yoda finally kick a little kiester was worth the inflated price of a ticket), but never once did the audience cheer to this film. Early gags garnered the necessary chuckles, but they quickly switched to a collective groan (especially when Jimmy Olsen was involved).
The Lois/Superman dynamic was hollow, with the added baggage of the unnecessary child. Since everybody is going to compare these to the first two Christopher Reeve movies, I suppose I should point out what worked in those films' love subplots, as a viewer I could empathize and feel what they are feeling on screen. Despite having seen the first film 1438 times the second 987 times (yes, those are accurate counts) everytime I watch them I feel it all over again, this time whenever Lois/Clark/Superman tried to get emotional, I just started checking my watch... nothing stirred in me at all, even after I turned to my emergency flask of vodka (not a joke).
Lex Luthor was far too hammy for what the production needed, a level tone is far more menacing than yelling in people's faces... Kevin Spacey I expected so much better from you. His sidekicks were all pretty dopey, Kitty the worst of the lot, she reminds me of Darla from the old Superboy series.
The special effects were what I expected, and although I think carefully made models and composites, followed a digital touch-up are better than straight CGI, I can't complain really.
Routh was passable as Superman, kinda annoying as Clark, but I've seen worse. Bosworth was okay. Langella was actually kind of a let down, I expected the best Perry White ever and got window dressing. It's more the screenplay's fault than his though. Jimmy Olsen seriously needs to go away, he was only ever a gag, a one-trick pony, that at first drew a few chuckles, then groans, then I wanted to throw my giant soda at the screen.
The soundtrack included mostly bastardized versions of already familiar tunes, that were sometimes in the wrong places, "Krypton's Theme" didn't need to play in the Daily Planet offices. The sound-effects themselves were well done, though the DVD release will require some serious hardware to equal the thunderings of the theater experience. A word of advice to future Spielbergs: Loud does not equal good. I actually attended a real theatrical screening of the 2001 release of the first film, and the soundtrack as played at that theater was clean, crisp, and didn't leave a ringing in my ears afterwards.
I actually feel insulted by the way the movie played out, do they think I'm stupid? Odds are if you're here, you've seen the movie and know what happened, so I don't think a spoiler warning is necessary, but skip the next couple of lines if you don't want parts of the movie to ruined for you.
The climax was retarded to no end, there is Kryptonite everywhere we look, and Superman seems to be doing alright. Folks, a little yellow sunlight isn't going to counter that much Green K, it doesn't work that way, and as has been demonstrated time and time again, a little goes a long way, and he has it embedded in his body! He should be dead! It doesn't really get much worse than that, although there are a few that come kinda close. Let's assume for a moment that the whole "let's make a new continent" thing would actually entice people to live there (humans are mostly fond of natural landscapes, preferably with vegitation of some kind), Kryptonite is harmful to humans over prolonged periods of time. It's the equivalent of building your house over a radium deposite, probably won't hurt you much at first, but it adds up rather quickly (maybe that's why Lex said "Billions" would die). Jason's whole "fragile" thing was kinda pointless too, Clark Kent was never sick or allergic to anything growing up, even his half-human offspring would be pretty resilient, some Chinese Food is probably not going to hurt him.
This one is going to draw some ire since we are talking about a movie about a guy who regularly defies the rules of physics, but am I the only one who thought the way they space shuttle/777 disaster played out was pushing it? Most notably the way the 777 remained mostly intact, when stresses like that would have sheared it apart, and what about damage to the landing gear on the Shuttle when Superman used his heat vision?

Well I am truly disappointed, I tried to be open minded going it, I tried so hard to not let any earlier feelings I had affect my enjoyment of the movie, I even avoided all the reviews and commercials, but it has to be said: This is a black chapter in Superman's Legacy.
unknownsoldier on June 28, 2006 5:24am EST
afriend - you make me laugh......go see the new garfield movie,
InspectahACE on June 28, 2006 5:24am EST
breathtaking...i actually had a tear appear every now and then cuz of the homages and just the sheer greatness this movie really was...i was havin too much fun watchin it the time flew by and didnt seem long...i want more...
InspectahACE on June 28, 2006 5:25am EST
oh yea....i may call in from work to watch it againsmiley why not
batman980 on June 28, 2006 5:26am EST
First off, these comments are coming from a not so die-hard Superman fan. The only Supe references from my upbringings were the Christopher Reeve movies and the ocassional Superfriends or Justice League. With that said here is my take....

This movie was good. I give it a 7 out of 10. Better than X-Men 2 but not better than either Spiderman's or BATMAN BEGINS.

Great! Although, there is a point where too many effects can ruin the product. The plane scene was cool, however the floating around supe did kind of make it look obvious that it was all digital. I guess the biggest mistake is shoving CGI down everyone's throats.

He was pretty good. I think he pulled off Clark nicely. There were a couple of seconds that I thought I was watching Superman I or II. Meaning, Routh definitely gave me the feeling I was watching Christopher Reeve again. As Superman though, Routh didn't carry the show. Again, the effects, and not Routh's acting, put the "Super" in superman.

First off I think Kevin Spacey is a hell of an actor. But, I think he was restricted when it came to playing Lex. He wasn't witty "Hackman" Lex, nor was he ruthless "Rosenbaum" Lex....Spacey was somewhere in the middle. I'd rather he was one of the two extremes. All in all, I think Spacey's aura redeems this ambivalence.

This girl has got to go. The only quality of Lois Lane I saw in her, is when she has her dialogues (or lack thereof) with Clark Kent. On the other hand, I could not get my eyes of that forehead. She was not worth the money they paid her.

For those He-Man fans out there....yeah I was hopin Perry White would want to take over Metropolis, like Skeletor wanted to take over Eternia....I think Skeletor, BY FAR, is the best screen villain I have ever seen (only second to Jack "The Joker" Nicholson)

Yeah hello....illegitimate kid over here!!! I think another person said it nicely that Superman should probably think about being a dad rather than just "being around!"

Why do all of Lex Luthor's women end up fallin for Superman?!?!?! First Ms. Tessmacher and now Kitty...Lex has got to pick better, more ruthless and non-hormonal, women....maybe set up interviews and assess each women's proclivity toward Superman or the male gender for that matter

Kind of seems that someone played the lottery with each cut scene and that determined the order of the movie. In other words, the movie had no flow to it. I hope Singer and company do a little better with continuity next time.

I liked the fly-by....but didn't Reeve smile in them (or was that Superman 2?) ...........With Lex's boat gettin hit by that land mass, I almost had a Titanic flashback............

MOST IMPORTANTLY, speaking from a true cynic and perfectionist.......I wish one of these on-screen villains be it Lex Luthor, or any other villain would just stop and take a second to guarantee that the hero is dead.....don't just let him fall over a cliff and plummet into the ocean....(but of course that would never happen because the good guy always wins)

well I believe thats it....for a person that is not a die-hard Superman fan I give it one thumb up (worth seeing once and then moving on to something else)
batman980 on June 28, 2006 5:31am EST
By the way this movie did not have to be 2 AND A HALF HOURS to get the point across

Drex on June 28, 2006 5:59am EST
Bryan Singer was at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood for the 10 pm show. When the titles smeared out someone shouted out "Get it right Singer" and the crowd went wild. Lots of fans there and it was lots of fun. I enjoyed the film but guess expected more. I liked the kid twist and was surprised and hope they do more with it in the future. Loved all the acting, it was well cast. The super suit looked great. I liked the boots, kind of Jim Lee style. As for the story, well kind of a continuation to the idea from the first movie which is OK but we could of punched it up a bit. It was almost, Star Wars has a death star and so does Jedi. OK we've done Lex Luthor, lets add some more great villians from the Superman DC universe, like Brainiac, Darkseid, Parasite, Metallo, Bizarro, etc. Lets put a few or more in future movies. They've done it the Batman movies and the Spider-man movies which part 3s trailer showed before this movie and they had Venom and Sandman in that one. I do have a feeling that Superman Returns 2 will be a lot better just like Donner did. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy it a lot but there are 60 plus years of stories and ideas in the Superman universe that are just waiting to hit the big screen. Right now I would say that Bruce Timm is the only one that has gotten it right with the TV versions of Superman Batman and Justice League. I will go see it again in 3-D IMAX.
mont-el on June 28, 2006 6:08am EST
its a perfrect film for all superman fans... for all of us... everything worked wonderfully!!!

ofcourse this is the perspective of a fan who have no great expectations about the film, we knew that it is more of a love story than an action, that it pays homage than creating its own legacy... so with all this,
... all the foundations have been laid...
... all the essentials and all the fundamentals have been sent...
i guest its all fair to say " mr. bryan singer we'll be expecting more next time " and " go get that spidey "
Super Patriot on June 28, 2006 6:19am EST
While I have a few gripes, this movie is easily the best movie I have ever seen. It owes a lot to the first Superman movie (which is still my favorite), but it is even better because the effects have caught up with the hero. The cast is top-notch and Singer weaves his magic again as director. This is now my second-favorite Superhero movie, sanwiched between Superman I and II, with X-men 2 close behind. I know many of you like Spider-man 2 better, but I feel that it was only successful and good because many elements were stolen from Superman: the Spider emblem reveal, losing the powers and coming back in time to save the world, revealing the secret identity (and stopping a train????? seriously...Spidey stops a train????). Does this all scream Superman II? Did no one else see the similarities. Anyway, I can't wait to see this in IMAX 3D instead of the regular screening that I saw last night. I hope this does a phenomenal box office. I wan't more!!!!
captflick on June 28, 2006 6:48am EST
This movie did exactly what it needed to do. It took a break from reality. I found myself so caught up in it that it over whelmed me. I stayed up most of the night thinking about it. Everything from the story line, to the actors, to the special effects were incredible. The man of steel is back and better than ever. Thank you Bryan Singer and all who brought this version to the big screen. Can't wait for the next one!
Dskalel on June 28, 2006 7:13am EST
This movie was all I hoped for and more. It's too bad that not everyone agrees. That won't change my feelings about it.smiley
charliehorse43 on June 28, 2006 8:01am EST
I loved it. Great movie. I went with two of my Nephews who are not Superman fans and they both liked it. If you go to it and don't like it walk out and ask for your money back. Why sit thou a movie your not injoying.smiley
Mr Maczaps on June 28, 2006 8:08am EST
great movie. could care less about the superkid plot. i wasnt old enough to see Superman 2 when it first came out but i know that there seemed to be no real need for the kid to be there. Superman is supposed to stand for better things than to have a kid and not know for 5 years or be there at all. to go all high and mighty, yes Superman should not have a kid and not be hitched to Lois. great action, but harsh flow, plot not so hot. Spacey as Lex, fantastic. D@mn near killed me to watch supes get his @$$ handed to him... and i can almost understand Super-stalker-Man but then again, he could have used his xray & telescopic vision from up high in the sky to check in on Lois.

Dont get me wrong, i will be seeing it again at least 2 more times and i did enjoy it, but we should have gotten to see more of CK as Kal on the farm with Martha and definately should have seen even in glimpses, the return to the dead planet Krypton. the book was far better and i did expect more from a so called 'fan of superman'... even tho i belive it was said on some video that he never collected comics...

nuff said. it gets placement behind S1 & S2, Batman Begins kicked its @$$ and good night, i'll be around...
Dskalel on June 28, 2006 8:09am EST
In fact, letting someone else's opinion change yours is a little ridiculous. So if you don't like the movie, just say so. Don't try to tell others that they are of low intelligence because they loved it.smiley
bungi43 on June 28, 2006 8:16am EST
Not sure how many of you will actually read this, but as a lifelong Superman fan...I thought this movie was Fantastic. Singer did an excellent job, and I loved how it paid Homage to Donner and Superman 1. Routh was EXCELLENT as Clark/Superman, and the rest of the cast fit the bill perfectly.

A little more Clark in the movie would've been great...and I still don't know how I feel about that kid...but it does make for a good tie in to S2
SuperVaso on June 28, 2006 8:16am EST
I haven't seen the movie ... but now most about it, by reading all the comments ...

From what I read thus far I think that this movie was made for everybody, not just for action fans, or romance fans ... so if one goes only seaching for action, he (or she) will be disapointed...

I got to say that the storyline does sound kind of simple (too simple) , but i guess i see if it is or not smiley
Im always around on June 28, 2006 8:21am EST
First off, I'm not sure how many of you are actually going to read this, so this might be a little mundane and crazy.

EXCELLENT JOB! I enjoyed his performance wholeheartdly. His rendition of superman is the epitomy of today. Before I go any further he is NOT Christopher Reeves and he never will be but he did a fantastic job paying tribute to him. The end scene was classic, by far my favorite, but Superman smiles at the Camera!!!!
All in all he's a 10.

Come on, she wasn't believable as lois lane from the get go. Tell her to stick to the Beaches in "Blue Crush" before she tries to take on her role as the iconic Lois Lane.

Perry White
Good Job!

Jimmy Olsen
Couldn't have asked for more from him

The jury is still out on this one. No one has ever had the fortitiude to take on the issue of Superman-Lois Love child. So I'm not sure if I like this aspect or not, but I think it gave it great themeatic quality to this movie

Kevin Spacey/Lex
GREAT JOB! A +! 5 Stars, 10 out of 10, I couldn't have given this actor better kudos for this movie. The only thing I would say is there were parts where he jumped right out of character, and would acted just plain silly, reference "Let's get out of here." He lost his coolness with just being a plain whimp!

It's a Superman movie my friends, it's been 19 years since the last one was made, some of you weren't even born yet. Admire it for the photography, admire it for the acting, admire it for the story, admire it simply because you are true superman fan and in so doing you realize that something is better than nothing, and that Christopher Reeve's Spirit was rekindled with Brandon Routh. And that superman lives on in all our hearts and it is up to us to Support it! I personally will probably go see it another three or four times, just to see what I missed.

My fellow Fans,
Superman isn't about him anymore it's about we all see in him, and how we can aspire to be better people. So take that rejuventation with you to work today, tomorrow and the next, bring it to your kids, your neighbors, and your loved ones.

I know this has droned on for quite sometime, but any guy that dresses up like Clark Kent for the premier only to turn into superman at the start of the movie has an idea what he was talking about.

Truth, Justice and "all that stuff,"
James Tucci
Im always around on June 28, 2006 8:27am EST
PS anyone know the actual line Superman says to Jason at the end of the movie while Jason is sleeping?
Im always around on June 28, 2006 8:29am EST
OH YEAH! I stayed for the entire credits and didn't see a dedication, what's up with that? if someone could mail me and let me know I missed, I'm going again tonight.
jimmyskullz on June 28, 2006 8:34am EST
I thought it was AWESOME!!! I can't wait for the next!! GREAT WORK!!!!!smiley
kalelfan1978 on June 28, 2006 8:35am EST
WOW. I have been waiting on this for years. I was impressed but there definately need to be more plot development. However, Singer is a master at super heroes. I can't wait for more. One thing, when the camera panned back from Kitty and Lex, that island looked like the shape of Australia on a map. I guess Lex finally got that little piece of real estate. Great MOVIE. Supes is back.;)
superman4eva82 on June 28, 2006 8:44am EST
I loved this movie. Very Deep and the story makes sense. A true Superman movie. For all those haters out there, dont make stupid comments about the movie cuz ya know the Man of Steel is better than Spider-Man. Not against Spider-man he's a great character and the 2 movies were amazing, but there were carbon copies of the first 2 Superman movie. Anyway for all the members of this site. GO WATCH THE MOVIE. ITS GREAT.
CK Eric 19 on June 28, 2006 8:50am EST
I've already posted, but after a night's sleep on it, I woke up completely incensed.


Mr. Singer, please repeat after me...

Particularly ones who kill people with pianos! Great shades of Elvis!!!

I guess he didn't see the Lois and Clark episode "Chip Off the Old Clark."

The rest of the world may have given up on those kind of values, but Superman never should. So much for that small-town, mid-western farm boy idealism. For me, this one detail will forever keep the movie from being great. Even Margot Kidder mentioned in an interview on the "Look, Up in the Sky" documentary that in hindsight Lois and Clark should have never slept together in Superman II.
miccgil88 on June 28, 2006 8:54am EST
I thought the movie rocked. Routh rocked, Spacey rocked, Bosworth rocked. I hated the idea of the kid before the movie, and i'm still not sure how I feel about the concept of the kid... but the kid himself I've grown to like.

The only downer was that I was affraid that the movie dragged a little bit at the end. To me it was great, the movie could have continued all night and I wouldnt care, but to somebody not so interested... i dont know. A

Anyway I give it an 11 out of 10. AWESOME! Amazing to all the cast and crew, and Congradulations to Brandon Routh... THE new Superman.
BlackKryptonite on June 28, 2006 9:04am EST
well.. if anyone doesn't understand why the kid seems so "fragile" and is allergic to a lot of stuff? etc?.... ever think that maybe that it's lois's way of disguising him? almost like a version of clark kent at the daily planet?
Daniel McIntosh on June 28, 2006 9:07am EST
Very good but not great. The film suffered in two main areas. Editing and musical score, both chores were essentially left for one man to do. Routh was fantastic, he certainly did chris reeve the ultimate homage. I was sorry that there were so many things that were cut in the movie and othere sequences were over extended. Superman is certainly back! As John Williams said on the Superman DVD, there be other pictures but none will quite get it as right as the first movie. I love the intro to the movie. There were a coupole of issues with the science of the movie, but overall enjoyable. I want to see it again when I don't have a stomach wog and can endure the 2.5 hrs better!
JoeyP21 on June 28, 2006 9:09am EST
well.. if anyone doesn't understand why the kid seems so "fragile" and is allergic to a lot of stuff? etc?.... ever think that maybe that it's lois's way of disguising him? almost like a version of clark kent at the daily planet?

i got the impression that the kid was allergic and frigile because he was 1/2 human, 1/2 kryptonian...like the mix in totally different genes would make him more suceptable(spelling?) to illness

thats just one view i had on that situation
hurley711 on June 28, 2006 9:12am EST
The landmass grew all the way to Metropolis when Lex first hatched the crystal, yet when SUpes lifts it in the air it's only a landmass out in the water? Continuity error?
Carapulcra on June 28, 2006 9:13am EST
Hey guys .......
I just watched the movie yesterday in the Imax theatre in Palisades NY, the movie started at 1030pm , I got there at 745pm and there was already people waiting online , there were Clark kents everywhere, guys with capes and a lot of Superman tshirts.
The movie was awesome with special effects but I did not like that twist with the little one, Routh did an excellent job as Clark, Lois needs more acting lessons and Spacey , excellent .
I liked the movie , it was like watching Superman I and parts of II but overall 9 out of 10..

I guess the twist is just to go ahead and make a Superman Returns AGAIN .smiley
hurley711 on June 28, 2006 9:13am EST
Since when is Metroplois next to the water? Is this a New York version of Metropolis again? If it is I'm fine with that, it justs wasn't addressed
SuperBatmanGuy on June 28, 2006 9:20am EST
Just saw Superman Returns yesterday and I felt like I was 9 years old again! I'm so glad that Superman has returned. 10 out of 10! Superman Returns has a LOT of heart. I think that's the most important form of praise you can give this type of film. In the superman universe these characters live and breathe and feel and it's completely believable in that context. I don't believe we've ever seen a more "human" Superman than what excellent newcomer Brandon Routh has provided for us.

In the post Matrix age when everyone is running around in black leather and living in a grungy every man for himself world its a breath of fresh air to see...a flash of color in the sky and to know that somewhere in fantasy land there still exists a true hero that is exuberant about truth, justice, the American way and isn't ashamed to show moral courage and virtue.

To the nitpickers who bemoan the holes in continuity, the ambiguity of historical cannon, the size of superman's S, etc etc etc etc, I'd just like to remind them that we're talking about a guy who flies and wears tights. Either enjoy the fantasy or go find something useful to complain about.

I consider Superman Returns to be a love-letter to the child in all of us who still look to the sky from time to time and dream that a man can fly. smiley
celenor on June 28, 2006 9:20am EST
I walked away completel shocked. While it was a Superman film, it was not the film that I had wanted.

Brandon Routh was amazing. He completly took the Role of both Superman and Clark Kent and made it his own. Routh IS Superman,m and he is phenominal!

Kate Bosworth was a fantastic Lois. She is gorgous and a wonderful actress. Her character had more depth then Margot Kidder's and just seemed more real.

Kevin Spacey was a good Luthor. I feel that the best Luthor out there was the Luthor from the TAS or from Smallville. These Luthors are calm, cool, always in control, and POWERFUL. Hackman's (and somewhat Spacey's) Luthor are more pre-crisis. I have grown up with post-crisis Luthor and that is what I wanted to see in the film. Along with Luthor is Parker Posy. Her Kitty is just like Miss Tesmacher. Miss Tesmacher was alright for the first 2 films, but I didn't want another one in this one. Her character was almost unessecary.

Sam Huntington and Frank Langella are great. They well cast and add a good layer (albiet is a small one) to the film. I wish that we could have seen more of them, especially Jimmy.

The effects were unbeleviable! They were amazing and truly showed what Superman has the power to do and to be like never before.

The final aspect of the movie to discuss is Jason. I believe that Superman is a moral compass to all people. He is set to a standard higher than all people. He is a guiding light. In the movie he has a child with Lois out of wedlock. An illegetimate child. That does not fit in with the Superman character. I hated the fact that in Superman II Lois slept with Superman because it does not fit in with my moral opinion of Superman, but now they took that and multiplied it by 1oo thousand by adding Jason. Don't get me wrng, the kid was a great actor (musch better than Jake Lloyd - Anakin) but I HATE that he was there. The entire movie I was pleading that this kid was not Superman's. In the end Superman accepts him as his own, but there is a small glimmer of hope that he in not his (it was not stated in the movie that Superman's son, only very strongly hinted).

I was a great film minus Jason. Luthor could have been better, but I respect the drawback to Hackman's Luthor. Not the film that I had waited for as long as I could remember though.
martymcfiero on June 28, 2006 9:37am EST
A wonderfull film with tremendous heart and soul. beautifully photographed. This movie has several truely eyepoping action scenes but it is the quieter "human" moments that realy work. Appreciated the dedication to Chris and Dana Reeve in the credits. My only negative is having to wait 3 years for the next one!smiley
stephstein on June 28, 2006 9:44am EST
What a wonderful tribute to the legend... and I LOVED the music. Brandon was perfect. He was able to show a terrific range of emotion. My heart went out to the man of steel.smiley
celenor on June 28, 2006 9:44am EST
The film was wonderful in places. When Lois first saw Superman again after the plain I was literally breathless, it was that amazing and powerful.

When Lex and his men were dragging Superman around and beating him, and he was fighting just to stand up, I had watery eyes and a lump in my throat, it was that gripping.

