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May 1, 2006: Scoring “Superman Returns” Report

SoundtrackNet reports that for the past couple of weeks, composer John Ottman has been busy recording his score to "Superman Returns". SoundtrackNet has a first-look at the scoring sessions. Here's an excerpt from their report...

    During one of the bigger days, the original prologue and main titles were recorded. At the time, it was planned to be basically a re-creation of the original opening from the 1978 film, with the curtain opening, comic book intro, and then flying through space as the John Williams march played. (Things have changed now, and a new prologue will be recorded instead.)

    It was during that time that director Bryan Singer showed up to the scoring session with lead actor Brandon Routh (Clark Kent/Superman) and Sam Huntington (Jimmy Olsen). Routh, who had played trumpet for years, was invited by the brass section to show a bit of his skills. In the end, he didn't play on the score, but was kind enough to pose for photos with Ottman, Singer, and the trumpet players.

Read the complete report at the SoundtrackNet website.

In other "Superman Returns" news, both the NY Post and LA Daily News have articles on the movie, neither has any breaking news.

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