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May 5, 2006: Comments and Reviews on the “Superman Returns” Trailer

Welcome to the Superman Homepage's Review on the full movie trailer for "Superman Returns".

What you'll find here are 2 reviews. One by me (Steve Younis) and the other by Neal Bailey. My review is a serious look at the scenes shown in the trailer, while Neal's review is a very cheeky look at the same trailer but in a way that can only come from his warped mind. :)

We hope you enjoy reading them both.

Before you read them though, here's what some Superman celebrities had to say about the Trailer:

Jeph Loeb (comic book writer and more)
"Pretty great. The delight with which Singer honors Donner is amazing. The music -- seeing Brando's face.Lois' feet on Superman's and then lifting off. The last gag "Bird. Plane. You wanted to see me?" Kevin Spacey. I'm looking forward to it -- looks fun, fast, and BIG."

Greg Rucka (comic book writer)
The only reaction possible is - "What do you got, Olsen?" "Look, in the sky, Chief." "It's a bird." "It's a plane." "No, look, it's--" "Uh, you wanted to see me?" Kinda says it all. I am FIRST IN ****ING LINE FOR THIS!!!!

Jack O'Halloran (Non from "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman II")
"I think the look, as far as I can see, is great. Kevin Spacey is a very good actor and so is Frank Langella. I believe the special affects are very good."

Matt Idelson (editor on the Superman comics)
Wow!!!! That looks so excellent!!!! I cannot wait to see this movie!

Ilya Salkind (producer on the first three Superman movies)
"After seeing the trailer, I now know that SUPERMAN IS BACK."

If you want to see how Brandon Routh's parents reacted to the trailer, check out the online video at KCCI.com.

Read Steve and Neal's reviews of the "Superman Returns" trailer.

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