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August 25, 2006: “Siegel & Shuster” Movie Description

The Ilya Salkind Company has released a description for their up-coming film "Siegel & Shuster".

    "Siegel & Shuster", the gripping story of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, mixes their "down to earth struggles", similar to films like Ray and Walk the Line, with out-of-this-world action fantasy sequences from the comic book universe.

    Initially set against the backdrop of the hard-luck realities of the 1930s, it culminates in an epic dramatic ending in 1978. It is a story of triumph and tragedy, fiction clashing with reality, of fame and fortune won then lost then won again. These are two passionate originals, partners, but also friends, who battled the odds to bring their visionary imagination to the world, and change modern culture forever.

    Co-written by the nephew of Joe Shuster, Warren Shuster Peary, and Rick Palacioz, the movie will combine traditional film with new state of the art technologies to break visual and uncharted boundaries that will allow the audience to participate in the vivid, spectacular fantasies of these two creative juggernauts.

Look for an exclusive interview with Ilya Salkind about "Siegel & Shuster" right here at the Superman Homepage in mid-September.

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