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July 26, 2006: John Ottman on Film Music Radio

Film Music Radio's super-deluxe Superman Returns show with John Ottman is now up at On the Score. They also have John's previous career retrospective show available as a bonus download.

    Some might view John Ottman's cinematic abilities as being next to superhuman. In addition to being the composer of such films as "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,", "Cellular" and "Lake Placid," Ottman also possesses the abilities of film editing and directing, making him perhaps the only Hollywood-ite to have gone from composer to moviemaker with "Urban Legends 2." But Ottman's most famous team-up is in the company of director Bryan Singer, whose used Ottman as an editor and composer on such films as "The Usual Suspects" and "Apt Pupil." But it was their collaboration on "X-Men 2" that made John Ottman into the man to call when studios need a superhero composer, seguing Ottman into scoring another Marvel superteam with the music of "Fantasic Four."

    Now John Ottman takes his biggest superhero leap with the ultimate comicbook leading man, a kryptonian named Kal-El who appears afer a 19 year film absence with "Superman Returns." And Bryan Singer has asked Ottman to put back on the dual capes of editing and composing, with Ottman facing the even mightier task of making his own musical voice heard among the expected musical homage to John Williams original "Superman" score. Now John Ottman has flown into the Film Music Radio studios to discuss his super-scoring self.

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