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March 16, 2006: Singer Talks About the Appeal of “Superman Returns”

BoxOffice Magazine has published an article on their website titled "Up, Up and Away". The article discusses "Superman Returns" with Brandon Routh and Bryan Singer. Here are some excerpts from the article, which also includes some new photos...

    Everyone has their favorite version of Superman. Is there any way to please everybody? "That's the kind of thing I learned from juggling the 'X-Men' franchise," says Singer. "You have fans of the early 'X-Men' comic, you have fans of the evolution of X-Men of the '80s, the animated series of the '90s, and people who still read the comic in the new millennium. So you're constantly balancing back and forth. Basically, the character has a certain essence. There are certain things you don't [mess with]: He has a red cape and an S and a blue suit, and you work your way from there, item by item, deciding what's worth meddling with and what's not. But in the end, everything you're doing is to serve the story that you're telling at that given time. So I do my best to be aware of these various camps and their various opinions, but at the same time, I'm very much servicing the story that I'm telling."

    Perhaps an even bigger threat to Superman than Lex is backlash from ultra-fans who have rigid ideas about the Man of Steel. Can "Superman Returns" bring all the camps together?

    "Oh, I think so. I think the film we've made is a great Superman film. Sure, I understand people have their favorites. But I would trust that any real Superman fan would just be happy enough that there's a film being made that, in my opinion, is a pretty amazing thing that so many people have come together to make. I think people would just put that aside for a few hours and take the ride.

    "Superman should cross every boundary. There should be no enemies in the world of Superman fans. It's ridiculous. It stands against everything that Superman stands for." In other words, devotees unite, and stay tuned for another exciting episode of... "Superman"!

Read the entire article at the BoxOffice.com website.

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