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July 14, 2006: A Look at “Superman Returns: The Videogame”

GameSpot.com has published an article all about their impressions of "Superman Returns: The Videogame" after getting a look at the game from EA Games...

    Though he doesn't have a proper life bar, Superman does have a stamina meter you'll have to be conscious of as it impacts how much of Supes' abilities you can access. As with any game based on the Man of Steel, the team has had to find a way to make his god-like powers accessible. Fortunately the team has opted to give you access to his full suite of powers from the get go. The limitations are tied to the stamina meter which is drained every time you use an ability. For the record you'll have access to his super strength, flight, vision powers, and super breath. Vision and breath are assigned to the d-pad, so tapping a direction will call up an ability such as heat vision or freezing breath. Double tapping affects the range so, for example, pushing a direction once for heat vision will let you fry a single target in a small range. Double tapping increases the range of effect. You'll even gain a measure of fine control over his abilities thanks to pressure sensitive controls on the triggers. The amount of pressure you apply when triggering the ability affects its intensity. The catch to the different ranges and intensity for your abilities is that they drain stamina equal to their power. One nice nod to the comics is the ability to quickly replenish your stamina bar by flying higher in the sky, which puts you closer to the sun- Superman's power source. Of course you'll need to make sure you've saved up enough stamina to allow you to fly. Another gameplay element taken from the books is a new mini game style sequence that was shown that lets you play as Bizarro and wreck havoc on the city. Comic fans should also be pleased to see the presence of War World and its evil ruler Mongul.

Read the complete review at the GameSpot.com website.

The videogame will be released in October, and is available for pre-order now.

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