When Superman told the kid what his father had told him, my heart broke. Superman of all people should not have been one to father an illegetmate child. He is held above that and should (and does) stand for something higher, not that! I had not seen any spoilers or anytrhing of the sort before the movie and was crushed when I found out that Lois had had a child. The only child that should be had in that relationship is one between a MARRIED Lois and Clark. The movie was great except for the kid.
starkal on June 28, 2006 10:03am EST
Totally the best, loved all of it. Luthor really did a great villan in this movie. On many occasions it was toatlly breath taking, the special effects were awsome. Loved it that the cape kept flying around, looked real smiley.
The only downside is that Superman needs a bigger "S" on his chest.... oh well maybe next movie smiley
ponch_23 on June 28, 2006 10:21am EST
Great Great Great Movie! Bryan Singer and all should be very proud of themselves for such an AWESOME achievement. I can't wait to see it again and again. Superman has once again proved , without a shadow of a doubt, that he is the greatest Superhero of all time.:
jimmyskullz on June 28, 2006 10:29am EST
Every person has their own "interpratation" of the Superman story.. The child out of wed-lock? who
's standards does that not fit? in todays world that is a every day thing.. Does every body forget the Superman of the 40's and 50's era.. The Women!, Racial events in storys... Would that fit in todays standards? I think the movie could start a whole new era? Just my opinion...
jrs1980 on June 28, 2006 10:29am EST
I don't know what I can say about this movie. Words can not describe the feeling I got when the theme started, the credits rolled, and the action started. It was amazing.
sbeamish on June 28, 2006 10:39am EST
A lot of people seem to be somewhat upset that Supes and Lois had sex in Superman II but they're absolutely incensed that sex can lead to pregnancy. Take it up with Nature, folks.

I agree that Superman is a moral compass, but what's so immoral about making love to your soul mate? Remember, it was inferred that Clark and Lois were "sexually active" in the comics a full three years BEFORE Superman: The Movie was released. (Yes, Silver Age Clark was having adult relations: in a story in which he discovers that his powers disappear whenever he's dressed as CK.)

Obviously Superman is not going to walk (or fly) out of Jason's life. I'm not good at deciphering "poetic" speech patterns, but his life will be seen through Jason's eyes. He will be there. He will impact on the boy's life. He will teach him.

Jason's life will be seen through Kal's eyes. Jason's existence will enrich his own and embellish his accomplishments.

Now, the fact that Supes and Jason are both guilty of inadvertent manslaughter is something else again. I guess this is Singer's way of making our hero edgier and more real.

Jason's deed was, of course, an accident. Supes' was pretty much unavoidable, though, I suspect, the comic book Superman would have found some wonderful, impossible way out of it.

Hey, it was either risk Lex, Kitty, Lex's thugs and the dog or watch America be destroyed.

I'm not sure I like what this says about our hero.

I do know that, on an emotional level, I really like this movie.
daft_punk on June 28, 2006 10:41am EST
Not sure if any of you have mentioned it, or even noticed the few minor flaws in the film.. YES, there are SOME bits touching on the superman 1 and 2 theme.. making the characters know eachother, ie. Lois' and Clark/Superman sleeping together.. BUT Superman wiped Lois' memory at the end of Superman 2. So did she not wake up one morning pregnant, wondering how and why.. ESPECIALLY asking herself WHEN did I sleep with Superman?
Dynduo on June 28, 2006 10:41am EST
"I believe that Superman is a moral compass to all people. He is set to a standard higher than all people. He is a guiding light. In the movie he has a child with Lois out of wedlock. An illegetimate child. That does not fit in with the Superman character. I hated the fact that in Superman II Lois slept with Superman because it does not fit in with my moral opinion of Superman," celenor

You guys need to remember that Superman is'nt Jesus. He is an alien from another planet who makes mistakes like everyone else.

It seems to me that this particular plot point is having a "Da Vinci code effect" on alot of people.
KryptonCow on June 28, 2006 10:46am EST
This movie is phenomenal! I went to see it last night at the 10 pm show, and I"m seeing it again this afternoon at an IMAX theatre. All I can say is that I was completely blown away by this film from the very beginning all the way till the very end. The story, the new actors, the action, the special effects,..

I can't express right now with words all the joy I felt watching this film, but I just wanted to stop by and say that it was everything and more than what I was waiting for from the beginning of this year till last night right before the movie started. Now I feel happy to see it again in 3d later today smiley .

Anyways, for me, Superman Returns was a very special movie-going experience, and now I can't wait till the next Superman film comes out in 2009. Yay Superman!!!
swright on June 28, 2006 10:51am EST
I loved this movie. I'm not going to repeat what everyone else said about why they loved it, because it's the same for me too.

A couple of thoughts.....

My only problem with the movie was the music. I mean the first time we see Clark Kent tear his shirt open to reveal the suit is a Superman theme no brainer. Yet they didn't play it. That makes no sense.

You can tell how cutting the krypton footage altered the pacing of the movie, and if they had more time after they cut it to fine tune it, it probably would have flowed a bit better.

About the kid....For all those that are so against Superman having a kid, did you believe that while Lois and Clark were married in the comics that they never had sex? Why can't Superman have sex if he can do it safely. He has the same desires we do, so what's the problem? I actually liked the kid, and in no way do I think Superman is going to be an absentee father in the sequels. Hell he'll probably be up this kids but all the time to make sure he is safe.

I got the impression that he wasn't sick, that maybe when he gets excited he can't control himself so he needs to take the inhaler to calm himself down. Remember his reaction when he realised that Clark was Superman? And after the piano incident he didn't need the inhaler because he released what was building up inside of him.

I can see why people are saying it's not as good as the first. I mean you are never going to recapture that magic that we saw when most of us were kids. It's just not going to happen.

I can't wait for the sequel.

PS. Whoever posted that nobody made a sound during the plane sequence is full of it. I was in a packed theatre that was running the movie on 4 screens(all of which were sold out), and in my theatre people went nuts and clapped through almost the entire scene. Especially after his flying is safe comment.
SuperClerk on June 28, 2006 10:54am EST
Here it goes... The world has been divided. Those who liked the movie and those who didn't. Another battle is about to rage and I feel this one could turn out uglier than the "Changes to the Suit" one.

I liked the flick. I personally thought that the movie was great and rivaled the first one.
Brandon Routh was Superman in this movie and I think the right choice was made in the casting. I also liked Lois. And Lex was great in this flick. A lot of the lines he had gave me chills.

I would like to go into more detail but I'll save that for the forums later tonight. Instead I'm going to make a few comments about what people have been saying up above.

On the whole kid killing the guy and Superman having some responsibility for the deaths of the goons on New Krypton Island... some were shocked and outraged by this. So my understanding is that you folks think it was cool for Superman to kill Zod in part two. He also let the other two die as well due to the fact he didn't try and save them when they fell into the pit. Or did you guys think it was sort of a jail? That maybe he throws some food down there once in a while...

On the kid... while I don't think having sex out of marriage is cool I thought Lois getting a kid out of the whole thing was a look at what happens when you don't use protection. It happens. For those of you calling Superman a dead beat? He didn't know he had a kid when he left. And maybe telling the five year old he's the son of Superman isn't the best idea in the world... Kids tend to blab that kind of stuff. Plus it seems there are a few people on this site that are experts in the biology of alien life forms and its mating effects with the human race... where did you guys go to school? Or do you work at Area 51?

The lifting of the island? He had to do it. Billions were going to die if he didn't. He said goodbye to Lois because he didn't think he was going to live through it. He used all his strength to rid the world of that thing and all you guys can do is complain about it.

But as I said, the world is divided now. Singer couldn't please us all. But I'm happy and I see so far there are more of us on this side then there are of the others.

See you guys in the forum where this battle will truly begin.

Superman has returned...
DougEl on June 28, 2006 10:55am EST
I thought the movie was beyond amazing. I saw it last night in downtown Denver at 10pm; and then when that got out I snuck into the midnight showing--just in time for the plane rescue! I can't think of a single thing about the movie that I didn't absolutely love--from the opening, to the two Jimmys in the bar, to the delightful way the soundtrack wove in themes from John Williams' score, to the fourth-wall-break at the end that made me cry (just a li'l). I can't wait for tonight and IMAX 3-D!smiley
hurley711 on June 28, 2006 10:58am EST
SUperclerk you are wrong on one thing. The part where you stated Zod died, and the other 2. In extended DVD versions they DO NOT DIE. They are shown being taken away by police after SUpes turns them in. Gay? Yes. But it was cut from the final film and never shown in theaters. So he didn't really kill them. YOur other points I kinda agree with, you have a good take on it.
nickphilips on June 28, 2006 11:10am EST
I remember anxiously waiting in line to see the first movie when I was nine years old. I somehow missed the line last night but was still just as anxious. When the music started and I saw the opening credits came on, I was nine again. It was a wonderful feeling.
This was a much more emotional film. The emphasis being on the characters as much as, if not more than on the action. That's what makes me love this film so much. My favorite scene by far was when Superman was in Jason's bedroom and talking to him while he slept. Hearing him say those words to Jason as they were said to him. Wow. Powerful stuff. Very touching.
My only disappointment, if you could call it that, was that there wasn't more time spent at the farm with Ma. I would have loved to see those scenes. But that's what DVD's are for.
We saw the Super, but we also got to see the man. I loved it.
super2391 on June 28, 2006 11:17am EST
Well what can I say but FREAKING AWSOME!!!!!!! This was what I have waited for my whole 26 years on this earth for. The only draw back was the kid which I knew about going in but I just hope they go somewhere really good with it. What I would hope for is that maybe in the second one if they do decide to go with a "Death" storyline, maybe lex somehow creates some kind of creature that can handle Superman and somehow Jason gets thrown into the mix and is killed, thus sending Superman over the edge into a dark place we have never seen him go before in a movie. That way we deal with the child and get some great acting from Brandon Routh.
nickphilips on June 28, 2006 11:20am EST
Just a quick addition. I was reading some post and saw some comments about Superman letting Lex's goons die. Personally, I liked it. It brought to mind Action number 1, and the tough "you're not fighting a woman now" character that he was. He didn't kill them, they suffered the consequences of their actions.
nelhs_superman on June 28, 2006 11:21am EST
Just a thought.....I read Jeff Bridges review after I got back last night

he made the comment that they never actually "prove" that Jason is Superman's son...yes they hint here and there but we nver actaully see him do anything....thye just show that everyone thinks he is SUperman's kid

I wonder if they made it like this to see what the fan reaction would be before they decide where to go with that storyline in the next one

I don't like this "twist" because superman does not have illegitimate children....and why wa Lois so calm about it if she doesn't remember making the kid with Superman
kalsec on June 28, 2006 11:30am EST
Superman "wiped Lois's memory" at the end of Superman II. Yep, I remember that. When I first saw it on the big screen at age 10, I thought it was dumb. An amnesia kiss? This is the type of thing that makes critics not take superhero movies seriously.

So, now, since S II is the backstory, does that mean Lois does or doesn't remember their night together? Did she only forget that Superman is Clark? She definitely knows that the kid is his.

I am sitting here in 2006 after waiting so long for a Superman movie that was of the caliber of Batman Begins or Spider-Man -- and I'm wondering about the exact effects of the "amnesia kiss."

Thanks a lot, Bryan Singer. I wish someone would give me an amnesia kiss so that I could forget seeing such a dumb storyline.
whatchel on June 28, 2006 11:39am EST
I am done on the message boards here. I will read the news but that is it.

Seeing the movie tonight can't wait.
jrs1980 on June 28, 2006 11:41am EST
I wanted to kill the people who decided to sit behind me in the theater, kick the seat, talk, answer their phone and crunch on every snack ever made... does that make me edgy? If so... SWEET!
SuperSpeed9x on June 28, 2006 11:43am EST
First day, first show - hearing the Superman theme in the theater sent chills up my spine, and felt a little light-headed for a few seconds. That feeling was exacerbated once the movie ended. What an INCREDIBLE, SPECTACULAR, SENSATIONAL, MAGNIFICENT movie. If this is the way Superman Returns, then I can't wait to see what happens when he stays. The story, characters, relationships, and special effects were perfectly molded together to generate this hearfelt, true to origin epic, one I'm sure will become a mega-blockbuster and blow Spider-man's opening weekend sales to smitherenes. The portrayal of Superman's true character, the fact that he is and always will be an outsider to everyone on earth, and how he chooses to be altruistic in order to deal with that kind of loneliness, is one of the most astonishing plots of the film. But of course, the special effects, every other movie has to hold a candle up to Superman Returns - those scenes were mind-blowing. This movie made you feel like there really is a Superman in our world, in our own NYC, and not just in some fantasy land. Can't wait to see this movie again, and again, and again...! Thank you to everyone who worked on this movie and revived the Superman franchise and served the fanbase diligently.
SuperDoug on June 28, 2006 11:45am EST
great movie...loved all the references..I'm pretty open-minded so the kid thing went ok with me, I think they handeled it well. I noticed that just from pictures we've seen they must have cut a lot of stuff out...I'm hoping we get a director's cut dvd. And I will definately go see it again.
OmarAsuperman on June 28, 2006 11:46am EST
First off, the movie was amazing. I felt like a kid on Christmas. That being said, my chums and I were thinking about the Jason thing. We deduced that maybe he really is richard's kid, but when Lex held the K cylinder up to him it gave him the powers....maybe temporarily, or A la Smallville...trauma+K=possible super powers. Either way I went in thinking I was gonna hate the kid thing, I loved it...I loved it all. smiley
ddpickens on June 28, 2006 11:50am EST
Saw the movie last night. I thought it was the greatest thing I have ever seen. One thing that people need to realize is that, yes, while Superman is the imbodiment of virtue and morality, he has tried all his life to be human. Having a son doesn't bother me. With the movie being as long as it was, and I wish that it lasted the entire night, they didn't have the time to really get into that portion of the plot, and for continuity reasons, they needed to leave some things unsaid. For those that think Lois wasn't spunky enough, she is still feeling betrayed and left, why wouldn't she seem cold and depressed and not her spunky, go-get 'em self? I think all of the actors portrayed their characters GREAT!!!

Being of a younger age, 24, I wasn't able to see any of the movies in the theater, but have the collection on DVD and watch them every time I can, but I can honestly say that this is the greatest Superman movie ever. Christopher Reeve was magnificent as Superman, but Brandon Routh is now my man. Maybe it is because I can relate more with him being the age that I am. Please don't hate me for saying this.

Bryan Singer, you did a wonderful job. I still collect the comics and have all of the Fleischer cartoons, and must say that I absolutely loved the picture of Superman holding the car above his head in the Action #1 pose.

I don't have the words to describe how much I loved this movie. I will go bankrupt watching it over and over again.

Can't wait for the DVD with the extras, and will be dying until the next one comes out.

Thanks again for all of the hard work putting this masterpiece together!smiley
Supermoe1972 on June 28, 2006 11:53am EST
I loved it and I want more.smiley
Superman1976 on June 28, 2006 11:56am EST

Hi Guys,
I'm going to see it tonight. Is there anything I should wait for at the end of the credits like X-Men III?
supermama6 on June 28, 2006 11:56am EST
This movie was AWesome!! To you nay sayers, whatever!! I was one of the lucky ones who saw Superman:The Movie in theaters back in the 70's (yes I am older than most of you and I am mom to 6 kids one being a 15yr old) & I fell in love with Chris Reeve as Superman back then and I love Brandon Routh now as him!!! I am a die hard Superman fan and I will be until I 4/ever!

The movie had its cluttered moments but I know that future ones will probably get a lot better. I truly looked forward to future movies!!

You ROCK Brandon!!!!
amc-kal-el on June 28, 2006 12:01pm EST
Seriously, all these comments and no one cares about the "Dog eating another Dog" thing.smiley

Can someone explain to me how "...and the FATHER BECOMES THE SON" I understand how a son becomes the father, but that part I'm a bit stuck on. I never really thought of it until today. ?????????

RONNYRON5000 on June 28, 2006 12:13pm EST
Where to begin, this movie had me at hello. Everyone that knows me, knows that SUPERMAN RETURNS means a little more to me than just the average Joe. I've been reading the comic books on and off since the late 70s, around the same time the now legenadary SUPERMAN : THE MOVIE starring the then unknown Christoper Reeve was released. 3 sequels followed and ended that run of films in 1987.

Fast forward to 2006, several re-writes and a revolving door of directors and actors attached to a fifth SUPERMAN film have come and gone, budgets have been blown out of the water and Christopher Reeve has sadly passed away.

Bryan Singer, fresh off to runaway X-MEN films gets the director's chair and casts a new unknown actor - Brandon Routh in the role of THE MAN of STEEL - the first and greatest super-hero in history, an American icon and a household name around the world.

Having seen the 2 and a half hour epic, I have to say this, Brandon's voice, mannerisms and presence are at times so Chris Reeve like, it's almost scary. He does an amazing job, both as alter ego Clark Kent, and as SUPERMAN.

The rest of the cast are also good, Kate Bosworth as LOIS LANE is probably not as tough (as Margot Kidder's version in the previous films) nor as sassy as Erica Durance's portrayal in the TV series "Smallville", but she does have a bit more emotional range. Kevin Spacey as LEX LUTHOR is a much less comical and much more maniacal villain than the previous Gene Hackman role of the 70s and 80s, but it's all about SUPERMAN! and I can't say enough about Brandon Routh who had some HUGE boots to fill and does exceptionally well.

The Special FX are obviously light years ahead of the originals and there are some absolutely breath-taking scenes in the movie, from start to finish. This is a well crafted film, not just a run of the mill super-hero film, but something more, something special and it is very faithful and respectful to the earlier films. It can be seen as a great continuation or as a seperate entity and perfect jumping on point for old and new fans and at the end of the day, there's something for everyone - ACTION/ADVENTURE, ROMANCE and just a great reason to go the movies.This is without a doubt - a BIG screen experience.

I don't want to give too much away storywise, suffice to say, the SUPERMAN franchise is back and the Last Son of Krypton's legacy is in safe hands.

9 out of 10, because there's always room for improvement.

Dobie on June 28, 2006 12:24pm EST
I have read a lot comments that seem to be fine with the idea of Superman having an illegitimate child. While I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I cannot agree. Yes, having children out of the confines of a serious, committed relationship is a fact of life today. I don't dispute that, though I think we would all live in a better world if I could. But Superman is supposed to be better than we are. He is supposed to be the paragon of virtue, the ideal we should all aspire to even if we can never achieve it. He is often referred to as the world's biggest boy scout. We are talking about a being that still thinks that things are "swell" and gives a speech about the statistical safety of flying and be completely serious. I cannot mesh that being with a man that has a child out of wedlock, that upon finding out he has a son stops by to repeat a sappy speech and then leaves with a "I'll be around". Jor-El might have been satisfied, but Pa Kent would have outraged.
Lex Luth-OR on June 28, 2006 12:30pm EST
Freakin Sweet. The best of them all IMHO! I will probably see it three more times before Monday. Rought was nearly perfect as Superman, and PERFECT AS CLARK. Bosworth, was ho'kay she didn't really scream LOIS but didn't pull me out either. The Kid, that kinda bothered me, but I got over it quick. SPACE AWESOME. THE MOVIE ROCKED!!! Better than any other Superhero movie I've seen.smiley
kakotan on June 28, 2006 12:31pm EST
This is by far the best Superman movie ever made, it is the best superhero movie ever made and a great movie over all. Everyone needs to see this movie and I think to many ppl that have had negative remarks are this way cause they had high hopes for something differant. And its about time that the man of steel gets a gift like Singer gave himsmiley

I plan to go see this another 4 times.
greatn on June 28, 2006 12:33pm EST
Dobie, I wouldn't really even have a problem with Superman having a kid out of wedlock if it was from a commited relationship at least, but in this case it is a one night stand. I just don't see Superman as a person to have one night stands.
hollywoodmatt on June 28, 2006 12:34pm EST
I've waited for this movie as many of you have since the Man of Steel left the big screen. Upon seeing it, I feel justified in thinking that all good things are worth waiting for. This was truly one of the best movies I have ever witnessed, and I'm not just saying that because of my love for Superman. The performances were amazing, the plot was perfect, and Bryan Singer has made us believe again that a man can fly.smiley
Mjh88 on June 28, 2006 12:38pm EST
It was incredible. The acting and story were both superb and exceeded the original (which I thought was impossible) in many places. I will be seeing it again today and many more times before it leaves theaters. smiley
Jaysexy on June 28, 2006 12:39pm EST
Superman1976 on June 28, 2006 12:39pm EST
I haven't seen it yet, (I will tonight) but since we are all Superman Freaks here, I know I'll love it.

Ready to get MAD!!
Check out what MTV's Kurt Loder had to say about SR.
Mjh88 on June 28, 2006 12:41pm EST
Oh yeah, P.S. The whole theater was cheering when the title music played at 10 at night. We were all super excited and you could feel it throughout the whole room. When you aren't with many other fans, you tend to feel that you yourself is the biggest. Last night put things into perspective, and caused the realization that there are other people like me out there.
HulkSmashNow on June 28, 2006 12:42pm EST
I enjoyed it very much...but more than anything, it just whetted my appetite for more, especially a real, knockdown drag-out fight with a new villain (Brainiac, Mongul, or Darkseid, etc.) As for the Son of Superman, this is an interesting plot development to explore, but it shouldn't overshadow Superman and his heroics. We've waited nearly twenty years for Superman's cinematic return, and I think we're all just wanting more!
cj-kent on June 28, 2006 12:44pm EST
I found it to be quite surprising. A good story and great action! The FX were superb. Numerous clifthangers left me eager for a sequel. The cast was spot-on and the music was just phenomenal. This is the must-see movie of the summer, nay, smiley
whatchel on June 28, 2006 12:44pm EST
Kurt Loder is an old fossil anyway.
Clark_SC8 on June 28, 2006 12:57pm EST
I THOUGH THE MOVIE WAS GREAT i saw it on IMAX 3D, great story line, after seein the others movie, like batman, i thought they were going more serious with the DC COMICS series, but i enjoyed the laughter in the movie, OVERALL GREAT
clippergod on June 28, 2006 1:09pm EST
a total HOME RUN!! saw it on imax and it was a beautiful thing.smiley
tben859596 on June 28, 2006 1:10pm EST
First and foremost let me preface this by saying that I havent seen the movie yet. I have enjoyed the arguments unfolding here on this site and I wanted to just give everyone my two cents.

One thing both sides, the lovers and the haters, need to realize is that everyone has a different connection to this character. Some have only really seen the television shows and or movies not really having much vested while others, myself included, have spent many years with this character in books and comic books as well as the movies and various shows. Im not going to lie, Im a comic book purist and the changes Singer is making do infuriate me but I will give him a chance because hes trying to appeal to the masses. Singer has stated on countless occasions that hes never read comics so how can I go in expecting this man to even begin to capture this character? In the end, the masses will always win out when it comes to Hollywood. It doesnt make it right but its a fact.
superj on June 28, 2006 1:16pm EST
Madd Beast!!!!!!!!!!
returns 06 on June 28, 2006 1:21pm EST
wake the neighbors tell your kids tell your wife tell your husband tell everyone superman is back!!!!!!! smiley
Yousef on June 28, 2006 2:15pm EST
Been a lifelong Superman fan. Loved the first 2 films, thought 3rd was alright simply b/c of Clark Kent vs. Superman scene, and 4th was pretty crappy. Never really watched Smallville, looks too OC-ish.

So what do I think of this movie?

PROS: Musical score is awesome, acting is good, effects are amazing, airplane rescue scene was very rousing, many nice references to old films, also had much of the same wit as the Donner films, the romance triangle + kid is radical idea but very interesting and will make audiences more intrigued. Only thing is it might distract from genuine Lois/Clark relationship and make it more Lois/Clark/Jason oriented, but if done right, it might add more dimension to the former.

