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April 4, 2006: Another New Image from “Superman Returns: The Videogame”

EA Games has released another target render from "Superman Returns: The Videogame". For those not familiar with the term, screenshot was created with models used for the game but it is not yet an in-game image. The game's programmers use this goal image as a visual reference to build towards as the game progresses - basically, this is what they want the game to look like.

    Facing-off with Metallo and his minions is another challenge you'll encounter as The Man of Steel. Metallo creates these evil robots from metal scrap at the auto plant to do his dirty work. As Superman, you can use your heat vision (as seen here) to fight against Metallo's minions and keep them from overtaking Metropolis.

EA has released similar descriptions for other recently released images at the official game website.

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