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June 9, 2006: “Superman Returns” Kevin Spacey Interview

As we reported earlier, the Superman Homepage's Jeffrey Bridges attended a press junket where he got to interview the cast and crew.

Here is the transcript of the roundtable interview with Kevin Spacey. Look for more interviews in the coming days...

    Press: Is it true you tormented him (Brandon Routh) on the set a little?

    Kevin: I did torment him!

    Press: (laughter) What kind of things did you do to him?

    Kevin: You know, when you're on movie sets, the give you a golf cart so you can drive around to get from one stage to the other, so I had my golf cart kind of suped-up. I had Kryptonite stripes put on the side (laughter) and I had a big Superman logo on the front with an "X" through it. And it was called the "Superbuster". And then we tied a Superman doll on the back with a chain, so I just dragged it around. So like in rainy days it was... by the end of the shoot it was just this f@#%ing ball of mess. With a little cape. And I had a bullhorn and I used to scream through the bullhorn, "Superman must die!" (laughter) I remember, when I was driving back from the stage and Brandon was coming out of his trailer and he hadn't seen this yet, "Superman must die!" (Kevin mimes the Superman doll flopping around on the ground behind his golf cart) (lots more laughter) He was like, "Oh f#@k, I'm so screwed."

Read the complete interview right here at the Superman Homepage.

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