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Man of Butter

August 15, 2006: Superman - The Man of Butter

You'll recall that last month we reported that a The Des Moines Register article revealed that the Iowa State Fair's new butter sculptor Sarah Pratt, a 29-year-old schoolteacher from Norwalk, would be creating a figure of Iowa native and "Superman Returns" star Brandon Routh as Superman for the annual display.

"(Superman) will be standing upright, cape fluttering," said Pratt, who is in the process of transitioning into lead sculptor, after 15 years apprenticing for Norma "Duffy" Lyon, the fair's famed sculptor for more than 45 years. Lyon will continue to mentor Pratt.

"With the weight of butter, it'd be hard to have him flying."

Pictured (right) is a photo of Sarah Pratt making her final adjustments to the completed Man of Butter display.

Another full-body image is available at BlueTights.net.

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