CONS: Pacing was a bit off as it felt slow at times (Singer was trying too hard to make audiences feel awed at the mere sight of Superman), ending was a bit anti-climactic (Superman just found out he has a kid and all he can say to Lois is 'I'll see you around'? Pretty stilted dialogue like this at times.) Plus, Lois's memory of having had any kind of intimate relationship with Superman/Clark was wiped out at the end of Superman II, so that's weird she accepted the idea of a love child so quickly. While acting is good, there does seem to be lack of chemistry between Lois and Superman, probably b/c they made Lois less of an in your face,
reporter (Margot Kidder had more 'pizzaz' as Ebert put it, which
is very true). The guy who originally played Perry White also was much more lively and animated, even in his limited role.

To be fair, many of those questions raised in CONS will probably be addressed in the next movie in more detail. I really enjoyed the movie. It has all the ingredients (great ideas, great acting, great effects) but I thought it wasn't as cohesive and flowing as X2 or Batman Begins. The film was great, but I have to admit when I came out the cinema, I felt it lacked some things the first two Superman films had that made them great.I find it a bit odd that if the studio was OK for the movie to have so much reverence, respect, and similarity to the Donner films, why not just bring back Donner? This wasn't a reinvention of the franchise as much as it was a renewal and you might as well continue with what worked really well, especially since he created the franchise. Personally, I think Donner might have meshed out these flaws much more gracefully than Singer did.

One thing that made Batman Begins (and even X2 to a lesser extent) so successful was adapting elements from Comic Book story arcs, such as Year One, Dark Victory, and even Dark Knight Returns. Here, they regurgitate the Superman 1 idea of Luthor creating new real estate for himself at the cost of many lives (albeit with Kryptonian technology). They could have gone with more interesting stuff from the comics, such as Luthor becoming President of the United States (that would have been an excellent idea, exploring how Superman must deal with Luthor in the political arena). Kingdom Come is my favorite comic book story arc and explores similar themes (although in a different time frame) of Superman returning after a long absence. In that story arc, they showed a public divided on Superman being in their lives and how governments are wary of what he represents. This movie only superficially explored this, simply mentioning Lois's article "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman" instead of truly exploring it. That would have been real drama! Superman confronting a divided population who don't immediately cheer his return and a government (headed by Luthor) who are cautious of Superman's god-like role in human affairs and how Supes shows the world why he is needed.

Nevertheless, it's a worthy sequel to the first two Superman films. One thing that can be rest assured now is Routh is Superman and the reborn franchise has a good start and can hopefully go places.
Superman52 on June 28, 2006 2:25pm EST
I walked out of that theatre feeling that this was the greatest movie I had ever seen.
Leonard57 on June 28, 2006 2:28pm EST
"The son becomes the father and the father...the son."

We know Jor-El says this when he places Kal-El in the rocket ship in STM. In Donner's version of SM II, he says it again or evokes it again when he restores SM's powers in II (this supposedly is a Brando scene that was cut out of Lester's version).

In Donner's II, Jor-El sacrifices his "existence" as a holographic energy source in order to use that energy to restore SM's powers. Mankiewicz described this as a suicide scene that evokes God touching Adam.

Also, Jor-El supposedly indicates that this "energy transference" from father to son is a fulfillment of an old Kryptonian prophecy.

"The father becomes the son."

Obviously, there's Christian symbolism in it and circle of life type imagery.

It was a very powerful way to link the two movies too. Hopefully, this scene will be on the new SM II DVD this fall.
Stranger56 on June 28, 2006 2:29pm EST
OK, saw the movie last night, and I really enjoyed it. I will say, though, that the first 20 minutes or so were a little slow, but once you get past that, and Clark rips that shirt open for the first time, the movie takes off!

The flying sequences, and the action segments are very well done, and keep you on the edge of your seat. Brandon Routh is terrific in his dual role, as Clark and Superman. His Clark Kent is almost an homage to Christopher Reeve..in fact, much of the film is an homage to the Reeve films, as the Superman character delivers, almost verbatim, some dialogue taken from the script of the original 1978 film. The audience last night, filled with fans who couldn't wait for today's official opening, got these inside jokes, and showed appreciation for the appearances of Jack Larsen and Noel Neill, from the George Reeves TV Series.

Kate Bosworth, as Lois Lane, was a far different Lois from Margot Kidder's, but then again Bosworth's Lois was left high and dry by the Man of Steel, so she was forced to go on with her life, which meant a long term relationship with the nephew of Editor Perry White, as well as a young son. Bosworth's anger came across as real, as did her still burning love for Superman.

Kevin Spacey, in my opinion, steals the film, as Lex Luthor, criminal mastermind. His over-the-top performance is brilliant, providing our hero with an evil, frightening, yet funny nemesis. From his opening scene, where he milks a dying, elderly lady (Neill) out of her fortune, to the savage beating he lays upon Supie (with the help of Kryptonite, of course), Spacey gives us one of the best screen villains in years.

All in all, Superman Returns is a winner, unlike anything you've ever seen technologically, and a lot like what you've been waiting for, if you're a fan of the last son of Krypton. Kudos to Director Bryan Singer for loving this character so much that he's made a film that we can all love.

Superman Returns.....and it was worth the wait.

And by the way, in the closing credits, there WAS absolutely a dedication to Christopher and Dana Reeve.
monkeywrench67 on June 28, 2006 2:29pm EST
A "compiiment sandwich" - I loved it, of course, but I tend to agree with JasonSpidey. And, I don't think it's going to appeal to a large audience. I think it is ASWESOME for what it is - a movie for Superman fans. I went to the 10PM show and there were a lot of other Super Nerds there, and when the movie was over - no applause or anything. Nobody really talked about it on the way out except for one guy who remarked how boring it was. Man, Routh was really channeling Chris Reeve. He did a remarkable job.
NickNasty on June 28, 2006 2:30pm EST
Nevertheless, it's a worthy sequel to the first two Superman films. One thing that can be rest assured now is Routh is Superman and the reborn franchise has a good start and can hopefully go places.

pretty much my thoughts exactly...

this movie is the rightful sequel to the Donner films, all the characterizations are almost identitcal and the score might have well have been Williams. So as part of the already-existing film franchise, it was great-and the scene at the end was extremely powerful.smiley

OTOH, I'd hope in the future that the cast is able to make the roles thieir own a little more, instead of being stuck forever in the 'Donnerverse'-taking more cues from the comics wouldnt be such a terrible thing....and can we please get another villain from Superman's rogues gallery in the next one? It's time for Brainiac to come alive on the big screen!smiley

overall though, it's the most ive enjoyed a film in a very long time-Singer, ya did good.
Supermanosteel on June 28, 2006 2:37pm EST
Ok. So the movie was awesome and the special effects blew my mind but I got a few things to discuss.

The first was the sups kid. Did he actually throw the piano or did the ship just shift and it rolled across the room? You never see him throw it. I guess I didn't know he had supersperm. The idea is growing on me but I'm not sure yet. smiley

Another thing is Lois. Kate Bosworth didn't remind me of Lois and all I could think of the whole movie was the chic from Batman Begins. Bosworth didn't give Lois the spark that we have grown to love. smiley

The only thing that I didn't like about the suit was the fact that it was made of rubber. Especially the cape. It reminded me of something that Batman should have worn. The cape was too dark and didn't really match the rest of the costume. Although it still gave me goosebumps when you first see Clark rip open his shirt.

Raising the "New Krypton." - Anyone who has read the book knows what he was going threw while lifting that thing. I read the book before going to see the movie and knew that if that was included in the movie it would be huge and it was. I was blown away. The book gives us a better idea of what he was feeling.

Kevin Spacey gave me goosebumps too. I think he played an amazing Luthor. I had flashbacks of the original movies. His manuerisms were identical. Nobody in Hollywood could have better represented him.

So overall it was a great movie and I can't wait to see how the kid thing develops into the sequels. smiley
Kal-El 1227 on June 28, 2006 2:52pm EST
That movie was amazing the special effects were awesome im seeing it again at 3 i went to the premiere last night and didnt even blinkif you want a movie thats worth every penny this is it
Jor-ElKal-El on June 28, 2006 2:52pm EST
Why did Singer remove the subplot, of Superman wondering if the world still needs him, and him questioning if he should or shouldn't be Superman, question himself about putting the suit on?
SuperTrolley on June 28, 2006 2:53pm EST
I agree with someone who at the top of this page said they were absolutely thrilled and yet disappointed at the same time. IT WAS GREAT seeing Superman in action. I just would laugh out of pure fanboy giddyness when he would rescue somebody.

The "Lois Lane" in my life was late to the movie and I got her in just before the opening so I was a little out of breath from running when the opening credits ran. I almost passed out. I just wanted to cry/laugh/scream at the same time.

This movie had soooo much to offer. But something just didn't feel right. The editing seemed a little odd at times and I noticed certain scenes that I've seen online missing.

Lex and Superman had about 7 minutes on screen together, that needs to be at least tripled for any future films. Its like they're were two different story lines that happened to interact eventually. And I know we all know Lex and Superman's history, it just felt like we needed more.

More Martha Kent would be good.

I bought everyone in their various roles from seeing the trailer except Lois. Kate didn't seem to do it for me in the trailer. But then the first time we see her in this movie and she is at the press confrence on the plane throwing questions out, I was like SHE IS LOIS! But then the whole "mommy" thing came into play. Lois Lane is not a mommy. It's not in her character for her to have someone so dependent on her such as a child, and i think that's why we had such a hard time buying Kate as Lois, because she wasn't the Lois we were used to. She was Lois if she had a kid.

Which raises my biggest complaint with the movie! THE KID. I have been afraid since i heard there was a kid in the movei that it would be Superman's but Singer is always talking about how you have to be true to the character that has been around since 1938. Well he screwed up here. Since 1938 Superman has never had a kid. There is a reason for that.

It adds a whole new dimension to who Superman is, just as being a father adds to any man. Now it is a unique aspect that would be interesting to explore with Superman. He would be a great dad. But not like this. Not out of wedlock. And no freakin Super Power please. Its one thing to be a husband and drop everything to go be Superman, but you can't really drop being a father to go stop a volcano etc...

I have a lot more to say but there are a lot of comments on here so i dont think anyone will read this but i say a good movie but not great.

IT will never rate anywhere near SUPERMAN THE MOVIE mostly b/c it just used a lot of the same script. Which as a fanboy i love and apriciate the effort but it seemed as if they were trying to do it too hard and too long.

I am always around

weird and creepysmiley
SuperTrolley on June 28, 2006 3:00pm EST
I notice some people saying they didn't see the dedication to Chris Reeve...it was there.

I stayed for the whole credits (waiting for the real movie to come on) and i believe it was after the Cast

"Dedicated to Christopher AND Dana Reeve" I dont remember if that's an exact quote...it was 1a.m. and some fat guy was blocking my view
MatchesMalone on June 28, 2006 3:05pm EST
Let me just say that tben859596 is right about the very different takes we all have on the Man of Steel. Also correct about how difficult it is for those of us reading this stuff throught the years. I'm only 29, but I've been reading comics and buying merchandise for a little while. Like most of you I've supported this characters media image and helped make it possible for them to consider making another film.
I thought the shuttle rescue was one of the single best Superman images I've ever seen. Right behind Alex Ross' reawakening of Superman a la Kingdom Come and subsequent titles.
I do not care about moral interpretations of having kids out of wedlock, or even the notion of a LOVE'M AND LEAVE'M Superman. (This sounds wrong but it is possible as Singer presents it for Superman to be a victim of circumstances)

He loves Lois, and actually wants to have a family with her, but now must live with the fact that he made a mistake (thinking he could be with her as a regular guy and husband when for obvious reasons he can't) and must love his son from afar.

All that works well enough for me as far as random storytelling goes, but Superman now has what appears to be his own child. He is capable of making babies and making them by mistake. Because despite his love for Lois and the unfortunate circumstances that made their physical love oh so brief, Jason was at best unplanned and at worst, given Supes current relationship with Lois a mistake.
It's hard for some of us to picture him making that sort of mistake. I think it's very humanizing but denotes a recklessness in The Man of Steel most of us never considered before.
He still loves Lois, and could certainly make that same mistake again fathering another child he can't ever acknowledge to the public. ---NOT MORALLY WRONG--- Just a completely different Superman.
I think a little less boyscout. He manages to call up his strength and not kiss a woman who he knows to be in a seriously relationship with what seems at the time to be the father of her child; But just barely.

This isn't necessarily bad, but a real departure for some of us. We're fans, butwe got a little more of a struggle to reconcile the character we've been reading about with this selfless but less rigid version of the First among Superheros.

The only real problem I have with this one plot point is this.
"As for the Son of Superman, this is an interesting plot development to explore, but it shouldn't overshadow Superman and his heroics" - HulkSmashNow

It does. It's just to soapoperatic not to.

Long live Kal El last son of krypton-
barryfreiman on June 28, 2006 3:07pm EST
mikeoutcastkalel on June 28, 2006 3:15pm EST
I thought this movie was excellent, we have too remeber this is a superman movie. Not batman, not spiderman, not x-men,,, this movie needs to be able to stand on its own within the patheon of Superman Lore before anything else. I think that it acheieved this.

As far as him having a son,, while at first i was uneasy with this notion,,, after thought my only concerns were 1: this portion of the film at the end did slow things down a little bit after a big climax. 2:Superman creeping in your bedroom while your asleep,,didnt seem like a superman trait. But after thought having a son made sense,, symbolically and also for further continuity.
1.Son born of mother who is human and father almost a god. Raised by mother and human father. this is a classic mythological story. Also this works cause even as the child grows and matures in his powers,, he will have a built in secret identity as Jason White. For all the rest of the world knows he is lois and Richards son. I mean if the kids drawing of superman, mommy and dad,, didnt speak volumes i dont know what else does.
2. Also it gives superman part of that longing of not being completely alone. You can say he has his mother, and lois, and jimmy etc.. but none of those are his blood. This boy takes some of that lonliness away.

this isnt really a point but it almost seemed to me as if the kyrptonite that luthor waved in Jason's face actually triggered the powers almost if it awaked the kryptonian dna within him.

I think we should assume that he has battled General zod,,,,but as we know that doesnt stop him from returning,, doesnt the phantom zone trapp the essence of a person or something.

I thought the movie was great, worked well,, my only real criticism would be of some of the action sequences,, it seemed as though the camera was too close to the action making it a blut,,, which maybe was what singer was going for.

As far as for a sequel,, people say brainac, or doomsday,,,

I say Metallo,,,,,,you say how could they do that?
simple you have a young billionare CEO of tech company named John Corbin, a young daring athletic man who has raised him self to CEO,, working with a brillant robotic toy designer named Winslow Schott\ aka Toyman they develop a line of Super Robots\(maybe even superman robots) there goal they would say would be too make metropolis safe and elevate superman being in Metropolsis so that he could help the rest of the world. Corbin discovers he has a rare disease,, he makes the toyman build him a robotic body,,he then transfers himself to the new body,, which is made out of a space age metal provided by cadmus called Metallo. Following the transfer Corbin loses what mind had left and decides to use the robots to take over Meteropolis his reasoning is that having power means using it,,that now with this indestructible body the rest of humanity is inferior.He will bring order to chaos,, After realizing that superman will try and stop and him and a incident where his power cell almost dies,, he decides he needs a new power source,, so he visits a newly rescued Lex Luthor at rykers island maxium security prison, to inquire if lex has any ideas,,, Lex directs him to a safe deposit box,which has a small fragment of kyrptonite in it. Which Corbin and schott grow into a much larger piece of synthetic K which becomes his new power source and his ultimate defense against superman......... you could have a huge battle at the end between a crazed kryptonite powered metallo battling superman in the streets of Metropolis,, a hugh battle like we have never seen,,,,Metallo could be battle damaged with skin hanging off realving the machine underneath......
I started writting a treatment,, but,, thought nothing would come of it...

I think this idea makes for a great superman movie,,, a huge one on one fight,,smiley
goodasgold on June 28, 2006 3:15pm EST
Loved the movie! Great comments coming in as well from fellow Superman fans. I agree that this wasn't the ultimate Superman movie it could have been. But it is a great beginning for what could be a long lasting movie franchise.

The one element it was missing for me was an epic battle. I liked his fight with Luthor's thugs when his powers were severely drained, but I would have loved to see him fight someone or something with strength comparable to his own.

But everthing else in this movie for me worked wonderfully. Great job to SInger and company.
mikeoutcastkalel on June 28, 2006 3:21pm EST
two corrections,,

I meant the camera was to close and it was a blur,,,

and to add to the idea,,of the sequel, after metallo is defeated we find out that two people are buying up all the stock in his bankrupted corporation,,,,,,,,Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor(under a fake company of course.)This sets up crossover possibilites,,,

ok so im dork,, i will go now
Dennis Maloney on June 28, 2006 3:40pm EST
Just got back from a surprisingly empty noon showing at my local theater but I loved the movie. The cast was excellent, I thought Routh did a great job without copying Christopher Reeve. When those credits started and I heard John Williams' music I teared up a bit (during the plane rescue too). I loved all the little dialogue lifts from the first movie and Singer's copy of the flying into space shot at the end. I will definitely see the movie again this weekend and possibly a few more times before the DVD release. 9 out of 10smiley
Leonard57 on June 28, 2006 3:42pm EST
Thought Bosworth was fine for this version of Lois. If you don't like her portrayal, I think you have to blame the script. I thought the chemistry w/ Routh was good.

Still don't know if I like where they're going with the superkid. Why would Supie give the kid the Jor-El blessing speech at the end if he wasn't 100% sure it was his son? To me that scene was supposed to erase any doubt that it was his kid.

I agree with others, it would have been more meaningful, if the Reeve dedication was at the beginning.

I think losing the Ma Kent scenes where she counsels Clark during his soul searching did hurt the movie. Without those scenes, you don't feel the extent to which he's struggling w/ his re-entry as a hero and how triumphant he is when he saves the plane. Also, with the voice of Jor-El peppered throughout the movie, it felt like there needed to be some sort of representation of the Kents influence on his character and his becoming SM. These two sides of his upbringing were represented very well in STM.

Oh well. Don't know what else they could have cut besides the controversial peeping tom scene and parts of the drawn-out coma sequence.
scu85 on June 28, 2006 3:46pm EST
Just Saw the movie cant say nothing but wow better than i thought it was gonna be
The Superman on June 28, 2006 3:47pm EST
Best. Movie. Ever.
bk9net on June 28, 2006 3:49pm EST
Overall, a terrific movie. A shame that Lex's best moments were telegraphed in the trailers. The Superkid storyline gave me trouble at first, but it is a sort of natural extension of the Lois-Superman tete a tete in SUPERMAN II, and may make sense. Still, I wonder how they'll deal with that in any sequels.

I'm hoping Brainiac; the team of Brainiac and Luthor; and/or the teaming of Superman and Batman - show up in the sequel.smiley
jgiannantoni05 on June 28, 2006 3:51pm EST
On the whole kid killing the guy and Superman having some responsibility for the deaths of the goons on New Krypton Island... some were shocked and outraged by this. So my understanding is that you folks think it was cool for Superman to kill Zod in part two.

I believe in the Donner version, their deaths were not intended, and I think the Donner version coming out soon is supposed to change the ending deaths. Some may be aware of this already.
Lead on June 28, 2006 3:54pm EST
I saw the movie last night at 10:00 pm, and I still cannot get over how good it was. The story was good, the casting was amazing, and the special effects were excellent. I really liked the way the heat vision looked. If it was a bright solid color it would look silly, so I liked it being transparent. IMO, this blows any Marvel movie out of the water. Great job Singer and everyone who made the movie. VERY well done.
S_83 on June 28, 2006 3:55pm EST
I LOVED iT!!!!!!! Specially the new superman he is sooooo HOT;)
Pravus on June 28, 2006 3:59pm EST
I didn't notice any yellow wristbands, I looked for them as people came into the theater, it wasn't too difficult: the theater was barely over half full for the first area showing.
salinasea on June 28, 2006 4:17pm EST
Great Movie--not perfect. But for those who are overly-criticizing it....consider that Superman: The Movie had a lot of "campy and cheesy" moments that deserved heavy criticism--even though it was still a good movie. Oh, and lets not forget the young Superman in Superman: The Movie and how horribly mis-cast he was (he actually looked older than Reeve--and nothing like him). Ned Beatty...please? Luthor's cheesy jokes? Spare me.

Is Superman Returns better? Absolutely. Is it a perfect Superman adaptation? Nope...but no one can ever please everyone.

Enjoy the movie--its awesome. Try not to be too big of a comic-book purist in watching it.
middyseafort on June 28, 2006 4:17pm EST
I saw this movie on Tuesday night on a special sneak peek at a local movie house. My first impression: Superman is back!

Well, not a great movie. It was a good movie. Very entertaining. There were some missteps and missed opportunities. Scenes that should've had more weight were terribly short (the Smallville stuff, the first Lois/Superman meeting) and some were too long and superfulous (the bank robbery).

I would wholeheartedly recommend this movie to anyone. But my biggest disappointment how Clark Kent was truncated in this movie for more scenes with Richard White. The relationships Superman has resonnate all the more with Clark because in the end that's the only way Superman can have a real relationship is through the disguise of a mild-mannered reporter.

I hope to post in-depth critic of the movie soon on my MySpace blog (www.myspace.com/mild_mannered_reporter).

Cheers! Oh... and look up.
SlagleRock on June 28, 2006 4:18pm EST
I haven't been fortunate enough to see this epic yet. I am so anxious, but work is making me wait. I probably won't get to see this movie for another week or so.

Anyway, my point. I have read literally hundreds of reviews of this movie. I think we as true Superman fans expect the ultimate, and many reviews written by true fans would lead me to beilieve that this is the ultimate, surpassing the original, Batman Begins, and the silly little Spider fellow. However, reviews written by movie critics have not been very forgiving. They all highlight the great appearance, and effects, but say there are plot holes.

I will definitely post my thoughts as soon as I see this flick!

If you are reading these reviews like I am and haven't yet seen the movie, don't let the likes of a 70 year old Roger Ebert and his thumb discourage you from seeing your hero fly again!

SlagleRock Out!
mild mannered matt on June 28, 2006 4:29pm EST
I think it was an excellant movie. The only thing I would do different was try to make the pacing quicker. Singer was pushing the whole "love story" aspect and it felt a little strained. Routh is no Chris Reeves, but who is? He was actually really surprisingly good. The suit (which I hated at first) was okay. I could take or leave Louis. Spacey was a good Luthor, you could tell he was having fun. All together a great flick, just needed some scenes shaved. I deny any fan, like or not, to say they didn't get goosebumps when he was flying after the space shuttle!
My rating 7.5/10
goldk on June 28, 2006 4:37pm EST
I saw the movie last night and I kied it. I will definately be buying the DVD. I believe I know what the "lacking" is that some have felt, I felt it too. It's lex's commupence Supes doen't go back and get him, put him back in jail, or have a non powered fight with him. He's just left on the island. As for Supes being a father, lets remember that when that happened he was planning to remain a human, had he know that lois was pregnant he wouldn't have left (I hope) AND lets not forget that Lois is his Mother. She might not want Superman hanging around as daddy. She has a say in it too. And the can always kill him off in the next one. Truthfully I thought that would happen here....
jrk922 on June 28, 2006 4:41pm EST
It was even better then I exspected and I will see it again. This is the best Superman I have seen and hope they continue making them this good. It is a must see fan or not.
akorwatch on June 28, 2006 4:41pm EST
I was 3 years old when I saw Superman The Movie in a drive in NJ. I still remember it to this day and I have been a devoted fan of Superman ever since. In the 28 years since no movie has ever affected me the way the Superman movies have. That is until last night. Superman Returns was incredible. I would put it in a tie with Superman The Movie, if not surpassing it all together as the best Superhero movie EVER! I would without hesitation put it ahead of all the Batman, Spiderman, and X-Men movies. In the first few seconds of the movie I was in geek sensory overload. I had goosebumps over my entire body and had to fight to hold back tears of joy...and that was just because of the opening credits!

