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August 9, 2006: Superman DVDs Available for Pre-Order

While no official announcement has been forthcoming from Warner Home Video as yet, a number of Superman DVDs have been listed as available to pre-order from various online outlets.

"Superman Returns" is available to pre-order in the U.K. from Play.com, who have listed both a single disc and a two-disc release scheduled to be released on December 4th.

A spokesperson for Play.com tells us, "Release dates are provided by our suppliers and, although they are correct to the best of our knowledge, they are subject to change because stock for the item may become available earlier or later than originally expected. Whenever we're notified of such a change we will update our website as soon as we can."

Australian fans can also pre-order "Superman Returns" from EzyDVD, who say the DVD will be released on December 6th.

No bonus materials or extras have been listed as yet.

Superman II Play.com has also listed "Superman II: The Donner Cut" available for pre-order with a release date of November 20th, with the following details:

  • Features the Richard Donner Cut
  • Never before seen beginning
  • Never before seen resolution with 15 minutes of restored footage
  • Vintage TV specials

    To celebrate the recent release of Superman Returns this fantastic new 3 disc Special Edition of Superman 2 features the Richard Donner Cut which includes the film as it was originally conceived and intended to be filmed, a never before seen beginning and a never before seen resolution with 15 minutes of restored footage!

They've also listed "Superman: The Ultimate Collector's Boxed Set 13 Disc" to be released on December 4th, (although it is not yet available to pre-order) with the following details:
  • Superman:
  • Features both the 1978 original cut and the 2001 extended edition
  • Commentary from Richard Donner and Tom Mankiewicz
  • Archival footage
  • Additional scenes
  • Screen test
  • Superman II:
  • Features the Richard Donner Cut
  • Never before seen beginning
  • Never before seen resolution with 15 minutes of restored footage
  • Vintage TV specials
  • Superman II, III & Returns Special Features TBC

    This 13 disc monolith of a box set brings together Superman new and old in one fantastic boxed set. Featuring awesome special editions of the original four films plus the 2 disc version of Superman Returns this is the ultimate compendium for the true Superman fan.

    The boxed set comprises:

    1. Superman: The Movie - 4 Disc Special Edition
    2. Superman II - 3 Disc Special Edition
    3. Superman III - 2 Disc Deluxe Edition
    4. Superman IV - 2 Disc Deluxe Edition
    5. Superman Returns - 2 Disc Edition

Thanks to John Hatfield, Phil (Mindhavens), and Daniel McIntosh for the lead on these pre-orders.

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