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July 28, 2006: Robin Tunney Talks “Hollywoodland”

The Daily News has published an article in which fellow "Hollywoodland" actress Robin Tunney talks about the transformation of Ben Affleck into George Reeves...

    Expect to see Ben Affleck disappear into his characterization of 1950s "Superman" George Reeves in the Sept. 8-opening "Hollywoodland." So says Robin Tunney, who plays his fiancee in the feature, which she describes as a "Rashomon"-like telling of Reeves' mysterious shooting death.

    Affleck "wears a prosthetic nose and really does look different, and gives an amazing performance," according to Tunney. She also says we get to see him in "Superman" regalia. "He does wear tights, yes. You know, George Reeves wasn't that fit. They 'built' his body underneath his Superman suit, and they did that with Ben as well. They show him doing the TV show, which was filmed in black and white and his suit isn't even blue and red, it's gray."

Read the complete article at the Daily News website.

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