Now if I had to pick one thing about this movie to complain about (and this is extremly minor and stretching), it would be during the flashback when Clark is thinking back to when he was a kid. They have him wearing glasses. WHY? He only started wearing glasses to keep his identity a secret when he gets to Metropolis and actually becomes Superman. In the comics, in Superman The Movie, and in Smallville...no glasses as a kid. Like I said extremly minor. Otherwise, I LOVED THIS MOVIE! Action, Acting, and Story were all terrific.
philodoherty on June 28, 2006 4:53pm EST
Its been 20 years of dreaming. Lets go - nothing in my mind will ever top Superman 1. However this movie has a good go at it. If this movie was made with Christopher Reeve when he was younger this may be as good as Superman 2. Definitely better than Superman 3 and 4.

Thats not to say that the new guy in the cape wasnt good - he was really good - really believable as Superman. Kevin Spacey was fantastic, the story was really good and also very emotional. Dont go se it with a killer hangover, it will bring you down. You know what I mean.

It looked incredible on the big screen and that airplane rescue was the highlight of the movie. The audience was cheering like crazy and so was I.

When the opening scene comes on and you hear Krypton music and Brando's voice it sends Goosebumps and the biggest smile I ever had in the movies - I thought I was gonna go insane.

Dont watch any bootlegs and try not to read any spoilers - it'll ruin it for you.

I am gonna go watch it on the IMAX in 3D in a couple of weeks. How amazin is that gonna be.

There is a few criticisms I have on the plot but hell any one who's as much a fan as i am will never think its perfect. What i say in all honesty is that Singer took a dead movie franchise that we all love and brought it back to life in a way no one ever thought would happen. Im glad it wasnt so innovative and im glad it referned the original so many times. I am glad they kept the John Williams Soundtrack. Brian Singer "Good Job"
DRACO-EL on June 28, 2006 4:55pm EST
akorwatch: that is a good complain!!
good observation!!
DRACO-EL on June 28, 2006 4:56pm EST
akorwatch: that is a good complain!!
good observation!!
SuperRicko on June 28, 2006 4:57pm EST
I was geeking out coz they made a couple of reference to the first 2 Superman movies. Especially the intro of the movie. smiley Though I think those were made to compensate for the new stuff they introduced in the movie. But, hey, works for me! smiley

I'm SO gonna watch it again in IMAX. It's worth it. smiley
Buttruffage on June 28, 2006 4:58pm EST
First off, if you don't want spoilers quit opening your presents before Christmas. This thread if for discussion of the thoughts of those who have seen the movie, and nobody's holding anything back.

Loved the movie. It was much better than I'd thought it would be. Best Lex ever. And a very fitting passing of the tights.

However, for all it's greatness it's equally matched with regard to needless mistakes. The stuff with the kid was very good, but made very little sense. Superman had used the crystals to make himself human in Superman 2. So the sperm storming the castle were NOT Kryptonian, they were human. The kid should have no powers at all.

And isn't Lois saying WTF about any of this? Superman took away her memory of the time they spent together. How is she not throwing a major S fit over Superman knocking her up. I don't care how much she loves him, there is no way Lois isn't going to feel violated. She'll be wanting answers.

And what does this say about Zod? If Superman can be human yet still spawn a kryptonian kid, then obviously the effects of reworked DNA are temporary. In which case, Zod would have gotten his powers back and already be ruling the planet by the time Superman got back from Krypton.

And Lex is going to have to be broken out of jail. Lex Luthor detonated a nuclear bomb. A NUCLEAR BOMB!! If there is an exception to every rule, then bet your ass it will apply here. And NO legal technicality will get him out of jail.

This was a very good movie, a fun movie. It did a lot for the character of Superman, broadened him in ways he's never seen outside the comic books. The inconsistent nature of the foundation's back story was, to be perfectly honest, shockingly off color. Detracting a great deal away from the film. None the less, this is a definite DVD purchase. And the film does have great re-watchability.

After 20 years of no screen time, I'll take Superman any way I can get him
Kalel83 on June 28, 2006 5:02pm EST
By far, the best superhero movie ever. I actually thought that this movie would suck. I happily eat my words. This movie was near perfect. Thank God for Bryan Singer.
Hynad on June 28, 2006 5:09pm EST
First, let's start with a one word explanation of how I feel about this movie: WOW!!!

I've seen most superhero movies there is, and my personal favourite until now was Spiderman (the first). But after seeing this movie, I feel that the next superhero movie will have a lot of job to do to beat that one. The special effects are perfect, not once did I thought i'd seen a CG superman. The story is interesting and really well done, even if there are some holes in it that would need to be explained in the (hope it will be soon) sequel. But it didn't bother me at all. Superman having a kid never bothered me. What would bother me is if they get him to be like Superman's side kick or something. I'm okay with him having a child, he certainly deserves it, but that only leads to my only dislike on the movie.

Will we ever get the superman from OUR comic book age? Will we ever see a Lois and Clark married? In the comics, they are married, and still don't have any child. In the movies, they now have a child together, but are not aganged at all..

That's the only thing that bothered me.

But that may be just me. I still think this is the best Superman movie ever (not that the other movies were hard to beat)

I say, at last, a real super Superman movie!!!
mobiuswon on June 28, 2006 5:12pm EST
I was stunned. This movie was awesome. I cannot wait to go see it again!smiley
Buttruffage on June 28, 2006 5:17pm EST
I don't think we were meant to think Zod and crew were killed in 2. They had lost their powers, they were no threat. Killing then would have just been plain vengeance, and Superman isn't about that. True though, when I look back it does look quite final, perhaps it was. Funny, I never once thought of that possibility. And I prefer not to think of it now, that's not who Superman is. I don't accept a Superman who kills, not like that anyway.

As for the thugs who bought the farm on new Krypton, if Superman can't be there for every innocent person. I don't have a problem accepting that he can't be there for every thug. If they'd have been home watching TV, they'd still be alive. Death by poetic justice, it's a thug job hazard.
Supermoe1972 on June 28, 2006 5:17pm EST
Did I mention I loved it. I really do. To all you naysayers, oh well. I hope you find peace and what you are looking for. God bless and peace out.smiley
Supermoe1972 on June 28, 2006 5:18pm EST
Did I mention I loved it. I really do. To all you naysayers, oh well. I hope you find peace and what you are looking for. God bless and peace out.smiley
Supermoe1972 on June 28, 2006 5:19pm EST
Did I mention I loved it. I really do. To all you naysayers, oh well. I hope you find peace and what you are looking for. God bless and peace out.smiley
Buttruffage on June 28, 2006 5:28pm EST
Isn't there a screening of Superman somewhere that Supermoe is suppose to be at? I hear he loves it, he really does!!!
Tony1956 on June 28, 2006 5:31pm EST
I've previously and unequivocally voiced my complete satisfaction with the movie. It's been several days and the movie truly stays with you. There is a haunting quality to the film that still moves me. It would be impossible to make a super-hero film let alone a Superman film that can satisfy everyone. After all film is art and can never be all things to all people. I could nitpick about several things in the movie but the overall quality makes up for it all.
Lastly, in response to akorwatch's comment, I think I have an answer for him. With everything that was left on the cutting room floor, the inclusion of the young Clark sequence seemed superfluous as I watched the film. And the glasses bothered me too., until.....they fell off. It foreshadow's Jason's own array of childhood illnesses. I think think Singer was implying that Clark actually needed those glasses until his vision powers began to kick in. Just as later when Jason doesn't need his inhaler as HIS powers begin to manifest.
Mansana on June 28, 2006 5:34pm EST
This return of Superman is a superb return too much time spent on romance which seems to slow down the story and extend it's length. Brandon Routh is as great as any that have played the role and reminded me of Christopher Reeve. I totally enjoyed this movie from the beginning to the end. I predict this will be a boxoffice buster, maybe not an academy awrad picture but record sales at the theatresmiley
greatn on June 28, 2006 5:35pm EST
Butt, Clark wasn't made human in the second one, he just lost his powers. Just because a kryptonian loses his powers it doesn't make him human.

Also the first two movies are only vaguely canonical. We're supposed to assume that stuff in general similar to those movies occured, but the stuff in the movies didn't actually occur as they did in the movies? Confused? Well, you should be. They were vague enough. Either it is a sequel or it isn't.
kaloshyper on June 28, 2006 5:37pm EST
An ok movie that didn't have the charm, magic or greatness of the first 2. I thought the characters were played stale and lifeless. almost souless as if the writers expected to get by on brand name alone. no one will top chris as supes. the action scenes ruled though, and i felt like a kid everytime i saw supes flying. im a big fan of supes, maybe thats why im a little hard on it.smiley
Gingerman on June 28, 2006 5:42pm EST
Buttruffage on June 28, 2006 5:28pm EST
Isn't there a screening of Superman somewhere that Supermoe is suppose to be at? I hear he loves it, he really does!!!

Funnilly enough there was this guy a row behind me in the cinema muttering, 'I love this.. I really do..' smiley
Gingerman on June 28, 2006 5:44pm EST
.. And, unfortunately, I'm just yanking your chain - haven't seen it yet. In England we have 16 more days to wait. smiley
Superlycan on June 28, 2006 5:49pm EST
Just got back from the movie with my cousin.
Brandon Routh did a remarkable job in the role. However Christopher Reeve is still (and probably will always be) my favorite Superman.

Singer did a great job of keeping Superman just as he always was. A timeless ageless legend and hero.
mrudkin on June 28, 2006 5:52pm EST
I am not sure if this was addressed in a comment above, but didn't Lois and Clark sleep together when he was human (his powers were removed from him) in Superman II? If that is true, the kid should be human, correct? I personally think that the whole kid deal is going to put a bad image on Superman. Anyway, the kid should be 100% human figuring they slept when Clark had his powers removed, correct? Let me know what you all think.

Ps.. I'm going to see the movie again tomorrow!
Gingerman on June 28, 2006 6:03pm EST
Although I've not seen the film, I've read the reviews and the novel.. It is only insinuated that Jasono is the son on Kal-El. In fact, by the sound of it the film goes into more insinuation than the book (which barely touches on it).

From my understanding of how it's portrayed, at no point does anyone say outright that Jason is Kal-El's son. It is left to the viewer to come to their own conclusions.

So, I suppose, in answer to all the poeple offended if Supes has a son.. Singer deliberately left it open to debate.. those that wish to see moral ineptitude will.. others may not care.

I'm guessing he'll be reading the reaction before Jason does anything in the sequel!
barryfreiman on June 28, 2006 6:08pm EST
red solar radiation may have taken the superdude's powers away in #II, but it was still a Kryptonian - albeit one without powers - who got jiggy with Ms. Lane
barryfreiman on June 28, 2006 6:09pm EST
gingerman u need to see the movie - it's different and not open to debate as it's presented there.
garry23rd on June 28, 2006 6:13pm EST
smileyI was pretty impressed with the action, the special effects and the acting. I think Brandon Routh is a great superman. But I was disappointed how the most of the characters in the movie didn't get enough time to do a lot. Like Clark Kent, you only saw him maybe four minutes in the entire film. Superman's son only stood around and starred at people mostly. I know there is a lot of history behind this film from the other movies, but I think there needed to be more time with just each character themselves trying to figure out what they need from the return of superman. It needed to be more like Batman Begins, in terms of character development, each character had a seen by themselves. and Superman returns, didn't seem to slow down and it needed to.
Kal-Element on June 28, 2006 6:18pm EST
I saw it last night and all I can say is this:

schoeneman on June 28, 2006 6:20pm EST
The movie was fantastic. Was it heartbreaking for anyone else when superman was being gang beat? Terrific scene. This movie had a lot of character. There is nothing I disliked about. There's more that I wanted to see, as you all do too, but remember there are two more movies coming!
Kal-Element on June 28, 2006 6:22pm EST
To Gingerman:

They left this key plot line out of the novel for a reason, it's a huge spoiler. If you watch the movie, you will see that in FACT it is Superman's son. In the novel, i'm guessing it doesnt say how the kid throws a piano on a bad guy thats beating Lois up. Which leads you as a reader to wounder "what does Lois whisper to Superman at the hospital?". The last scene in the movie, absolutly 100% guarantees it's Superman's child. You can see it for yourself. Go watch it.
Saint_Michael on June 28, 2006 6:23pm EST
Fantastic movie (special fx and all). By the way if Steve Younis is reading this I would appricate a reply to my email messages I sent.
superman_reborn on June 28, 2006 6:24pm EST
It will definitely beat TITANIC in all time box office
celenor on June 28, 2006 6:32pm EST
First off let me say I am a lifelong fan of Superman, and I went into the movie last night with the highest of hopes. While the movie was phenominal it did lack in places.

I love reading the Superman comics. I have been a fan all of my short 22 years. When I first heard that Superman Returns was going to be built off of the first 2 movies my reaction was bittersweet. I love the first 2 movies, but I love the comics. I kind of wish that Superman would do kind of like Batman and "start fresh" in a world built of of the comics rather than the movies, no disrespect to Reeve or the movies (Reeve is my idlol and the movies are HISTORIC).

The biggest and really only other complaint about the movie (besides the S I and S II vs the comics) is Jason. I hold Superman to a standard higher than everyone. He is a beacon of truth and moral guidepost. Like Dobie said, "... Superman is supposed to be better than we are. He is supposed to be the paragon of virtue, the ideal we should all aspire to even if we can never achieve it." I myself have kept from relations outside of wedlock and am proud of it. Now though, my hero has not only not done what I feel is morally right, but he has produced a child out of it. I may be putting Superman on a pedistal that he shouldn't be put on, but that is what I feel heros are, something to aspire too, something to look to for guidence when you need it.

If you feel my ranting is too much or if it off base please let me know.
Kal-Element on June 28, 2006 6:40pm EST
Superman is 68 years old in our Earth years. It's about time he got a child. In another 70 years, the character will be changed even more so. It would be absolutly retarded if it was the same ol boring story with nothing refreshing for that many years. The man has to evolve. I love the idea of Jason.
rowdyelephant on June 28, 2006 6:49pm EST
I thought this movie was great. I think that Routh did a good job of playing Clark Kent and Superman. It is unfair to expect ANYONE to play it as well as Reeve did or even exactly like he did. What everyone forgets is, no matter who played Superman, nobody would really like him because he was not Christopher Reeve. I think he was great. The casting was great, Kevin Spacey...awesome. Kate Bosworth, she did ok. The way i got to deal with how she was was to just say she matured and calmed down since her wild days in Superman I and II. The kid didn't upset me like I thought it would. It works because of Superman II, and to the comment that Lots of little supermen would be running around in years to come-won't happen, the kid was only made possible by Superman becoming human for that short time in Superman II. Overall, great movie...entertaining, and fun! Enjoy it!smiley
Kryptonic on June 28, 2006 6:51pm EST
I went and saw the first showing today....and I just now got to a computer...all I can say is WOW!!!! I didn't want to leave my seat...I wanted to stay and watch it again immediately afterwards...I've never done that before.

From the opening scene to last I was breathless. It was like I was a child again...I couldn't help but smile when I saw the credits...and heard the music.

I am so glad that my childhood was not raped...and was treated with the respect that it deserved. All I can say is thank you Mr. Singer.
snake21 on June 28, 2006 6:53pm EST
After returning from the movie last night, i must say i wasnt really really happy.
and i agreed with most of the critics with negative reviews
however after deep thought, I have come to think differently
For starters

Jason troubled me
Superman having a kid sounded preposterous, yet they did it or might undo it as it isnt explicitly clear.
People here are outraged at the fact that superman has a kid out of wedlock and so was I
but now i come to realize that when superman and lois did it, he was ready to MARRY HER. He WAS MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER
He gave up being superman for her. But alas as fate would have it the world needed superman
can u believe what he scarificed for US(the world)
He had no choice(well he could have said no but did he )
He took the hardest path
and then he did the amnesia kiss thing(rather stupid) becoz he saw what it was doing to lois, the burden of this truth was too much for her to bare and he couldnt see her in any more pain so he made the ultimate scarifice.
If jason is supermans kid so be it(although he shouldnt have powers as some of the others have pointed out).

People have a problem with superman repeating his fathers words to his son(they say its just a copy of brando & s1). They dont like the fact that he just left with a "I'm always around".

DUDES CANT U GET IT!!! Supes knows that its hard to get lois at this point and doesnt not want to do anything wrong. However he has just found out that he HAS A SON. He is not alone(remember him telling ma kent)
He has someone who would care for him and who he can love.
that is enough to heal all his wounds.
The expression on Brandons face is awesome
a true fathers emotions
mrudkin on June 28, 2006 6:55pm EST
celenor, well said. He's still my hero, but I (and I'm sure I can say US) would all of felt better if the whole scenario did not happen)
snake21 on June 28, 2006 6:58pm EST
This could be a great setback or bryan could manipulate it to create a great story.

Lois certainly didnt look the part. BUT HELL YEA SHE PLAYED it.

to all u naysayers

how can u expect her to be sassy and spunky
dude she has a kid and if she doesnt know how(coz of the kiss) u'd be pretty messed up
the man u thought so much off disappeared after giving u a kid
superman or ordrinary man that calls for a kick up his pants
but its not his fault he did not know

but can u see the trouble she is going thorough she is trying to make sense of it now that he is back
i can totally understand her anger against him

it would be excellent if lois remembers that clark is superman and is actually playing along wondering when clark will confess

that would explain why she has been totally avoiding him
what should she do comeout and say i know ur superman when she knows he doesnt want her to know(just my opinion here)

remember when he met her on the roof top and he said what he said. What did she say so ur here for an interview got her more pissed
that after all that has happened he has come for an interview
sure supes had another idea but he approached it the wrong way
WHSuperman2005 on June 28, 2006 7:00pm EST
Superman was turned to human when he had pre-marital intercourse with Lois in Superman II. That would show that Jason would be 100% human. He is sick so that proves that the kryptonite wouldn't had made him sick. I think that was a dumb idea for the movie but the rest of the movie was great. I think Routh totally beat Reeve as Superman. He looks more like Superman and I guess with everything he was just a better Superman. I still am a bit upset about the kid because girls look up to Lois and boys look up to Superman and they see this and think it is alright. I went to a People Magazine premiere and when Superman was thought to be dying a little kid started crying. That was funny. I just hope that Singer keeps the awesome thing up and makes the second be a blast just like the first and show that Superman is not the father and that maybe Lois will wind up being a future step kid of Lois and Richards kid from a different marriage or something because it never actually says Jason is biologically Lois'. Maybe I am just wishing too hard. LOL...I give the movie thumbs up!
Superman25 on June 28, 2006 7:00pm EST
I had to bite my tongue from really speaking my mind to the naysayers, I enjoyed this film immensely I will go see it again and again, if you appreciate Superman genre all in all you do not question anything, accept it for what it is, not everything is going to go "your way" and I did my part, i showed up in the Superman costume for the movie. Opinions are what they are, and if you read too much into every minute detail, you never enjoy life itself...I feel sorry for you naysayers who can't come to terms to appreciate Superman.

My rating 11 of 10!
Kal-Element on June 28, 2006 7:03pm EST
I don't think she remembers who he is. She found out it was Supes kid inside that ship with the rest of us. Obviously she hooked up with Richard after Superman left, which is why all this time she thought the kid was his. How can she tell him the truth? Richard was a great guy, he helped save Superman. That's why part 2 of the Singer triology is gonna be so intresting.
snake21 on June 28, 2006 7:04pm EST
the music didnt cut it for me, it was damn good but at places where u would expect to hear it , it just wasnt there thus never really felt superman.

the flying was great and superman hovering was great. The way he hoverd off the ledge and did not jump as did reeve(Chris is still the best tho)
and when after stopping the plane when he hovered to the hatch
however someplace were totally cgi visible
and it did not look like a 200 million dollar movie

abt superman lifting the kryptonain style island
well he cut it deep and as the earth fell off he was exposed to kryptonite weakening him, yet he continued to save us he was willing to give up his life
THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE POINT HERE(although it wasnt that good of an idea)
loved the way he fell to the ground
and had to take time to recover just shows how hurt he was
snake21 on June 28, 2006 7:07pm EST
the sequel is definitely going to be interesting.

brandon is good as superman but his clark needs improvemnet
and clark certainly needs more onscreen time

and the next time dont let john ottman handle everything himself
chaabreh on June 28, 2006 7:11pm EST
I am among the working brain-dead today. So so tired after getting home after 1am, then being too wound up to sleep after those beautiful beautiful special effects. The entire movie was eye candy....Kate is very young but beautiful,Brandon was surprisingly more handsome than I thought he would be. The airplane scene was awesome, and Supes flying with Lois over the water (when you see a ripply reflection of the two of them, not yet realizing that they are flying over Metropolis Harbor)....that's every woman's fantasy, being in Superman's arms flying....

They cut too much out of the Smallville stuff IMO. They spent all that time growing corn and building that house and barn in beautiful Tamworth (with a mountainous horzizon, which makes me laugh- just like the TV show Smallville, Kansas has no mountains - I've driven through it - but perhaps in the DC universe it does LOL)- just to cut most of it out of the movie. I know it must be near to impossible to edit a movie - people bitch no matter what you cut...but they should release a version just for us diehards of the entire footage...yes, I'll sit thru 4 hours...I don't care LOL!

In the novel, when Lois is with Lex and he shows her the crystal, she gets a flash of deja-vu. Lex also makes a remark about it being a kind of reunion. In the movie, you don't get the sense that Lois is starting to recall the lovemaking events in the Fortress, but when she whispers to Superman in the hospital, clearly that's what she is saying. Superman had to have heard it from her even though he was apparently unconscious, because he didn't see Jason throw the piano at Brutus nor did he know that he had supervision.....

The sequel, assuming that there will be one, is going to be very tricky business. Does Clark come clean like he did in the comics, because it's obvious that Jason knows that they are one and the same, and he will see him at the Planet all the time. Do we kill Richard off rather than have Lois break it off with him? He was the real hero of the movie. Perhaps they can bring in Chloe Sullivan from Smallville and have him date her to get over Lois. Once he finds out that Jason isn't his son, what will he do??

Wow...you could go in so many directions...good luck to the writers of the sequel....
chaabreh on June 28, 2006 7:11pm EST
I am among the working brain-dead today. So so tired after getting home after 1am, then being too wound up to sleep after those beautiful beautiful special effects. The entire movie was eye candy....Kate is very young but beautiful,Brandon was surprisingly more handsome than I thought he would be. The airplane scene was awesome, and Supes flying with Lois over the water (when you see a ripply reflection of the two of them, not yet realizing that they are flying over Metropolis Harbor)....that's every woman's fantasy, being in Superman's arms flying....

