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January 23, 2006: Josh Hartnett Laughs at Superman

The Calgary Sun reports that Josh Hartnett, who was once offered the role of Superman before Bryan Singer came on board and cast Brandon Routh, laughed at the idea of wearing the famous blue tights and red cape.

    Josh Hartnett, who turned down $100 million US to play the Man of Steel, is filled with one feeling at the sight of the new Superman.

    And it's not regret.

    "Thank God I'm not wearing the tights," Hartnett says with a laugh.

    Yes -- laugh.

    Should any 27-year-old actor who declines a $100 million US job offer -- even if it does involve donning a red cape and bikini briefs for three films -- be laughing? Apparently so.

    Hartnett, lanky and good-natured in person, says he decided two years ago to only make movies because they interested him -- not because they'd make him ridiculously wealthy.

    "You get offered things every day. If you're lucky enough to be offered movies in Hollywood and you're lucky enough to be able to choose between them, there are a million different people trying to pull you in a million different directions, whether it's because it will be more successful for you or more successful for them. You have to find what you want ...

    "I'm happy for whoever does the role," he says of Brandon Routh, who landed the gig in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns.

    "But it's not my kind of thing, you know."

Josh, all we can say is, "Yep! Thank God you're not wearing the tights!"

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