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November 10, 2006: Variety Reports on “Superman II: The Donner Cut”

Covering the release of "Superman II: The Donner Cut, Variety posted a report on the November 2nd screening in Hollywood...

    In the wake of a groundswell movement among Internet fans, Donner was given an opportunity to finish what he started.

    "Do I feel vindicated? No. I'm not angry anymore," Donner said. "Except with the producers. And except with the studio."

    DGA screening featured "Superman" alum from all film versions and was followed by a Q&A with Donner, cast and crew. Thesp Margot Kidder was late taking the stage, busy powdering her nose.

    "It's not the '70s -- we weren't doing anything in the bathroom," she said. "I think this is much better than the Lester version they put out. And everyone in the bathroom agrees."

Read the complete report at Variety's website.

There's also a review of the film at "Bags and Boards" the Variety Weblogs site...

    The film is an exciting experience for Superman fans. While the basic plot may not differ as much as you might expect when as much as 75 to 80 percent of the footage is new, it's a lot of fun to watch Christopher Reeve (to whom the film is dedicated), Kidder and especially Brando play these classic roles once again. Some sequences, such as Lois Lane's first attempt at convincing Clark to admit he's Superman, are so good it makes you wonder why anyone would cut them from the film.

    The performances in particular are much better in this version, with Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder giving their roles a sparkle that was missing from the Lester version.

    Some of the new sequences, especially the Brando scenes, do a lot to explain plot points that the original omitted, such as how exactly Superman's powers were restored. Other elements tie the film more closely to the original, with the finale of the first film providing the impetus for the escape of Zod, Non and Ursa instead of the Paris nuclear bomb sequence.

You can pre-order "Superman II: The Donner Cut" as a stand-alone DVD or as part of the 14-disc Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition box set. Both will be released on November 28th.

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