They cut too much out of the Smallville stuff IMO. They spent all that time growing corn and building that house and barn in beautiful Tamworth (with a mountainous horzizon, which makes me laugh- just like the TV show Smallville, Kansas has no mountains - I've driven through it - but perhaps in the DC universe it does LOL)- just to cut most of it out of the movie. I know it must be near to impossible to edit a movie - people bitch no matter what you cut...but they should release a version just for us diehards of the entire footage...yes, I'll sit thru 4 hours...I don't care LOL!

In the novel, when Lois is with Lex and he shows her the crystal, she gets a flash of deja-vu. Lex also makes a remark about it being a kind of reunion. In the movie, you don't get the sense that Lois is starting to recall the lovemaking events in the Fortress, but when she whispers to Superman in the hospital, clearly that's what she is saying. Superman had to have heard it from her even though he was apparently unconscious, because he didn't see Jason throw the piano at Brutus nor did he know that he had supervision.....

The sequel, assuming that there will be one, is going to be very tricky business. Does Clark come clean like he did in the comics, because it's obvious that Jason knows that they are one and the same, and he will see him at the Planet all the time. Do we kill Richard off rather than have Lois break it off with him? He was the real hero of the movie. Perhaps they can bring in Chloe Sullivan from Smallville and have him date her to get over Lois. Once he finds out that Jason isn't his son, what will he do??

Wow...you could go in so many directions...good luck to the writers of the sequel....
snake21 on June 28, 2006 7:19pm EST

WHSuperman2005 on June 28, 2006 7:00pm EST
Superman was turned to human when he had pre-marital intercourse with Lois in Superman II. That would show that Jason would be 100% human.

THO UR BORN AMONG THEM UR NOT ONE OF THEM (or something of the sort)

superman was exposed to rays from the red sun harnessed in that crystal chamber. HIS POWERS WERE TAKEN AWAY, HE DIDNOT AND REPEAT DID NOT BECOME HUMAN.

the kid is half human and has half kryptonian blood

i dont think he will have all his powers and all
not sure that is if he does have powers

just an explanation
Supersayian5 on June 28, 2006 7:23pm EST
OH MY GOD, this is the best movie ever. I knew it was gonna be good when I went to go see it but I had no idea how good it was. First off I'm gonna talk about the special affects. These are far better than anything I've seen in a long time. I mean the flying alone looks so realistic you'de believe that Brandon Routh(The actor playing Superman) actually flew, far better than Neo in the Matrix movies. One sentence, A bullet bounced off his eyeball, 'nuff said. The story was really good. I felt they truly portrayed how people would react to the return of Superman. Kevin was really good as Kevin Spacey. He maybe you almost understand his hatred for Superman. The emotional moments between Superman and Lois are powerfull because you truly feel that she was hurt that he left earth without saying goodbye. On the subject of Lois's son I will not say I leave you to for your own judgements about that but I will say I like where they might be taking it. I do feel that they could have done more with the Character of Martha Kent. I figure if anyone missed Clark/Superman more it was her. There are scenes in the movie that truly shows how powerful the actor's skills are. I would be surprised if this movie did not win best movie award at the Oscars. I realize I sound like a total geek but that's ok. I plan on seeing this movie again(partly cause I have a free ticket lol) and getting it on DVD when it comes out. smiley
Superdoc on June 28, 2006 7:30pm EST
You know...it was almost too good. and in being too good of a movie, it lost a lot of the popcorn summer movie fun that it could've/should've had.
Much of what I love about Superman was dealt with, his internal struggle between what is best for others and what he wants for himself...
his turmoil about not being human, yet still being in love...
it was all great character work...but to be honest, I brought (forced?) a group to come out for it, and I kind of fell like I let them down...
The plane scene was terrific, the CG was phenominal, but it wasn't really a good time at the movies...

Brandon Routh did a great Christopher Reeve... But I was kind of hoping he'd do a great Superman.
the ties to the first should have been fan boy nuggets, not major scenes...that whole monologue in the kid's room... for those who didn't recognize it as Jor-el's message to him, it was just a creepy guy watching a kid sleep...
I did appreciate the Aquaman pj's though...

Overall, as a Superman fan, I have to say I loved it and will want to see it over and over,
as a movie goer, it just wasn't as satisfying as some of the others...
erikbrown on June 28, 2006 7:33pm EST
Went to a sneak preview @ 10 pm last night.
Was very disturbed with the possibility that Jason could be Superman's son, but the circumstances that created Jason (a la Superman II) are questionable, as it seems that this Superman is different than his motion picture predecessors.

I'm more hung-up on the Kryptonite response... and I've been trying to rationalize it out...
1) I think that Superman felt the effects of the Kryptonite when he was flying out there, which negated his ability to recharge in the dim sunlight...
2) Then he turned back to save the city (huge exertion of power)
3) Then he had to save the trio on the Gertrude (huge exertion of lifting a water-logged half-boat out of the ocean)
4) Then without taking a second thought, he flies into the lion's den -- not realizing he's right in the middle of the epicenter of the kryptonite (why else would lex have chosen that location to set up shop?)
5) Lex has a huge chunk of K in his pocket, plus the entire dais Supes ascends is deeply embedded with K... so, Supes is playing a bluff, and hoping he can get away with it. Lex calls his bluff. Supes gets beaten and nearly killed for it.

Look to Superman: The Movie for the same analog --
1) Luthor beckons Superman to find him
2) Superman tracks down Luthor, and then...
2a) He makes a drill into the earth
2smiley He is machine-gunned
2c) He is attempted to be burned alive
2d) He is flash-frozen alive
3) Superman does this underground... no sun, no recharge
4) Lex hangs the rock with the huge, heavy chain on him... instant peril for our favorite superhero

Think of it -- if Superman went fetal everytime he was ever around K, people would instantly see through his Clark disguise if he even accidentally got around K (like at the museum exhibit).

However, because he was prepared for the dead-lift, he could focus on delivering his full power on superstrength+flight while accepting the damaging effects of Kryptonite on him... Sort of like the small woman lifting the car off her child in a moment of duress...

I don't know -- this is the way I'm able to rationalize it... that, plus in the Kingdom Come graphic novel, it mentions that Superman's constant exposure to the Sun has rendered him all but immune to Kryptonite... Perhaps age and maturity grants a certain immunity to K for short periods of time... who knows... thoughts?

Psyche on June 28, 2006 7:37pm EST
I never thought I would say this, but it was FAR too much.

I loved the movie. The entire time I was in love, especially the opening credits, but then I felt my heart start to slip away as they rushed SUPERMAN into a HOSPITAL!!! I tried to go along with it, but alas, it was not to be. If there'd of been a point to it, I would have understood, but there wasn't one. Lois had already gained back her respect and love for Superman, so why write in a 20 min sequence where she thinks he could die?

And yet, I loved the idea of The Death of Superman...

I don't know...I just don't know. Give me a few days. Another showing, even. But as for right now, I feel as some of the others feel (and this just shows our rare fandom); I feel empty.
Capacity_for_Good on June 28, 2006 7:41pm EST
The BEST of the Superman movies. Routh is the new Superman. I think he played the part better than Christopher Reeve. The parts with Kryptonite, Routh did the weakened by Kryptonite better than Reeve did. All Reeve would do is widen his eyes a little and back up a bit. Routh looked like he was dying, (which was good, because that's what Kryptonite should do to Superman.)

And the concept that Jason is Superman's son, I love the idea. I mean, how would Superman react with his son. What kinds of things would he teach a son, besides being a force for good. Plus, it makes for a good story, because Superman knows Jason is his son, and where does that put things with Lois and Richard White, because Lois will eventually have to tell Richard who the real father is.

It'll be cool to see how the sequel will play out, and what kinds of physical and emotional obstacles will come in Superman's way in a sequel? There are so many possibilities of what they could do.

Loved the movie, can't wait to see it again, best movie I've ever seen.
cinemastorm on June 28, 2006 7:45pm EST
Well, here goes.

The whole movie seemed so rushed. A lot of the scenes I was looking forward to aside from Superman's presence were cut out. I wanted to see Ben Hubbard catch Clark without his disguise as we saw in one of the TV spots, but now he's cut. I wanted Lois and Ma Kent to meet, but that was cut, too. Superman burying the ship, his return to Krypton (which I understand due to time contraints). There was just very little build-up in terms of emotion. Things just happened in the moment and I didn't feel anything between Lois and Superman. Everything was told through (not sure if this is possible in film) abeyance. It's good story, but not epic like we were told. I didn't leave the theatre with that 'Wow' feeling.

Superman's "embarking on an epic quest of redemption" wasn't there in the least. Redeemed to Lois, yes. But that's not epic. I wanted him to have to reconcile with humanity, just as we were told that he would have to "find a place in a world that has learned to live without him". I'm glad Singer treated Superman seriously and with dignity, but I wish he would have been able to have a fuller story as well. So many things just weren't tied off that should have been, like Richard White's reaction to Superman's fatherhood.

I will be going to see it again at our Omnimax theatre. It's just not the story we were told it would be.

A sidenote on the kid thing: I am glad Jason is Superman's child. And I believe it is conclusive that Supes is the father. Why? The theory of the piano simply sliding out of place due to the rocking of the boat is erroneous. Nothing else in the room slid like that at that moment. You'd think if a huge piano could move that fast due to a boat rocking then the pool table would have done the same. Jason pushed that piano, and he is Superman's child. As for Jason finding Superman in the water, it seems that he just looked in the right place at the right time. But who knows. The asthma/allergy aspect was a good touch in that he has human frailty with Kryptonian power possibly minus the weakness to kryptonite. That will be a very interesting thing to see. And I don't think Peters had anything to do with the kid. Singer's team wanted to push Superman's story forward with something he's never dealt with.

But I loved certain parts with a total gushing of awe. Supes lifting the island ruled. "Geez!" I exclaimed under my breath, my jaw hanging to the floor. My eyes were glued that whole time. The way Luthor and his thugs brutalized him and Superman's fearful reactions during a time of agonizing helplessness cannot be described in words. The plane rescue was all to short. Superman's recovery seemed too easy, but it would have come across as cheesy if Singer tried to make us believe he'd simply die.

I know I'm being really wishy-washy with my opinions here. I'm just trying to sort out my feelings about this film. And I'm looking forward to what kind of things Harris and Dougherty have in store concerning New Krypton being tossed into space with not only human flesh aboard, but with the crystals being able to adopt the elements around them. With this make a new villain or three?

We'll have just have to wait for a short time until we see the next film in 2009.

I know that I am missing something, as almost all of you loved it (Bridges would then say I probably missed the whole movie). But perhaps it is because I expected a little bit different direction than what they took here. Bryan Singer made his movie in a way that doesn't insult anyone's intelligence. So perhaps the grandiosity and humanity I was hoping would be there was scaled back for this reason. So in that case, this film is indeed the greatest superhero movie ever. I might even buy it on DVD. I dunno. But I am glad so many of you are enjoying it the way you are. This is truly what I really hoped the Superman movie would accomplish. Have a great time in your multiple viewings. smiley
Kal-Eb on June 28, 2006 7:53pm EST
Lets be honest here, this was not the best comic book movie ever made. I understand a lot of you enjoyed it very much, but don't over do it and make people think it was the best ever. In my opinion other comic book movies including Superman: The Movie were far superior to this film. Spacey was great, Routh was great as Superman however, I feel his Clark Kent was in need of something. I think that Chris Reeve did a wonderful job in convincing the world that Superman and Clark Kent were two differnet people. The way he did that was to completely change their personalities. One was strong and confident, while the other was unsure and weak. Routh seemed to get the role of Superman very well, however didn't deliever as much on the part of Clark Kent. I was asked several times by my girlfriend why nobody could put two and two together. Superman is gone for five years, and Clark Kent is gone for five years, yet not nobody can figure out they are one person. Back with the old Donner movie, as well as it sequels (Like them or hate them) Reeve did a much greater job of disguising and distinguishing who he was playing at the time. I think had this movie been made 15 years ago when he was still able to do it, he would have made that question less of a problem.
lovecats on June 28, 2006 8:05pm EST
By far the BEST superhero movie ever made!

Damm right!

I saw it on IMAX and it was AMAZING. Im going to try and see it again this weekend!

Chris Reeve will be missed!


And Brian Singer!! Youre THE MAN.

I truly love it!
andy3169 on June 28, 2006 8:07pm EST
just got back from seeing superman returns one thing to say love it well 2 words. after seeing it on the big screen with 4d its the only way to see it just seeing the backgrounds and the stuff that was from superman one will ake you go see it again
snake21 on June 28, 2006 8:18pm EST
i agree with u kal eb

rouths clark was weak

superman may be back but i'm afraid we shall never see or enjoy clark kent again
Kal-Eb on June 28, 2006 8:23pm EST
Part II,

On Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane, I felt she did a wonderful job in that role. I agree she didn't look the part at all, especially up against the comics. She was too young, har was the wrong color, not the right face for the role, etc. However, she played it very strongly. What most seem to forget is this isn't the same Lane from the Superman 1 & 2 era. She has grown up, and moved on from that. She was still spunky, yet had experienced the worst feeling ever..... HEARTBREAK. Not to mention, super- heartbreak. This is a woman who was in love with the world's only and most fantastic hero that left her without even a goodbye. Bosworth played that feeling very truly.
Hynad on June 28, 2006 8:24pm EST
The only thing that Chris Reeve had that Routh doesn't is the "lady smile"... You know, that smile every woman fell for?

That's the only thing I think Reeve really had special.

For all I know, Routh is doing a better job than Reeve did (please, don't throw any brick at me, lol)

I watched S:TM the night before seeing SR, and man, I though Reeve's acting was not good at all. Especially when he goes to Lois on her balcony for his first interview with her (right before they take off Peter Pan like).

Really, for me, Routh is more Superman than anyone before.
And I grew up with Reeve's Superman just like most of us did.
Krypto-Pop on June 28, 2006 8:29pm EST
Just saw it on the 3-D IMAX Screen. Amazing! Beautiful! The whole end flying sequence was in 3-D, and it was breathtaking!
Krypto-Pop on June 28, 2006 8:30pm EST
I wished there were more Clark Kent scenes.
Kal-Eb on June 28, 2006 8:49pm EST
Not to bash you Hynad, but I feel your comments about Reeve vs. Routh was ludicrous. To say Chris Reeve's smile was the only thing he had up on Routh is crazy. Their portrayals of Superman were similar, however Reeve played him more like he knew what to do in any situation. You could see Suprman on Reeve's face when you looked at him, when I first saw a promo pic of Routh I saw someone trying to look like Reeve being Superman. Don't get me wrong though, out of all the casting choices they had, Routh was by far the best choice, even over Tom Welling.
Hynad on June 28, 2006 9:13pm EST
Kal-Eb: I dont care if you don't agree with my OPINION about Reeve.
When I first saw Reeve, i thought he didnt look strong at all.
now i will rephrase ok Kal-Eb?
TO ME, the ONLY thing SPECIAL with REEVE was hi smile.
TO ME, ROUTH is a better Superman than Reeve was.

It is not a fact, just so Reeve being the best Superman isnt either.

It's an OPINION, nothing more.

Now, sis i not ask not to throw me any bricks?
Kal-Eb on June 28, 2006 9:27pm EST
You obviously care or you woundn't reply. This is a discussion board. So I will discuss, your opinion is ridiculous in my view point.smiley
Buttruffage on June 28, 2006 9:27pm EST
"If you intend to live with a mortal, you must live as a mortal. You must become one of them.", Laura to Kal-El in Superman 2.

Superman had his DNA resequenced and he became human. The kid should not be half Kryptonian, he should be 100% human. But there is no mistaking that piano throw. It wasn't a sudden lurch of the ship, if it had been Lois would have been thrown against the wall. Lois didn't move an inch while a piano shoots into frame at maximum warp.
coinsleight1 on June 28, 2006 9:39pm EST
How about on the next movie, Maury Povich delivers the news. "Superman, you ARE the father!"
Super-Greg on June 28, 2006 9:43pm EST
Superman Returns...I went into this film with many reservations and alot of expectations. This was a very good film..I've seen it twice now and plan to go again on Saturday. There were moment in this film that did take me back to my first encounter with "Superman: The Movie" when I was a child. I genuinely enjoyed this film..but there were a few things that just didn't sit well with me.

1.) The Costume. The MAROON or "muted red" as they have dubbed it really bothered me. Super-speedos..I can live with, smaller S....its okay..it fit his chest, but the MAROON really bothered me. This is Superman not Batman. I understand that the dark colors fit the art style of the film, but Superman looked like "the Bad Superman" of Superman 3. Hopefully on the DVD they'll include an option to have the maroon turn red (doubtful though) or in the next film they lighten the red a few shades. The Maroon made all the "night flight" scenes even darker and it felt more like I was watching Batman gliding than superman flying. Just a few shades lighter...it would make a world of difference.

2.)The way kryptonite affects Supes was off in my view. That whole "island" was laced with the stuff yet all it caused him to do was break a sweat until Luthor hit him? He should have been doubled over long before Luthor and Co. kicked his butt.

3.) Jason-el or Jason Lane or Jason Kent..whatever u wish to call him. Someone earlier posted that they only implied that he was Supes' kid? The kid hurled a piano as someone..Richard White doesn't have super-strength last I checked. I'm just wondering how the kid has super-strength even though superman was "mortal" at the time he was conceived? Then there's the fact that Supes is now a deadbeat dad and his moral credibility has been damaged. I knew the kid was his the moment they announced that this was a pseudo sequel to Superman 2 and I hate to sound like a bad person..but I was hoping they would have killed that character off. Superman and Superboy in upcoming sequels would take the series in the same direction as "Batman and Robin" and "Batman Forever"..down the toilet.

Routh did a fantastic job as Supes his performance was similiar to Reeves' and his own at the same time. I'm glad he chose not to merely copy Reeves, it made the whole "transition of Superman actors" a very easy one. Reeves will always be Supes in my eyes as that's what I've grown up with...but Routh now IS Superman and I was very impressed with his performance. All the acting was great...with highest honors given to Spacey's Luthor...great stuff.
Video Ray on June 28, 2006 9:50pm EST
I saw superman returns...... first off for years people felt dc comics and marvel comics were really one company.. and with the trailer for Spider-Man 3 playing before Superman Returns hmm very sandy and Venomous...pluss when superman is rescured by lois lane and his son the man with them is da stud living with Lois the dude whos badda bingng ms lane and a step dad to supes sone... none other then cyclops from the 3 x-men movie hmm intersting.. .. no aside from that what they did fantasticlly the first 2 movies they redid them and added to them that is why while the same it is new .. and very spectacular.. a hit.. it will be in stores for christmas 2006... so be prepared.. a must own classic..
Lord_Majestros on June 28, 2006 9:58pm EST
was it a good superman movie? yes! a great superman movie? sure. did it give me everything I wanted, maybe not. I was certainly impressed, but not blown out of my mind.
I kinda wish they hadn't taken out the scenes with Ben Hubbard, might've been nice to get to know him. And Stanford...he had no lines I mean C'mon I thought he was supposed to be the deepest of all Lex's henchmen??? That said, I'm probably gonna see it again maybe tomorrow
andy3169 on June 28, 2006 10:14pm EST
i think with this movie it showed us how superheros should be saving the world then in spidey being a hero fighting for his life not others i mean take spidey 3 there going to have to do a lot with that movie to make me see it superman returns show us that saving peoples lives is what a hero is.
Super-Greg on June 28, 2006 10:26pm EST
Someone said above that the Spiderman movies "stole" its ideas from the Superman Movies. Its in fact quite the opposite. Sure in Spiderman Peter opens his shirt revealing the spidey costume like Supes..I'll give u that one. A "raised S" and silk screened patteren of "diamond S" to add more depth to the new Superman Costume. I doubt those ideas came from the spidey films who had the "raised webbing and silk screened pattern in the red and blue to add more depth to the suit right? To quote Luthor "WROOOONG!!!" those ideas were "borrowed" from Spidey. Since spidey's creation in 62 or 63 I can't remember...his conflict has always been internal as well as the crimefighting. A sentiment echo in the Spidey films "This is my gift, my curse". Spidey has always struggled with his place in the world...will he be a hero or does he want to be normal. Superman never struggled with his place in the world even in the comics...until recent years. A concept borrowed from Spidey. You could argue when it comes to relationships...Supes and Spidey both have a rocky road when it comes to relationships. What made Spider-man successful was Peter's emotional vunerability. Viewer really sympathized with Peter's longing to be with the woman he loves...kind of like how Supes is longing for Lois, displaying a vunerability never shown in any Superman movie before it.

As far as the train seen goes...it was and still is one of the most intense scenes I have ever seen in a movie. Spider-man pushing himself past his limits to save the people on the train, willing to sacrifice his own life in order to save them. The pain and determination etched on his face. Then after he barely accomplishes his goal...he passes out from the effort. Similiarly Supes..kryptonite in his back and slowing growing out of this huge land mass struggles to take it into space....pushing himself to his limits because of the Kryptonite rapidly draining him of his very life. The pain and determination etched on his face...then after he barely accomplishes his goal...he passes out from the effort.

You can argue Spidey borrowed some elements from the early superman films...but it can also be argued that Superman Returns borrowed some elements from the Spider-man films. It goes both ways. In all things there is balance. smiley
Super-Greg on June 28, 2006 10:43pm EST
Video Ray

Are they Re-doing Superman 1 and Superman 2 like Lucasfilm re-did Star Wars with the updated Special Effects and everthing? If so...that could be frickin AMAZING!

P.S. Andy
To say that in the Spider-man films spidey isn't a hero saving lives is a bit erroneous don't you think? Spidey isn't "all powerful" like Superman, he can't get around the world in a matter of seconds. But in the city where he lives he saves lives everyday...despite his circumstances. Aside from winning Lois's love what problems does supes really have? He doesn't need to eat or sleep, he's invincible (well cept kryptonite) he can fly home to kansas or the fortress of solitude whenever he please so he really doesn't need money, most of his checks go to his mom(if u remember superman 1). He really has no problems except trying to get Lois. In contrast Spidey needs to eat and sleep, he needs money for his place to live and school and probably the most important detail spidey risks his life everytime he puts on the costume because unlike supes he can be killed. I think its really unfair to say one is more heroic than the other, but if i had to..I would probably say Spidey is more..because he risks everything every time where as supes is just THE MAN so he is rarely ever in danger himself. That not withstanding...I am still very very impressed with this movie..because there were actually able to do just that...Superman risked losing his own life in order to take that "crystal island" into space and save Metropolis and ultimately the world. Great Movie
IzzyJG99 on June 28, 2006 10:47pm EST
I liked the movie. They really made him "Pre-Crisis Strong."
IzzyJG99 on June 28, 2006 10:50pm EST
as for Jason...yeah...that kind of ruined the movie for me, frankly.
cornelius III on June 28, 2006 10:52pm EST
I loved the movie, I just have one question,

When Kitty dropped the other crystals out of the copter and they landed on the kryptonite continent, did they assume the same form? And since Supes shoved it into space, does that mean that it will turn into a new Krypton?
Jeffraw15 on June 28, 2006 10:53pm EST
i wanted to like it, i really did, but i was immensely disappointed...nothing particular wrong with it, i just felt bored while watching it, ill see it again because i really want to like it
lilikiwi on June 28, 2006 11:03pm EST
i hav been waiting fot this film all my life since i was 6 i was waiting ...i didint wait for nothing coz the movie was aaaamaaazzinng i beileve i ! beileve again ! brandon routh took my breath away he is superman no doupt hes not chris reeves and he didint copy reeves he tool superman and make it is onw caracter just amazing and for jason i m kinda exites about superman having a child it mean that even is superman dies one day he will live trough jason .
MikeB on June 28, 2006 11:15pm EST
I just saw it tonight and I already can't wait for the dvd.

