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January 12, 2006: Superman Returns Set Visit - Interview Preview

By Steve Younis

On January 1st I presented to you a brief preview article telling you about my "Superman Returns" Set Visit back in late July 2005. I can now present you with some further details from the interviews I participated in from that Set Visit.

On the second day of this 2 day event we were taken to the Australian Museum where they were filming a scene that, in the movie, would be within the Metropolis Museum. The scene involved Kevin Spacey (as Lex Luthor) with his entourage (consisting of Parker Posey as Kitty Koslowski and four henchmen, including Kal Penn as Stanford) entering the Metropolis Museum. While this scene was being set up and worked on, we located ourselves in another part of the Australian Museum to conduct interviews with other cast members, most notably Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth.

In way of previewing my full report (which will include all 9 interviews) to be presented in the coming months, I'm presenting a few quotes from some of the interviews to give you a taste of what you can expect.

    Brandon Routh (Kal-El, Clark Kent, Superman)

    Q: Were you a Superman fan growing up?

    Brandon: I was. I was growing up. I've told this story many times, it'll probably appear everywhere, but when I was five or six, first time I was gonna see "Superman", I was dressed up in Superman pajamas that I had, and a cape, which my mom still has. And I was jumping around the house, jumping on furniture, so excited to finally see the movie. I got so excited that I gave myself a migraine. Migraines have something do with Superman obviously. When I get very excited or something, I do that to myself. And I was so excited that I was basically sick to my stomach for the first half of the movie. Sitting in a daze on the couch watching the movie. I think I got better towards the end. So I was a huge Superman fan when I was younger.

Click here to read my Interview Preview article.

Update: Comic Book Resources, SciFi Wire and BlueTights have more excerpts from the same Set Visit interviews.

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