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June 25, 2006: “Superman Returns” on Satellite Radio

XM Satellite Radio, America's No. 1 Satellite Radio service, brings the Man of Steel to the airwaves.

Reel Time - Superman Returns (Director Bryan Singer)
Cinemagic - XM 27
Monday, June 26th 2PM ET
In this edition of Reel Time, Dave Z talks to director Bryan Singer about his newest film, the long awaited Superman Returns. They discuss a wide range of topics including the evolution of the project, the difficulties of writing a script on a superhero who is virtually indestructable, and the amazing score from composer John Ottman.

Encores: Tues. 3AM ET; Weds. 7AM ET; Thurs. 11AM & 5PM ET; Fri. 9PM & Mid. ET
Sat. & Sun. 3AM, 11AM, 7PM ET

XM Liner Notes: Superman Returns
Cinemagic - XM 27
Wednesday, June 28th Midnight ET and lasts all day long
All day long composer John Ottman discusses the music for Superman Returns. We'll feature a cue every hour with a liner note from John Ottman discussing the thoughts, ideas, themes and construction behind each cue that is featured on the soundtrack.

Superman Super Interview
Ethel - XM 47
Wednesday, June 28th Noon East and all day long
The Stars of the movie Superman Returns descend upon Ethel all day! You'll hear Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Brandon Routh, Parker Posey and more as they control the mic and play music all day long!

Man of Steel Marathon
Radio Classics - XM 164
Friday, June 30th 10PM ET
Before he came to the big screen or even television, Superman was a radio star. To mark this super week and the launch of the new Superman Returns motion picture, XM 164, Radio Classics is presenting a two and a half (2 1/2) hour "Man of Steel Marathon" featuring an entire old time radio storyline that originally aired over a two week span in February 1948.

Encores: Sat. (7/1) Noon ET & Sun. (7/2) 6PM ET

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