That's how I am with movies, I don't expect too much, as long as I am not disappointed, that's what matters.
loislane13 on June 28, 2006 11:23pm EST
I seriously liked this movie. There are some things to think over, that's for sure. 2 hours after seeing the movie, Im still blown away by it. Amazing.smiley
SuperClerk on June 28, 2006 11:49pm EST
I stand corrected about the whole killing Zod thing. i had forgotten about the later scene that wasn't in there. I'm man enough to admit it.
I have to side with the camp that says that even though his powers were taken away he was still a kryptonian. All the Red Sun chamber did was take away his powers and make him mortal. Mortal doesn't mean HUMAN.
Is this the greatest comic movie ever? It might be to a Superman fan... for me it was great and I loved stepping into that world for a short time. It had it's flaws. But it was a great Superman story.
WHSuperman2005 on June 28, 2006 11:57pm EST
Earlier I said that even if Jason was Clarks kid, that he wouldn't have powers because he Clark was turned human when him and Lois did it. Well, someone decided to say that he was still Kryptonian, just without powers. Well, is so, it still wouldn't be Supes kid because the two DNA's do not match. You cannot mix a dog with a cat so why could you mix a human with an alien?
SuperClerk on June 29, 2006 12:06am EST
Good thing it's only a movie huh? Plus considering that we have no idea how real human dna and real alien dna would mix you can't really say it couldn't happen. Good point though.

I popped back to say something I forgot... I thought the whole dog thing was funny.

And on the subject of the kid again... in the comic prequel story for Lois it seemed as though she thought the kid was Richards. I think thats what she thought due to the shocked look she had when the piano went flying. I could be wrong though. That's something we might have to ask the writers.
metalman1360 on June 29, 2006 12:24am EST
best movie i have seen to date. brandon routh is a great superman/clark kent/kal-el
Cavalou on June 29, 2006 12:48am EST
I'm still new to the site, but I wanted to say hi to everyone and make my first post on my thoughts on this movie after seeing it Wednesday afternoon in IMAX.

I thought it was a great film. I know everyone has their opinions and there are questions left unanswered as the film comes to a close, but hasn't there always been a little extra leeway allowed and just some open-endedness when it came to certain parts of the Superman mythos and so forth?

What I mean is, things are open to interpretation, and that interpretation could be different from person to person depending on how they view Superman and what the character means to them.

As far as Jason being Superman's son, the theories are interesting. It would seem to me that he was not conceived during aforementioned act during Superman II, since Lois was brain-swiped afterward and lost all recollection that Clark and Superman were one in the same, therefore making their night together null and void to her.

I was considering the possibility that maybe something happened between them during a short "downtime" between the end of Superman II and the time that he left. I know that raises questions as well, since it was basically established at the end of that film that, while they were in love, saving the world would always come first.

Then again, someone made the suggestion that in the comic book Lois seemed to think Jason was Richard's kid. Perhaps she always thought that until the events with the piano on Lex's yacht, though two questions must be asked then:

1. Isn't she wondering how she would be impregnated with Superman's child?


2. If Jason was conceived in Superman II, wouldn't she have had to jump right into a relationship with Richard right after?

But to be honest, I got the impression that she knew the kid wasn't Richard's all along, and that Richard was basically his father since he was the only man in the kid's life.

I feel like this will be explained a lot further in the sequel, and I don't really think it causes that much of a problem if he is Superman's son. Singer and the writers are all incredibly talented and clearly put a lot of work and care into this film.

I thought the acting was all very good. Routh was fantastic, as was Spacey, and Bosworth played a more mature, less care-free Lois that seemed an appropriate change in the character since she's now a mother. She did a good job, and her being a young actress didn't matter; her and Superman are supposed to be, by Singer's admission, in their late-20's here, and she looked the part.

Visual effects were breathtaking.....

Great film. Going to see it again tonight.
TheRonz on June 29, 2006 12:49am EST
Just got back from my second viewing of the movie, and its just as good the second time...

One thing I noticed though, which I think is a nice little nod to the original, is that when Lex shows Lois his map of his "New" North America, the only piece of it still in tact is in fact the portion of California that he was attempting to drop into the ocean in the previous movie. Anyone else see that?

Also, my brother mentioned that at the end when Supes is flying through the clouds, he swore he could have seen a face begin to form in the clouds. Again, anyone else notice that?
DarkRaikoh on June 29, 2006 1:51am EST
An amazing movie! Truly spectacular! Mind you I wish I could write a longer segment about my likes and dislikes it is veerrryyy late/early for me after seeing Superman Returns, and YES it was worth it! I will say that i'm a little at war with myself as to whether or not I like the angle they're going with Jason White (not sure if i'd like this plot continued in a sequel) but overall, a movie that more than satisfies me as a Superman fan.
kalel_garcia on June 29, 2006 2:47am EST
Better the second time! I wasn't sure about Routh at first...but after the second viewing I really think he nailed it.
Planet-man on June 29, 2006 3:09am EST
It was okay. And that's about it.

Acting wise, Routh was great, Huntington was great, Bosworth was good, the little kid was good, Langella, although a good actor in general, was totally miscast as Perry, and last but not least.....

SPACEY. WAS. HORRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE. And the version of Lex he was playing might be my least favourite ever.

I wasn't crazy about the plot, either. I give the movie a 6 out of 10.

And I'm fighting back tears to have to do that.smiley
Superdoc on June 29, 2006 4:18am EST
Did anyone see the season finale of Justice league unlimited?
with the Superman - Darkseid fight?
I would have loved a bit of that Superman infused into this movie...
I think it lacked the testosterone that could have made it so much better...
The beating scene was so intense and so emotional, but there was no pay-off...
one of the best parts of II, was when he went back to see the Trucker at the diner...
I was really hoping he would get to face the thugs again without the kryptonite factor... Or even try to fight back after triumphantly standing up after the beating....
Curtis on June 29, 2006 6:10am EST
It was okay. And that's about it.

Acting wise, Routh was great, Huntington was great, Bosworth was good, the little kid was good, Langella, although a good actor in general, was totally miscast as Perry, and last but not least.....

SPACEY. WAS. HORRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE. And the version of Lex he was playing might be my least favourite ever.

I wasn't crazy about the plot, either. I give the movie a 6 out of 10.

And I'm fighting back tears to have to do that.
As Lex said in the movie "You are WRRRROOOONNNNGGGG!!!!!" This movie was awesome this is the best comic movie ever.
Last_Son_of_Krypton on June 29, 2006 6:16am EST
While I wanted to really enjoy this movie I just seemed to not be able to enjoy it. While it was ok I felt it didn't have the good feel factor of the originals I think it was missing Reeve in the role that he made so famous. Though Routh's performance was good I would rather he had gone with his own version instead of trying to be like Reeve all the time.

It's just sad to hear about so many negative reviews starting to come in on sites. But guess every film has the good and bad.
JR-EL on June 29, 2006 6:24am EST
I have been looking forward to this film since its announcement and have kept up with all the news during production, so I was really hoping it would be awesome. I have to say, though, that I was disappointed.

-Spoiler Warning-

Since I first heard about this film, there have been a number of issues that made me question how good it would be, from the five-year-trip plot and Lois' son, to the new costume. While the costume actually worked pretty well, some of the other elements didn't, but the major issue I have with this film is not what it contains, but rather what it doesn't.

Starting with what it does have, SR features slick effects, the original John Williams theme(on key this time!), impressive sets, and a lead actor capable of filling the role fairly well. Brandon Routh (while still coming across as a little too young) has the looks, voice, and bearing needed for the part, though I wasn't terribly impressed with his Clark Kent. The other main actors work decently well, though they are quite plain and dry, except for Kevin
Spacey, whose Lex Luthor is somewhere between a smart alec and a psycho. There are also some good scenes near the beginning, such as the plane rescue, and Lois and Superman's interview scene was pretty good.

On the other hand, I noticed after a while that something was missing........dialogue! There were substantial portions that felt like a silent film. Things happened, action scenes played out, but there was very little character interaction or even speaking. I knew the running time was just over two-and-a-half hours, so I expected a lot of details and plot development, but was surprised to find very little. Many times I assured myself that with X number of minutes left, more story and character development was sure to come, but it didn't. As I watched action scenes intended to be dramatic, I found myself not caring because I hadn't had a chance to connect with the characters and feel empathy for them. It seemed as though they weren't so much human beings as icons. To be fair, I felt pretty bad when Superman was getting the snot beaten out of him, but this was because I already liked the character. Other than this scene, little in the second half of the film affected me, and I actually felt myself getting bored during what should have been the most riveting scenes. In addition to this, the plot turned out to be quite simplistic, virtually none of the film's ample running time is spent explaining Superman's five year hiatus and how it affects the world, or what Clark was supposedly doing in that time, and questions about virtually every character are left unanswered.

Aspects of the story also bothered me, the kid for one. Not only does his existence make Supes into a deadbeat dad and force us to have Superson in any sequels, we now have to accept that Superman's five year old son murdered someone. I was also troubled by the tone of the story, which is so somber and heavy that there are hardly any fun moments, (except for a few smart-alecky quips by Lex or his crew) something a Superman film definitely should have. These issues, combined with the lack of fleshed-out characters and story detail, really detracted from my enjoyment of the film and left me feeling empty when it was over.

Upon reflection, it seems that the filmmakers regarded Superman as such an icon or legend that they neglected to make him or the other main characters into fully-developed people. They exalted these characters so highly that they failed to take ownership of them and make them into all they could be. Brandon Routh especially shows promise as Superman, but isn't given much of a chance to develop the character or even speak. Adding to this impersonal aspect is the fact that a surprising amount of style and even direct dialogue is lifted from the first film, making this one feel more like an homage to and copy of the original films than it
needed to be. I don't mean to be overly critical, and I did enjoy some portions of the film, but did not feel like it was what it could have been. Superman has returned, but much of what I liked about the character is missing.

I'd give this film a 6 out of 10.
KiddSketch on June 29, 2006 7:40am EST
Just watched it today.

I gota say, I really enjoyed it, start to finish. From the opening credits right til the end of the credits (yes I stayed, just in case). However, there were a few things I did wonder about...such as why did no one wonder where Clark was during the whole disaster thing?

I thought that Brandon Routh played the role very well, as did Sam Huttington as Jimmy Olsen.

I enjoyed Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor and Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane.

When I watched, it felt very familiar, which I thought was great, because it was like seeing an old friend again, we haven't seen Superman in the big screen for a long time, or some of us, none at all. The use of music and opening credits gave it a very Superman-ish tone from the beginning.

I also loved how, when Lex Luthor finally had the upper hand, he didn't waste his time monologuing, he just kicked ass.

My favorite scenes would have been the plane scene, the bank robbery and the disasters in Metropolis. I loved that part with the heat vision and he burned all the glass up, that was cool! As was the super-breath.

I look forward to the sequel, there's so many different things that could happen...I can't wait.
njsea06 on June 29, 2006 7:57am EST
i just came back from seeing the movie in imax in upstate ny, i thought the movie was awesome, the special effects were amazing and the new superman is convencing. i cant wait for the sequal, please dont make us wait to long.....thanks for this one jeff nj.smiley
New Roosterman on June 29, 2006 8:42am EST
Came home about an hour ago from seeing it. I thought it a damned fine movie. Like a few others the loose ends left me a touch empty, but I enjoyed it none the less. I thought Spacey had the right blend of humour and menace as Lex Luthor, whilst Kate Bosworth brought Lois Lane to life in a big way, making her gorgeous, yet tough and capable all at the same time. smiley I can see why Supes found it hard to say "goodbye" the first time when he went away.

Routh did a fine portrayl of Superman and Clark. I still expected the voice to be slightly lower, but hey I suppose it is the Reeve hangover on that score smiley

I too found the kid thing slightly irritating. Just unnecessary for mine. But hey it is diversity that makes life exciting. smiley

All up worth seeing, most defintely.
New Roosterman on June 29, 2006 8:43am EST
Came home about an hour ago from seeing it. I thought it a damned fine movie. Like a few others the loose ends left me a touch empty, but I enjoyed it none the less. I thought Spacey had the right blend of humour and menace as Lex Luthor, whilst Kate Bosworth brought Lois Lane to life in a big way, making her gorgeous, yet tough and capable all at the same time. smiley I can see why Supes found it hard to say "goodbye" the first time when he went away.

Routh did a fine portrayl of Superman and Clark. I still expected the voice to be slightly lower, but hey I suppose it is the Reeve hangover on that score smiley

I too found the kid thing slightly irritating. Just unnecessary for mine. But hey it is diversity that makes life exciting. smiley

All up worth seeing, most defintely.
John-L on June 29, 2006 8:51am EST
I LOVED IT!!! I couln't be more pleased with it. This is now my all-time most favorite movie!

Brandon Routh owns Superman! He is the perfect choice for the role.

I know I'm just another gushing fanboy, but what the heck!!! I loved it, and I will see it again, and again, and again, and again...

Bryan Singer, please make more!!! I just can't get enough!
mitchell1001 on June 29, 2006 9:07am EST
Well more positive feed back about the film than bad feed back. I still haven't seen the film because i live in England and have to wait until the 14th July! gutted
Superman19381 on June 29, 2006 9:19am EST
This version of Superman is the Best yet!!!!!!
I really enjoyed a more realistic superman movie, and that is what this one is; true to the character while it introduces us to new things and possibilities. I was worried how lois's child would be handled and I think it was done well. I don't want to spoil anything for someone who has not read these yet but if the hints are right and I think they are it only adds to the superman myth. again well done and an excellent movie I plan on seeing it more than one time!!!!!!
shazamtd on June 29, 2006 9:42am EST
I liked Superman Returns but it didn't blow me away like the original did and still does.
Maybe I'll like it better when I see it again.
Car-El on June 29, 2006 9:48am EST
Watched it earlier today and I absolutely LOVED IT!!!

I laughed, I jumped and yes I'm a typical chick so I cried too lol. I loved every bit of this movie. I wish though I hadn't watched so many of the trailers and tv spots before hand because although those scenes totally blew me away, I think Steve was right in his comments in that we might have done ourselves a disservice by watching too many. We knew in spots just what to expect. But again, in saying that, it by no means lessened this whole experience for me. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!

What was very cool was recognising the various scenes Steve and I were so fortunate enough to have watched being filmed around the streets of Sydney. Like for eg. that whole Kitty in the run away mustang thing where Supes lowers the car to the ground - We were there! Oh and when Clark runs through the traffic and up the alley, ripping his shirt open to reveal the 's' - Was there! smiley lol! We stood there for hours on those days watching them film the same scene over and over and over again and not knowing how it would fit in this movie. So yeah that was all cool for me to see those scenes come together like that.

Routh IS SUPERMAN. I felt every emotion that he portrayed in this movie. The tears in his eyes, just the look on his face......got me every time! When they were beating the crap out of him, his pain, that whole scene.....thank God I packed the tissues! That was really hard to watch!

Mr Singer you did EXTREMELY WELL. The cast were all perfect, the storyline was great, I wouldn't change a thing! Thank you for making THIS Superman fan one very happy person indeed! smiley

unknownsoldier on June 29, 2006 9:50am EST
Have'nt seen this movie yet - as I have travelling on a work assignment internationally, My friends who are not Superman fans (they dont read the comics) have all loved the movie and plan to see it again. My sister tells me that my 3 year old nephew now dreams of being Superman instead of Spiderman.

Yesterday, as i had some free time, i walked into a local multiplex and watched X-men 3...they dont have SR yet as the release date for this country is next week sometime....and my god it was horrible...being a Superman fan ...i have never been into the X-men comic or anything...yet i really enjoyed the first 2 movies helmed by Singer....and now they make this turkey...I'm all for mindless violence and SFX - but X3 was by far the worst movie i have seen in a long long time....When i walked out...I was so sooo glad that Ratner did not do Superman...i wonder how X men fans feel about whats been done to their franchise...
SonofKrypton34 on June 29, 2006 10:31am EST
Welcome Back to the Greatest of All time. Just like most everyone else I was concerned with the kid being Supes Kid but they made it work. I'm dying to see where they will go with it from here. Routh did an AMAZING job as both Kent and Supes. Kudos to him. Cannot wait for the sequel, the visuals in this movie were breathtaking. Can you say greatest theatrical show of strength in a very long time, maybe ever. This movie showed Superman's strength, his heart, his weaknesses and above all else his everlasting resolve to put the fate of others before himself, even in face of the one thing that can kill him. Like I said the Greatest has returned. Bring on the sequels!!!!!!!
SuperSpeed9x on June 29, 2006 11:18am EST
I've read some comments on here from people who believe that Superman having a child out of wedlock was a wrong decision for the plot. What you have to realize is that Superman/Kal-El, is not a religious person (have you ever seen him walking in to a church/temple to pray?). Superman's religion is altruism and the prosperity of human life. Keeping that in mind, Superman first and foremost is completely in love with Lois, as is she with Superman. And this is not any love, this one is of earthly proportions. Superman turned back time to save the woman he loves - a marriage license is merely another piece of paper on the desk in this context - it has no bearing. And besides - if there were such a license on public record - both Lois and the kid would never be safe. The child is a true product of love and no religion can dispute that.
Noah Runzo on June 29, 2006 11:34am EST
Very good points SuperSpeed9x! I am not impartial to them being married as they are in the comics and on Lois n Clark but who knows, thats why there will be sequels!
rexreed on June 29, 2006 12:33pm EST
Superman may or may nor be religious, but he has always been moral and having a child out of wedlock is considered IMMORAL! You might read this and say, "hey, my parents had ME out of wedlock." Well I guarantee you that when people heard about you they were dissapointed with your parents and felt sorry for you. I hope to God Singer is just toying with us and plans on explaining away young Jason. smiley
dogcow501 on June 29, 2006 12:47pm EST
It was great! I agree with pretty much every point Steve made though and I too feel the same way about Jason White... but it was excellent and Routh is Superman!
shears on June 29, 2006 12:50pm EST

You fail to see the point. Superman didn't know he had a son until the very end of the movie. That being said, it puts him in a bit of a quandary. He would like to be with Lois and raise their son as Superman/Kal-El. But as we all know (or should know from S:1), he cannot fully expose himself as being the father of Jason because of the dangers and risks it puts both Lois and Jason in at the hands of Superman's enemies. He will be forced to keep a certain distance in order to protect them.
celenor on June 29, 2006 1:41pm EST
snake21 on June 28, 2006 6:53pm EST

Jason troubled me
Superman having a kid sounded preposterous, yet they did it or might undo it as it isnt explicitly clear.
People here are outraged at the fact that superman has a kid out of wedlock and so was I
but now i come to realize that when superman and lois did it, he was ready to MARRY HER. He WAS MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER
He gave up being superman for her. But alas as fate would have it the world needed superman
can u believe what he scarificed for US(the world)
He had no choice(well he could have said no but did he )
He took the hardest path
and then he did the amnesia kiss thing(rather stupid) becoz he saw what it was doing to lois, the burden of this truth was too much for her to bare and he couldnt see her in any more pain so he made the ultimate scarifice.
If jason is supermans kid so be it(although he shouldnt have powers as some of the others have pointed out).

People have a problem with superman repeating his fathers words to his son(they say its just a copy of brando & s1). They dont like the fact that he just left with a "I'm always around".

DUDES CANT U GET IT!!! Supes knows that its hard to get lois at this point and doesnt not want to do anything wrong. However he has just found out that he HAS A SON. He is not alone(remember him telling ma kent)
He has someone who would care for him and who he can love.
that is enough to heal all his wounds.
The expression on Brandons face is awesome
a true fathers emotionsway

Well said!! I never thought of it like that. Superman gave up "everything" (his powers) to be with Lois. That is a huge commitment to her and to the love that they share for one another, comparable to the commitment of marriage. When Lois and Clark made love in S II they knew that they were meant for each other forever. They had made a commitment together to be with one another (though it was not marriage it was one of equal precedence). I CAN accept that without any hesitation at all!!!

I have realized that this story is about Superman returning to Earth, but the underlying story is about Superman being the last of his kind, being all that is left, being alone. Sure he has his mother and Lois, and Jimmy and Perry, and while they are all invaluable in their own way they leave something lacking to Clark. With Jason Superman shares something that he shares with no one else...blood. Superman and Jason may have a connection that may fill the emptiness caused by him being the last of his kind, which remains to be seen in the sequels.

Superman's response to Lois of Ill be around seems to me to be one of the most difficult things that he has had to do. He found people in his life that mean more to him then anyone (Lois and possibly Jason depending on how things work out) and because of his journey to Krypton (or what's left) he has been forced away. Because of Richard in now Lois' life Superman no longer holds the place that he once did. While both still love each other Lois is with Richard, she is committed to him and has raised a 'family' with him. Superman is not apart of that life and he can't be as things are now. He 'knows' that Jason is his child but he cannot be his father. He knows that he and Lois are meant for each other but he cannot be her husband. That brings great depth and great sadness to the character unlike anything that I have ever seen. Bravo Mr. Singer!!!

As to whether or not Jason will have share with Superman the powers that being a kryptonian brings, who knows. Superman was not human (nor will he ever be) at the time of Jason's conception. He was a still a kryptonian, just without his powers. Whether this transfers powers to Jason or not remains to be seen though.

In this aspect of thinking the movie makes wonderful sense! I can find few flaws in the story and the movie becomes one of the greatest of all time (and definitely the best Superman/Superhero movie yet). WONDERFUL!!!
SuperSpeed9x on June 29, 2006 2:17pm EST
If you have learned anything from Superman, it is that love trumps morality. And more importantly - no one is perfect, not even Superman. You are thinking of Metropolis as some fantasy world where Superman is God. He is not God - he is a man. Superman does not think he is God. Superman faces life and death decisions everyday that no other person could possibly dream of, let alone handle - and people are more troubled by the fact that he got really close to someone and had a child (and you're forgetting this is not intentional). If I were born out of wedlock, I could care less what everyone/society thought of me, or my family as long as my parents both loved each other. Now I'm sure if your daddy was Superman you'd be out jumping in the street and wouldn't care if he married your mother or not.
shears on June 29, 2006 2:37pm EST
My feelings on the movie:

I have to agree with the majority of what JR-EL wrote (June 29, 2006 6:24am EST), and add a bit of my own to it.

This movie was probably the biggest and most anticipated movie for me in many, many, almost uncountable years. Superman in the cinema is such a big deal to me. The Donner films really meant a lot to me in my life (seeing them as a child, and even seeing them again as an adult).

