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June 3, 2006: Ivan Cohen Talks “Superman Returns” Prequel Comics

Comics Editor Ivan Cohen spoke with Newsarama about the up-coming "Superman Returns" prequel 4-issue miniseries, explaining what we can expect...

    "Each issue ends close to the start of the new movie, except for the first one, which retells the Kryptonian origin story. As I understand it, the new movie doesn't get into the origin so much - I think we all agree that the 1978 film had that stuff pretty well nailed - so this is a chance to recap the story for newcomers. Plus, the Ariel Olivetti artwork on this issue is really something special. As for the later issues, each one fills a different niche.

    I don't want to be too specific about the chronology - it'll be pretty clear once the movie comes out, anyway - and I don't want to spoil anything by discussing plot points not in the trailers, but I can say a little: issue #2 focuses on how Ma Kent has spent the five years that Clark has been away, and it reveals new chapters of Clark's childhood, as well as explaining why Clark's absence from Metropolis during the same period as Superman's absence from Earth doesn't cause any suspicion.

    The third issue focuses on Lex Luthor, who's out of prison by the time the new movie begins. How he spent his time in the slammer makes for a hell of a story.

    And the final issue brings us to Lois, whose life as changed the most of any of our principals in a world without Superman. Her story shows her dealing with a difficult assignment and wrestling with how she can love someone after Superman goes away. She also deals with a tough assignment for the Planet, and her solution is featured prominently in the film as well."

Read the complete interview at Newsarama.com.

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