Now, I can say off the top of my head that I did feel "under-whelmed". It wasn't as strong as I expected and really, you see all the movie's good parts in the trailers. I am doing my best to not be biased towards the Donner films, but I can say that none of the other Superman films (including SR) tops the very first Superman movie.

Issues I had with the movie: First and foremost, it felt like the movie was missing the mightiest of all superman traits -- the mystique. It never quite felt that we were in awe, nor, as it seems, were the people of Metropolis... the most quietest people living in a huge city, I might add. You rarely heard a peep from someone exclaiming, "Superman!" in his presence after one of his amazing feats. It was like a library. That ambiance took away from the excitement of seeing the Man of Steel before your very eyes. The crowd seems it would have been more excited seeing Britany Spears over Superman. There wasn't much crying at all when it was assumed or announced that Superman was dead. That's a big freaking deal, especially to Lois. It was just too quiet.

There were some plot holes or things missing that needed explanation. Does Richard White know that Jason isn't his son? Man, Lois sure didn't waste any time getting to Richard after the famous Superman-Lois hookup. Can superman fight the affects of Kryptonite by shear will (when we saw him lifting the land mass full of kryptonite)?

The movie was very dark. Dark as in it felt like we were in Gotham. Such a heavy feeling.

The movie was very low in the Charm-Scale. Superman, nor Clark Kent, had very little charm whatsoever. Maybe the screenplay did a disservice to Routh, but both Kent and Superman were the most mono-tone characters in the whole film. Neither character looked like he was capable of having fun or be happy about anything, despite his Lois ordeal. Superman had very little dialogue. We weren't able to see any charm or wit from our favorite hero. There wasn't much difference between Clark and Superman in their portrayls. One thing that I realized recently about Christopher Reeve's portrayls of Clark and Superman was that the two characters were so different that it almost seemed like two different people were playing the characters. That adds a lot of believability to the "secret identity" superman must use to hide behind, plus, we could tell a bit that Reeve's superman had a little fun in being the odd-man out as Clark. In SR, I just felt that the Superman characters were under-played.

Lois Lane: The spunk is gone. Her feistiness is weak. The charm of watching Lois take charge and, well, being Lois Lane is missed! The fact that Kate Bosworth is so young looking is very distracting. She seems mediocre at best in that role. Very FLAT, and Lois Lane is a leading character! She's supposed to add that "zing" and WIT along with Superman. I feel Kate Bosworth was a poor choice among the many capable actresses who could have filled that role. Parker Posey could have done a better job. Too much was left to be desired. Kate wasn't totally dreadful, I have to add. She has a couple moments, but overall, Lois Lane seemed... just more like Kate Bosworth Lane.

Lex Luthor: Kevin Spacey is the man. He's awesome. I just wish he could have played Lex Luther up more. It seemed like Spacey kept himself too confined and we missed out on some really potentially memorable stuff. His Luthor wasn't bad, just didn't hit the Spacey potential with his portrayl like that. It's fun to walk away with some very memorable Luthor moments etched in your mind.

Perry White: What a useless portrayl and waste of space. Frank Langella added nothing to the character. That was as vanilla as you can get.

Jimmy Olsen: Good work. Was not disappointed in the least. A more mature Jimmy is what I saw.

Kitty: Parker Posey seemed under-used. She's a great actress and knows how to jab at sarcastic comedy. I wish she could have done more, but thank goodness she was there.

Music Score: There was nothing memorable about John Ottman's score. Nothing stood out really, and you walk away from the movie forgetting what the music even sounded like. There weren't any stand out themes that we can associate to anything or anyone. The only thing memorable and still empowering when you hear it are all the John Williams themes woven in. When you hear them, they stand out and you get it stuck in your head. I even noticed at times where Ottman's underscore in scenes seemed more like unimportant, unaffecting background noise. Nothing really stirring or exciting.

Now, I guess I can still say I have some small bias towards the Donner films, having been exposed to a great experience watching them. Since SR has a lot of connections to those films, I have to hold them as somewhat of a standard when continuing the Superman saga.

The positive notes that JR-EL wrote about, I agree with. Thank god, Superman is back. The actions sequences were awesome to watch, wish there was more to view, like the airplane scene. The sets were gorgeous. (The Daily Planet could have used a bit more hussle and bustle to give it a sense of a more fast-paced, wildly active newsroom). JR-El covers most of what I liked about the film so I will spare re-writing it.

Overall, I felt a bit disappointed. The movie was not bad, nor was it great. I really, really, really wanted this movie to be spectacular because Superman on the big screen means so much to me.

coinsleight1 on June 29, 2006 3:11pm EST
Simply, the best Superman movie!
villarv on June 29, 2006 4:28pm EST
The movie is superb! It has the most amazing special effects to boast. Brandon certainly brought back the Man of Steel to life. There may have a few flaws in the film but I barely noticed them when I was watching it. I just came to relaize those after reading some of the comments here.There may be some things that I would want to change if I were the writer/director of the film, but over-all, my kudos to the people behind the movie for successfully bringing back the most iconic superhero of all time to the silver screen for the old and young gernerations alike.

I will be watching it again on IMAX and will be buying the novelization, as well as the DVD release of the film. smiley
Curt14 on June 29, 2006 4:46pm EST
I loved the classic moments as well as the new additions to the mythos. People who get upset over changes such as Jason need to remember that Peter Parker wasn't always married to Mary Jane, Batman has a son out of wedlock, and stories about Superman can't last for nearly a century without mixing up the status quo. I can only hope that they go the same route in the comic books. It's about time.
MatchesMalone on June 29, 2006 5:40pm EST
People who get upset over changes such as Jason need to remember that Peter Parker wasn't always married to Mary Jane, Batman has a son out of wedlock,

Name and refernce for Batman's son out of wedlock?
Not to mention that Clark Kent is also married to Lois in comics. So there will be no catching up in comics as Lois is already aware of Superman's identity in DC continuity, whereas she is not in this film.
As a fan of Spidey, and particularly Batman there's no disputing that unlike Supes it would be all too easy for Bruce Wayne to have several kids; known or unknown to him given his backstory. However there's a reason that writers never put any of these possible kids into his stories. As well as not writing children for Clark and Lois, or Parker and Mary Jane. These characters have been married in comic books for a few years already.

Giving them kids both reorganizes the resposibilities, and puts them in TIME. Something no writer of angoing character wants to do.
In future films, after Singer's run, they will probably be forced to dump the Son of Superman character all together, because nobodies paying to see Supergrandad and the clan.
I mean that's pushing it.
Neil-el on June 29, 2006 5:42pm EST
As I was standing in line for the 10pm showing I was filled with anticipation. What I watched blew me away!!!

Brandon Routh is now Superman. End of Discussion.
shears on June 29, 2006 5:46pm EST
Oh, I also forgot to mention that as I was walking out of the theater after seeing SR, I felt that SR was inflicted with the Star Wars. Episodes 1-3 completely fell flat on its face compared to the original Star Wars movies, episodes 4-6. The recent prequels had no personality, no charm, no wit, and very little fun. There was no character depth.

The same issue happened with SR. SR seemed rather flat, and I think that, above all, is why I was so disappointed. That damn Star Wars disease.
BIZZARO on June 29, 2006 6:09pm EST
MildMannered79 on June 29, 2006 6:36pm EST
I saw Superman Returns, with my girlfriend, and we both liked it. She says it was cute, a very good description for this film. I think Singer does a disservice to Routh and the film by cutting out so much of the Smallville stuff. That would've definitlely helped the audience get to know Routh and his take on the character because we see Superman at his most relaxed, comfortable state in his life. Despite that, I feel Routh overcame his lack of dialog and screentime by immersing himself in the role. He does better when he plays the role on his own merits and not on Reeve's portrayal. I think Routh's proved that he should get more to do in the sequel. Ruth blew away my expectations and seems comfortable as Superman. He is very much the superhero, and the suit works for him. He made me like it, I wasn't happy about it at first, but after watching him in it and seeing how it modernizes the look of the Man of Steel without changing it was cool. I didn't miss the S on the cape, I thought of it like a live-action version of the S:TAS suit. I'm happy with Routh and his suit and look forward to more.

Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor was very good. The plan that the writers came up for him was crap, but they did execute it with flair. A kryptonite laced continent would be a huge chanllenge for Kal-El, but with Spacey's style of playing Lex, he should have done more. I got the sense that he hated Superman and enjoyed kicking the crap out of him near the end. PArker Posey was delightful as Kitty and camps up the screen with Spacey, but in a good way. Yeah, she's silly and a bit dumb, especially next to Lex, but she's easily the best henchman Luthor has. Miss Tessmacher was a bit more charming, but Kitty's just as glamorous and probably sassier if not ditzier than Lex's memorable ex.

Kal Penn says almost nothing and is useless, so one could've cast anyone here for this part and it would work, kind of a waste beause of his comedic talent. The other thugs were just that, thugs. Makes sense b/c, Lex isn't a hands-on sort of, physical villian. He's the brains of the outfit and it shows, though Kitty has nearly as much wit as Lex, which is probably why he keeps her around.

Kate Bosworth as Lois was iffy. She tried to take the character into a new direction by making her more mature, however you never lose the person you were, even when you're becoming another. I think a lot of people wanted to see the ol' Lois is a tough chick with a tender side routine that Lois has been for many years and when they didn't get that Lois, they were disappointed. Though I agree Lois should be Lois, it doesn't hurt for her to be matured a little. Bosworth tries to play mature "Mommy Lois" and assertive "Regular Lois" and comes off more like the maternal one. This leaves her playing opposite Routh without any sort of emotion or connection with either Clark or Superman and at times seems like she doens't care about or like Clark and is bitter with Superman, which I can understand, but not when Superman's being romantic and the mood calls for her to soften up, which she does, unfortunately near the end of the film. Her youthful appearance wasn't a problem for me, though her looks aren't the kind I'd associate with Lois Lane. She's more of a Lana Lang than a Lois. a slighlty taller and more mature, yet attractive actress would've been better. From many of the reviews I've read, Bosworth is probably the weakest link in the cast, I like her, but there probably was a better choice for Ms. Lane.

James Marsden was great as Richard White. You could feel the slight tension between him and Routh when they were on scree together. I think his performance here should get him some more work. He's a good actor and his characters are likable. Sam Huntington should just change his name to James B. Olsen, becuase he nailed it. As surprised as I was with Routh, I was just as delighted by Huntington here in this limited role. That should be a push for more screentime in the sequel. I'm sure a few people were pining for Hugh Laurie's Perry, but I liked Frank Langella here. I'm glad he tailored the role to his strengths. I think a few who didn't like him would've had a better idea of him if the role were bigger, but too few "Daily Planet moments" in this picture hurts that. I would've like to see more of Clark and the gang here, scenes like those lend a lot of what makes Superman's adventures fun and his supporting cast so popular and vital.

The plot works. The kid isn't the best part of it. There's something creepy about Jason, though I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's how he comes off when we see him interacting with anyone. I know kids are usually shy and quiet when they're young, but they're also full of energy and life. The only time I feel he's anywhere near normal at all is when he's playing around the newsroom with the garbage can over his head. I agree, like a few others here and with Spacey, the kid is cute, but he's also kind of creepy. I'm not into The Omen and I didn't see it, I don't want to see it in a Superman movie either. Again, the story and the pacing would've been better served by more in the beginning and maybe a shorter time in the hospital near the end, maybe. The picture didn't seem that long at all unless you weren't into it. The best parts are scense involving Lex, Kitty, Jimmy, Clark, or Superman. Lex's whole prt in the movie is good, except for his scheme. Superman is charming and aloof, yet heroic and human every time I saw him, Clark should've had more, better screentime, but he's fun livens up the newsroom in a subtle way along with Jimmy. The Richard, Lois, and Superman/Clark plot is left open, I guess for the sequel, but it feels off. I don't know why, probably because of the lack of dynamic between Lois and Superman or any sort of real caring for Richard. The best part of the story is Superman's return and how people deal with it. It has a few flaws, which hopefully will be fixed in the sequel, but harking back to Donner's old work doesn't hurt this film, in my opinion.

John Ottman does a wonderful job incorporating John Williams' work into the score. His music isn't bad, but not as good as the Williams' pieces in direct comparison. He should've been responsible for music only or editing only, not both. Maybe he'll do better on the next one.

All in all, Superman Returns accomplishes what it should, get Superman back out into our hearts and minds. The visuals, excellent. The flying effects looked very realistic and not "computery" that Spider-Man tends to look in the swining shots. Singer and his crew's technical mastery, as well as Routh's surprising acting ability, helps sell Superman's wide array of stunts and abilities. The wonder in Superman is his powers and the way he uses them. Many feel Supes is too powerful, but rarely do you see such grace, style, and artistry and improvisation by other powered heroes. Superman sets the bar for other powered heroes. Reeve, Donner, & Co. created the template and Routh, Singer, & Co. add to it here. The movie excels at showing us why Superman is the best, now they have to top it in the next installment.

I'm happy with this film and it has earned it's place in my DVD collection in the future, but also a high spot in my best superhero films of all-time list. It isn't perfection, as I would've hoped, but it definitely shines. The only reasons that I can think of that anyone would either hate this movie or find it merely average are: A) This isn't the movie you wanted, i.e.: you'd have preferred a complete restart or a different story. smiley You never liked the cast choices or dislike the production crew. C) You dislike Superman. D) You hate these kind of movies.

If you didn't enjoy it, that's OK. At least you gave it a chance. As for me, I liked it very much, above average. It's flaws are obvious, even crippling, but just like in the movie, Superman can overcome them. I'm going to see this one as often as I can. Hopefully we'll get an extended Director's Cut on the DVD so we can se the stuff that probably should have been left in. My rating: 8.5/10. Thank you for reading my insignificant review.
Za0G13 on June 29, 2006 6:38pm EST
I loved the movie ALOT!. I think that it didn't give too much and stayed at a normal pace. I think that singer did this on purpose. Cause now after he's introduced superman again into our lives and onto the BIG scrreen. He'll NOW make the second film more elaborate. JUST WAIT!. If I had more thumbs on my hands, I'd give the movie like 20 thumbs up. THANK GOD THE KID IS SUPERMANS AND NOT RICHARDS. I like this change of the mythos anyways. KINDA COOL!smiley ROUTH is SUPERMAN!!!.
Pravus on June 29, 2006 6:59pm EST
I can only hope that they go the same route in the comic books. It's about time.
I would hate to see the comics corrupted by this any further.
Buttruffage on June 29, 2006 8:01pm EST
How the hell is Superman a deadbeat dad?????????????

If he doesn't know he has a son, then......WTF???

What does the man of steel have to do to get some support from the ball section of the choir here? We all know he'd have been a dad if he had know. Does anybody actually suggest that Superman would have refused to acknowledge his paternity if he'd been confronted with it???!!!

Or is this some kind of undercover pissing and moaning about a child out of wedlock? Marriage is a construction of religion, and not everyone has the same religion. Even people who have the same religion don't subscribe to every belief of a particular religion. So what if the kid is born out of wedlock? How is it that the human race can exit a century that saw more advancements than any other era. Yet still manage to retain a neanderthal outlook with regard to acceptance and tolerance to other people's views.

I don't even like the fact that the kid is in the movie, at least in the fact that he has superpowers. Because it's stupid and doesn't make sense. As I pointed out in an earlier post, Laura told Kal-El, "If you intend to live with a mortal, then you must live AS a mortal. You must become one of THEM." Superman then had his DNA re-sequenced and he became human. This kid should have no powers as he was conceived after this. Not to mention that Lois was standing outside the chamber with Zod and crew when Superman reworked the process and took away Zod's powers. So not only was the kid conceived by a human Superman, but any Kryptonian DNA that may have gotten through would have been nuked when the embryo was blasted along with Zod.

I don't have a problem with Superman having a kid. If this film is indeed a continuation of the first 2 though, then this idea needs to fit in with what's already been established.

Some people say that Superman didn't actually become human in Superman 2. If he didn't that fine, but it needs to be clearly understood that it didn't happen. And from what is said in Superman 2 it looks like it most certainly DID happen.

I don't mind mistakes in films, just the glaringly irritating ones that manage to over shadow the film itself. And without this superkid business, this film in damn near perfect. However, whether the kid is super or not, Superman does not qualify as a dead beat father simply because he wasn't around to be that father.
Buttruffage on June 29, 2006 8:27pm EST
Action Comics #1 came out in 1938. In 2 years 70 years will have passed since then. 12 issues of Action Comics get published every year, and currently 840 issues total have made print. For arguments sake, let's say each issue represents a day in the life. Measured that way, just over 2 years will have passed in the life of Superman.

Of course, it's much more realistic to look at the issues as a week in the life. And some issues refer to years going by. In any event, it's not going to be hard to rationalize that barely 10 - 15 years have gone by in comic book continuity. So it really doesnt matter that Superman has been around for nearly 70 years, he's still young at heart.
atm_maddy on June 29, 2006 9:33pm EST
well i dont have any problem with the kid..even we knows....superman gonna have son one day...in comic books....

This movie is not about .....how lois or other movedon with their life..its about how superman life..is movedon as well.....

plus..the...young clack kent glases...its a logic anyway...
when he 1st encounter his..laser beam..he sure wont be able 2 ..balance it..like how we saw in smallville..

i wonder why in smallville the parents dint recomend...glasses for clark...2 avoid the beam..like cyclops.....

brian must have his own teory...
Denz-El on June 29, 2006 10:46pm EST
Superman Returns topped the box offices in the Philippines at Php 21.4million on opening day (about US$ 411,538)..toppling even the most awaited filmbiography of the most loved local hero, Manny Pacquiao!smiley
MatchesMalone on June 30, 2006 2:08am EST
So not only was the kid conceived by a human Superman, but any Kryptonian DNA that may have gotten through would have been nuked when the embryo was blasted along with Zod.

Man that's deep, and damn funny. I've posted a few complaints about SuperEstrangedSon. I have a hard time as described in previous posts seeing how this could be used to benefit Superman's story. So far, while I recognize worrying about character continuity and a summer event movie are two different things, I can't see how the kids stays in Superman lore.

No matter what you do with him in the sequal all I can see is short term gimmick value. I'm not underestimating Singer who is a gifted film maker in my opinion. He'll make the love triangle play like the best soap opera in movies in the sequal but how does Superman keep a kid long term.
I want to see a way since at least for the immediate movie future he has one, but so far I can't see how you play a good Superdad.

What kinds of things would he teach a son, besides being a force for good. -Capacity_for_Good

Lets not forget the way it's written this kids already 5. Trying to step in and teach him about being Superhuman isn't going to be easy when he's already used to a regular father. This just doesn't work in a seemless movie plot way. Even if Clark forms some kind of strong relationship with this kid how do you represent the relationship the kid has with Clark as Superman?

I'm not concerned about kids out of wedlock, because the fact that Kal El was married at all was more for readers to identify with the solid step between him and Lois. In another country where people do something else the writers probably would have written it differently.
The point is he has a kid that kind of hampers his TIMELESSNESS, and creates a dynamic where he would spend a great deal of time hovering over Lois' house and watching. This kind of adds up to Superman visitation, and it's just hard to picture.

Even if Lois is a human, she, Jason, and Supes are like the Broken Family of Steel. Morality doesn't reallly enter into it. The question is how does his new family help us see the Super in the Man
shears on June 30, 2006 2:17am EST
SR missed the mark. I am deeply saddened.
LachlanT on June 30, 2006 6:50am EST
Superman Returns is sooooo close to being perfect. By the end of the film, something was bothering me, something was missing. It just never quite "arrived" in a satisfying way.

That being said, assuming a sequel is on the way the groundwork that has been laid with this film is exceptionally promising, now that homage and respects have been paid. Expect the sequel, provided it remains in the same creative hands, to really take things into the 21st century, now that Superman has re-asserted himself at leaset as a 20th century movie hero . . .
Scott-Dor on June 30, 2006 9:29am EST
This Superman movie is SUPERb. I thought that the homages of the first film was well written. For example, when Supes looked directly at Lois still assures her that "Flying is the safest way to travel" and faints when he flies off. Saving Katherine from the car mishap an excellent homage to ACTION#1, and the way that Supes looked at the audience like the first waht a nice gesture!! I hope we see new Superman fans, as well the old ones that Superman IS the hero of the 21st century and beyond!
kal-el1968 on June 30, 2006 11:33am EST
Brandon and spacey were a good fit for the man of steel. However the movie did little for me . the story was subpar and ther ewas not enough action to sustain a 2 1/2 movie. The biggest letdown was the kid. Why did they have to throw that kid in there? Also I hated the fact that superman never had a ending confrontation with Lex.
dshinoduh on June 30, 2006 12:27pm EST
I liked Routh--made me miss Chris Reeve, though. Hard to compare to Dean Cain or Tom Welling only because it is a totally different continuum.

Bosworth as Lois looked great, does the cold stare well, more emotional range than Erica Durance, but Durance has the spunk part down.

Richard White--Marsden would have made a credible Superman. As a whole I liked his chemestry with Bosworth. I'm with those who feel that Marsden has had some bad breaks given the way Scott Summers was just blown off in the X movies. He'll probably die saving Lois in SR II.

The Kid--I'm with those who could go either way with whether he is Superman's kid. It could have been a reaction to exposure to the kryptonite. On the other hand--did Lois whisper something in Superman's ear in the hospital?

The tossing of the crystal land mass and Supermans fall to earth make me think of the AOS episode "Panic in the Sky" where Superman collides with a possibly kryptonite laden asteroid and awakens with amnesia. Wonder what will happen to the land mass especially with Supes tossing it in such a weakened state. But doing the amnesia thing would have made it a four hour movie and we would just be getting out now.
superfan101 on June 30, 2006 1:38pm EST
Awesome movie! During the opening credits I had chills. This movie, in my opinion rivals Donner's film. Though the one thing that kinda made me laugh was that they rushed Superman into an Emergency Room. I mean he's a kryptonian and they all are humans. what can they do to help him? Doctor: Nurse I need an extra dose of yellow sun immediately! I guess it's not that bad but I just don't understand what they can do. anyway, (SPOILER ALERT! leave now if you DON'T want to know what happens.)
the whole "superboy" thing in the story looks interesting. Odd but interesting. I also felt maybe they quoted Superman: The Movie a little too much. Other than that Routh did a super job as the man of steel and kent, I think Spacy could have been a little more evil, Kate did a good lois, frank was a good Perry, but I think Sam was a little too funny as Jimmy. All in all this movie rocked! I'm seeing it again today! Can't wait for the sequels!
Joey_Kent06 on June 30, 2006 3:20pm EST
Just curious. Was that Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris in the museum? When Lex goes in and, and his henchman throw those two guys out, looked quite a bit like them' Not sure, But I think it was, Who knows for sure?
Gingerman on June 30, 2006 5:42pm EST
barryfreiman on June 28, 2006 6:09pm EST
gingerman u need to see the movie - it's different and not open to debate as it's presented there.

Kal-Element on June 28, 2006 6:22pm EST
To Gingerman:

They left this key plot line out of the novel for a reason, it's a huge spoiler. If you watch the movie, you will see that in FACT it is Superman's son. In the novel, i'm guessing it doesnt say how the kid throws a piano on a bad guy thats beating Lois up. Which leads you as a reader to wounder "what does Lois whisper to Superman at the hospital?". The last scene in the movie, absolutly 100% guarantees it's Superman's child. You can see it for yourself. Go watch it.

Guys, I humbly stand corrected.. It is very rare that the movie is better than the book. And to be fair to Marv Wolfman, that is no critisicm.

Loved the film - like others, now I've seen it, I'm mixed about Jason-being-the-next-El thing. I didn't think it would bother me; I suppose it's a fear of change.

Frankly, I couldn't give two hoots about sex outside marriage (which is a religious contrivance anyway - don't get me started..)

What unnerves me is that the Superman myth has it's family 'set'. This new character cannot fail send the story branching off into uncharted territory. The good guys remain constant - bad guys come and go.

Like many have said before me - I need to let it sink in. It sounds stupid bearing in mind this, for all it's brilliance, only a film, but it's left me a little dazed.

Do I like the fact Supes has a son? Pass. Yes and no. Jury's out at the moment - come back when we're open.

The film though? Wow, the film..

Brilliant, emotional, funny, brilliant (did I say that already?), just fantasic. Effects - superb. Not overpowering - comopliments the story nicely.

One niggle. The begginging seems (as others have said) rushed. It doesn't 'flow'. I say this knowing full too well that the begining had more cuts than a barber shop, but even allowing for that, it seemed to 'jump' from scene to scene for the first ten minutes or so. Once we're in Metropolis though, things settle down and draw you in quickly.

That said though, as the title says, 'Superman Returns'. In glorious style.

Well done Mr. Singer.. it's been worth the wait! smiley
Jedidz23 on July 1, 2006 12:05am EST
I have seen the film twice now, and I can unabashedly say that not only is this the best superhero movie of the year, it is the best movie of the year. So much reverence for the Superman mythology (especially the Reeves films), incredible effects that enhance the story, and marvelous acting. There are so many iconic moments that I actually had goose bumps a few times. 5 out of 5 for me!! Up, up, and away!! smiley
Psyche on July 1, 2006 2:51am EST
It took me a couple times of watching, but I've come to love "Superman Returns" for what it is: Bryan Singer's view of the Superman world.

STORY: Flawed but worthy - Considering the film's 2 and 1/2 hours long, the time goes by fairly quickly, simply because the movie starts of without worrying about any introduction to characters; it assumes we already know what there is to know. What Singer didn't consider was the difference between the connection we have to characters and the connection we have with the people playing those characters (Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane is much different from Margot Kidder's from 1978). I can't worry about the well-being of Bosworth's Lois on a burning plane if I don't even know who she is yet.

ACTING: Fair - Most of the actors did a wonderful job with their roles, which means that I forgot they were acting as I watched. Brandon Routh, however, had certain vocal intonations that made me think if maybe he didn't think about the line a little too much before saying it (particularly his repeated, "I'm always around."smiley

DIRECTION: Outstanding - It's Bryan Singer, who brought back X-Men and X2 and single handedly restarted the Superhero movie genre. For most of its scenes, this was one of the most emotionally directed and beautiful movies I've seen in a while, especially considering it's about a guy in tights.

VISUALS: Oscar-worthy - Enough can't be said about how this film looks, because it's Superman and you get to see things you could only see in a Superman movie, although I do think that directors nowadays rely back on CGI too much, even for simple shots that really didn't need it (such as Superman and Lois floating in front of the Daily Planet globe for several seconds).

In the end, this is a good movie. But being a Superman fan myself and knowing what I know, there's no real excuse for this movie not completely rocking my socks off, because in the end, Superman is the most emotionally driven and visually fantastic characters of all time, and yet, somehow, "Spider-Man 2" was a much better, even classic superhero movie, whereas "Superman Returns," sadly, is not.
Gingerman on July 1, 2006 3:42am EST
STORY: Flawed but worthy

I know what you mean Psyche. The biggest flaw (which I'm not sure anyone's pointed out) is that in S:TM, Marlon Brando acknowledges Einsteins Special theory of Relativity in two ways. He was tutoring Kal-El in the ship on the way to Earth about relativity, and then later in the Fortress states, "by now you should be in your 18th year, and by that reakoning, I WILL HAVE BEEN DEAD FOR MANY THOUSANDS OF YOUR YEARS."

i.e. Time slows down for matter that travels close to the speed of light (as Kal-El's ship did) relative to the universe aroun it. The upshot is, Kal-El aged only 2.5 years whereas the universe (and Earth time) aged thousands of years.

Ok, you say, where's the problem? Well, if Supes recreated the journey - TWICE (there AND back), many, many thousands of years would have passed on Earth.

The only place he'd be looking at Lois on his return would be in historical records thousands of years old.

I know.. it's just a story.. but Marlon Brando started this argument! smiley
atm_maddy on July 1, 2006 4:53am EST
guys..someting 2 tell u...that i kinda disapointed abit..with superman return..not with the cast..its great..2 have brando has our superman..we have 2 proud..of him..

but the story line..oh god...why cant singer..take the...kid away..??
ist there always lex 2 be around..why not another villain..like in spiderman..we want more villain..more fight.....that what fan...wanted..its not what director want it.....

why cant..Zod..figt with superman while lex...steal the kryponite from...muzium..that wil be a great scene..rather then...chasing a car.....

or why cant..Lobo....fly around..with his motocyle around metropolis...like a ghost rider...that wil be fun...

why why why...why the kid 2 be there? i cant feel anyting from lois and superman..i just dont feel the impact..between their..love.....

except....i have 2 take my words when....lex ..group..kick superman ass...that was...the moment...i felt...so down.....and i can c tears in audionce...face.....

that what i call a ..touching moment...

the plan..the cgi...made everthing great...
but pls ..more villain..and why the kid have 2 be there??

sometimes i did think ..how the film will be if spiderman director..direct the movie??????

let just hope the next supeman return wil do great....

but brando....i realy respect u ..ur the superman..nobody can take ur place...
Terminal on July 1, 2006 2:48pm EST
Loved it. Excellent film.
ARM on July 1, 2006 5:49pm EST
I'm gonna do something here that is inevitable. Compare Routh's movie to Reeve's.

(Yeah, Richard Donner directed what I feel was the best of the four Reeve Superman films, and Bryan Singer (it is a "Bry..." spelling right?) directed "Superman Returns". But Reeve and Routh were the ones who wore the suit smiley).

Routh did an excellent job filling in the shoes of Christopher Reeve. I was a little nervous going into the film for a few reasons.

1.) Christopher Reeve is my Superman, and always will be because of his off-screen heroics. I never saw Reeve's films in a theather, but I have them all, and enjoy each one of them...campy or otherwise. I was hoping that Routh would be able to make Superman his own. I was very relieved when I saw that to be the case.

2.) I followed this movie for about a year and a half, thanks to the website. I really didn't want it to flop. Again, a huge sigh of relief that it didn't smiley.

Was it great. Noooo. It was very well done. I think it could have gone without some of the references to "Superman: The Movie", but they were placed well within the film, imo.

I was also VERY PLEASED with the ending. I'm assuming all of you who have posted on this thread have seen the movie, but just in case, I won't give the ending away.

But it wasn't stupid like the Reeve films. The endings to "Superman II" and "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" were fine. But spinning the world to save Lois in "Superman: The Movie" was stupid, I thought, and I still don't really like Richard Pryor's (sp?) character in Superman III.

All in all, an excellent film with some minor flaws. Well done smiley
shears on July 1, 2006 6:47pm EST
Box Office numbers are viewing SR's opening as a failure. It missed the mark by 100 miles. So disheartening. SR failed for so many different reasons.

Sad... Even David Letterman asked Bosworth, "Do you even know anything about Lois Lane? You're such a kid. Do you even know anything about Superman"?
shears on July 1, 2006 6:50pm EST
I know what you mean Psyche. The biggest flaw (which I'm not sure anyone's pointed out) is that in S:TM, Marlon Brando acknowledges Einsteins Special theory of Relativity in two ways. He was tutoring Kal-El in the ship on the way to Earth about relativity, and then later in the Fortress states, "by now you should be in your 18th year, and by that reakoning, I WILL HAVE BEEN DEAD FOR MANY THOUSANDS OF YOUR YEARS."

i.e. Time slows down for matter that travels close to the speed of light (as Kal-El's ship did) relative to the universe aroun it. The upshot is, Kal-El aged only 2.5 years whereas the universe (and Earth time) aged thousands of years.

Ok, you say, where's the problem? Well, if Supes recreated the journey - TWICE (there AND back), many, many thousands of years would have passed on Earth.

The only place he'd be looking at Lois on his return would be in historical records thousands of years old.

I know.. it's just a story.. but Marlon Brando started this argument!

Holy... You are so right! That didn't dawn on me until I read your post. Good lord. I thought in today's world and experience, Singer and crew would have caught all those story flaws in his movie. Ugh.
superman518 on July 1, 2006 7:30pm EST
miler2001 on July 1, 2006 10:14pm EST
hello everyone,

i would like to begin by admitting that i am a huge superman fan and even bigger christopher reeve fan. that being said, i must sadly agree with some of the other posters on this board, and say that i did not find superman returns to be as enjoyable as i had hoped for.

i orinigally tried to convince myself that the reason i didnt enjoy this movie was because i enjoyed, and still enjoy, the original 1978 superman movie so much and that the image of christopher reeve as superman is still burned into my brain and that it's hard for me to imagine anything else.

that being said, i noticed that the more i read some of the so-called "negative reviews" the more i agreed with what they had to say.

the plot is VERY spotty. the disaster that would be caused be lex's plan is just not emphasized the way it was in the original superman when gene hackman's lex luthor plots to drop a bomb on the san andreas fault. you just dont get the "oh my god that would be awful" feeling from this movies plot. the movie also jumps around, without a natural flow. its obvious that brian singer had a lot of great ideas. but instead of saying "ok, im gonna pick a couple and REALLY develop them", he said "ok, im gonna do them all and try and fit them all in while tying up all the loose ends" the way star wars episode III did with anakin becoming darth vader and luke and leia being born and separated in the last 5 minutes.

i hated "the twist". absolutely hated it. i think my opinion of the movie would be a lot greater if they didnt have that ending bedroom scene. it just didnt fit right at all. like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. i enjoyed the movie a lot more all up until that scene.

the continuation from superman II was ok, but with the way this superman developed, i would have preferred that it had started fresh, totally new, rather than picking up where christopher reeve left off. i felt that they took too much artistic freedom with the continuation, even though i did like how they paid homage to christopher reeve.

there are a bunch of good aspects though.

I honestly loved brandon routh as superman. im glad they picked him to continue the role, because he did christopher reeve and the character of superman justice. i also liked how lex luthor and his goons beat the hell out of superman. im a grown man, and i honestly wanted to cry seeing how mortal superman became when exposed to kryptonite and how lex luthor and his henchmen exploited it. it gave you a taste for how evil luthor was. great scene.

and the flying scenes WERE AMAZING!!! absolutely amazing. and i really did like the superman suit. i liked how it glistened in the sun a little bit. very cool. those aspects were really what saved the movie from becoming a flop.

please dont pick this review apart. im not trying to attack anyones opinions. i dont believe that this was "the greatest superhero movie ever" like others have said. honestly, im not sure whether im glad i saw it or not. i hope superman returns has a sequel, because i might feel better if i knew that brian and co. were going to tie up the loose ends and clean up some of the mess they left behind with "superman returns"

but hey, thats just one guys opinion.
Jamiah on July 1, 2006 11:36pm EST
just got back from taking my 9 year old nephew and 6 year old niece. I found it quite amazing that they both sat still for 2.45 without complaining ONCE.

AWESOME, FANTASTIC, TREMENDOUS. Brandon is SO the rightful heir to the Superman throne. Kate did not totally blow me away as Lois, but she was fine. Spacey is an excellant Luthor..not quite as campy as Hackman's and is conceivable that the Lex portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum will one day develop into.

I only have one question concerning the plot? If Lois' memory was wiped at the end of Superman II, who does she believe the father of Jason is? Unless of course, Richard just happened along shortly after Superman left on his 5 year absence.

I also loved the nods to each and every conceivable incarnation of the legend. The homage to the Action #1; Jack and Noell; all of the dialog pulled almost word for word from S:TM. The scene in the plane where Superman once again explains that flying is still the safest form of travel was priceless. I heard at least one other chuckle from the audience.

All of this just begs a return to the theatre. The dedication was wonderful but I thought it should have been at the beginning of the film. I think it would have been an even greater passing of the torch to the new theatrical team. Brandon truely captured the essence of Christopher's portrayal and at the same time added his own niche.

Bring on more Mr. Singer
portlyavenger on July 2, 2006 1:29am EST
Just got back from seeing the movie with my wife. After leaving the theatre my wife asked me what I thought and all i could say was "perfect". To me this was a truly great film.

I've read the posts of others who have loathed it, liked it or loved it. (IMDB seems to have posters with the film's failure and perceived 'gay'elements) To me, this movie made me fall in love again with what has been missing from superhero movies of late: the hero. I finally got to see a true hero once again and reaffirm why Superman is, and always will, be a part of my life

I remember seeing the first Superman on TV when I was a kid. I remember the awe of seeing him fly up to save Lois falling from the copter. An impressionable youth who believed a man could fly. To this day, 25 years later, that still stands as the single greatest movie scene/memory I have. Superman Returns gave me back that sense of awe. An sense of awe I cannot wait to share with my son.

Christopher Reeve will always be my Superman. Now my son has his. I guess you could say the son becomes the father, and the father the son.
SARNOMAN on July 2, 2006 7:43am EST
Superman Returns! A great film! and a great treatment of the world's greatest superhero! An emotional romantic adventure with amazing superfeats! Cant wait to see it again. Superman Returns!
Shalamarke on July 2, 2006 10:47pm EST
Well, I saw Superman Returns for a second time, and I just wanted to remark that it is better the second time around ... at least for me smiley

This time, I could just sit back, relax, and let myself be entertained. There wasn't all the anxiety and excitement about trying to take it all in and gobble up every morsel and there was no waiting to see what "new" thing I hadn't seen yet would be coming. I had already seen it all once through and the second time was just smoother.

Also, because I wasn't thinking about so much, I could really get a better feel for the subtle emotions that were invoked. There were times when on the first viewing, I *thought* that Superman might have tears in his eyes, and this time, I knew it. See, Routh never actually *cries* but he does get teary in spots.

Then there's the sweat ... I think Singer was trying to show that one of the signs that superman is weakened is when he sweats. I didn't catch that on the first go around, but I did this time... so when he is doing something REALLY hard and he actually SWEATS, that is supposed to show the audience that it's so hard. Unfortunately, when they most need this device, Superman has just come out of the ocean so it's not clear right away that he is sweating because the man is WET. Oh well.

Anyway, FYI - better the second time smiley

PMATTAUCH on July 4, 2006 1:50am EST
I really liked seeing Superman return to the big screen! I would rate this sequel above Superman II because it managed never to seem silly to me! (That scene in Superman II where Zod and Co. used heat vision on Mt. Rushmore using cartoon animation took me completely out of the film. And before somebody comments that Donner's upcoming DVD version of Superman II *WON'T* do that, let me add that Supe's plastic flying S Shield near the end of Superman II is likely Donner's.)

Superman Returns may rank just BEHIND the first one though.

I want to see more of Martha Kent/Ben Hubbard and an extended scene with Jack Larsen in the bar. Even if, hopefully, both show up on an director's cut edition DVD, can I keep myself from buying a film version only DVD in the meantime?

Loved hearing Noel Neill's distinctive voice so early in the film. And for what I now take as hoopla, Marlon Brando's precence here was overstated. I was looking forward to seeing something edited out of Superman II, not what amounts to an alternate take of his scenes from Superman: The Movie.

I thought the cast in Superman Returns was fine. Liked Routh's Clark Kent, with all his awkwardness. Although, I have trouble getting past Kate Bosworth's age considering Superman's been gone for 5 years. She looks her age (22 right?) so Superman and Lois shacked up together when she was what -- 17?!?

Although I think a younger cast was chosen on purpose so they wouldn't grow out of their roles in the sequel(s).

Liked Kevin Spacey and look forward to memorizing all his lines like I have Gene Hackman's from Superman: The Movie.

And Marsden's Richard White was handled quite well in that the character never made us root against him, just for Superman. And never made us wonder what Lois would see in him.

But after at least skimming all the posts here, I feel like I have a slightly different take on Jason. Superman left to search for any possibility of any of his Kryptonian family left in space.

He returns to Earth only to find indeed, he has an addition to his family.
supervip on July 5, 2006 1:48pm EST
Happy Canada Day! In honour of Canada Day I'm going to blog about Superman Returns because everyone knows that Superman is half Canadian. I should warn you now, don't read this if you're planning on seeing the movie or don't want my opinion clouding your impressions.
Overall the movie was good, very good, but not great. Now you may be thinking that I'm saying this because my critising is based on nit-picking, but I don't think that's the case. I've seen the movie twice now and the first time I didn't enjoy it at all, but the second time I did because I was prepared for the story-line flaws so I could actually enjoy the visuals in the movie.
First I should say what was good about the movie. Visually the effects were ridiculous, it didn't look fake at all with the flying and whatnot. I was impressed ... for the most part (I'll get into that later)
Brandon Routh did a great job playing Clark/Superman. For a relative new-comer he was brilliant carrying such a massive movie. He captured the role the same way Christopher Reeve did (although his Clark Kent was more klutzy than nerdy) yet had his own brand on it. And he's hot and filled out the suit well which didn't hurt matter any smiley
I liked how they used archived footage of Marlon Brando from the original movies but at some points it was a bit overkill. Singer did a good job paying homage to prior Superman incarnations whether it be the Reeve movies or the cover of the first Action Comics. That was well done.
Okay now what was wrong with it. The biggest thing (which I totally called 2 years ago when they announced the casting) was Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. I read in some articles that she didn't study Margot Kidder's Lois in preparation for this role. Uhhh Maybe you should have! It was atrocious! I don't know Kate Bosworth from other movies but she was way to sweet looking to play Lois regardless of her acting abiliites. Lois is supposed to be a brassy siren, not a sweet looking girl who's trying to talk tough. Give me a break! You want a good Lois Lane, watch Erica Durance on Smallville, now that's a Lois Lane. Perhaps I'm being harsh, so I will say this, she MAY have been able to pull it off if they didn't give her a kid. Lois Lane, a mother??? That's a weird thought in itself but the fact that Bosworth came off more as a babysitter than maternal didn't help her performance any. Her chemistry with Routh was next to nothing so it didn't make her longing for him believable --- well it was either the lack of chemistry or her acting that didn't make it believable, it's a tough call. You could feel it much more from Superman's end than hers. I'm not sure if someone told Bosworth this, but what makes Lois such a strong character is that she's the alpha-woman. She doesn't need a man, she'll risk her life for a good story, but when Superman is around she's mush and I'm sure she doesn't like that feeling of vunerability. So can you imagine, being the hard-ass woman that Lois is, finally lets her guard down and falls hard for Superman just to have him take off and leave without saying good-bye? Talk about a blow to the ego. So she's makes herself believe that she's over him, that Love bites, and now he magically returns, how does she react? Well more like how SHOULD she react? You have that image of a torn woman in your head right? Yeah will Kate Bosworth didn't do it. Like I said, someone should have told her.
Kevin Spacey was an awesome Lex Luthor but I felt like he was held back because of the plot line. Ooooh so he stole crystals from the Fortress of Solitude that when water is added makes alien land appear (just like Kitty says "Like Sea Monkeys" exactly IT"S THAT LAME!) Sure Lex talks about the alien technology this new land possesses but never says WHAT technology exactly, all you see is giant grey jagged rock that's supposed to bring the world to Lex's mercy. Riiiiight. Perhaps I'm just feeling it because of Michael Rosenbaum's portrayal on Smallville where he's truly an criminal mastermind with a coldness that makes you shudder, but I think they sold this Lex short when it comes to his evil genius. I mean come on, he's SUPERMAN's nemesis, you'd think that they'd make him a worthy opponent. I know they tried to strike a balance between Gene Hackman's comic Lex and Rosenbaum's evil Lex but it didn't work because of Kitty. Would Lex really associate himself with someone like her? I understand she's there for comedic relief, but I think more of a Frau from Austin Powers would have done Lex's character justice.
Now for the storyline. Overall it was okay, however we all left the movie feeling a little empty, that not all the ends were tied up. For example, the premise of the story is that Superman leaves Earth because astronomers find remnents of Krypton so he goes to see what's left. It would have been nice to see what's left of Krypton. One of the first scenes of the movie is a spaceship landing on the Kent farm and Clark crawling out. Why would Clark need a spaceship? They never explained that (but I read online that apparently Krypton was so full of kryptonite that it weakened him so he had to come in a ship, which begs the question, where did he get the ship?) Also, it was a big point to make that the world has learned to get along without Superman, that he's returning to a home that's learned to make do without him. You think that they would have shown some of that too, but no, they didn't. Lois even wins a Pulizter for her editorial "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman" I would like to know what that article said to make it so deserving of an award.
Going back to the Lex storyline. So he goes to the Fortress of Solitude and steals these crystals and so when Superman sees that they're gone, he's pretty pissed. Before Lex tosses one of these crystals into the ocean, he puts it in a kryptonite container and the crystal, being that it can adapt to any material around it, takes on kryptonite's properties so the landmass that emerges is deadly to Superman. Needless to say when Superman confronts Lex on this new land, he gets his ass handed to him. As Superman saves the day, Lex and Kitty make a getaway with the crystals, however, Kitty finding her moral compass, tosses them out of the helicopter. What a bone-head move! Hello! If they fall in the water (which was very probable) they'd make more land!! Not only that, why didn't she give them to Superman? He needs them for his Fortress! How the hell is he supposed to communicate with Jor-El now? Geez!
Superman Returns is supposed to take place after Superman II so it borrows alot of the mythology and story from the first two Reeve movies. Sometimes this didn't work. I personally think the only reason why they based it on those movies was to bring in the fact that Superman and Lois slept together. Because guess what, Superman has a son. As cute as the kid was who played Jason, he was way too old to be 5, (although it did explain why Lois has a such an old kid) I mean considering how much in love she was with Superman you'd think she'd take a while to get over the guy,(hello it is Superman) so I was a little confused as to how fast she moved on to the point that she had a son so old.
I'm not against Superman having a son, it's about time if you ask me, my only problem is where does this leave the rest of the movies? They can't write the kid off because he's Lois' and they can't write her off. And I personally don't want to see the adventures of Superman Jr. Perhaps one day, but not now. Considering that there are two more movies contracted after this one, it would have been better to keep this revelation for the last movie. Also, once Richard finds out that Jason isn't his, it's going to turn into a damn soap-opera. This is Superman, a comic book hero NOT DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!! I wish these guys would think long-term when writing these movies.
So the effects, I thought they were good, but the hype and promotion may have done me a disservice. There were many Superman specials on TV the last couple of the weeks. The problem is that these were all produced by Singer et al so they used alot of footage from the movie in the specials. When watching the movie, none of the effects were as mind-blowing as they could have been because I had seen it before. This is what I don't understand. Considering the people who will watch these specials, such as fans as myself, why would you show the best effects? You're ruining the movie for us, not getting us hyped up. It's like when Dude Where's my Car came out, all the funny parts where in the commercials.
Overall it was good, I'm just waiting to see all the deleted scenes.

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