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June 10, 2006: “Superman Returns” Sam Huntington Interview

As we reported yesterday, the Superman Homepage's Jeffrey Bridges attended a press junket where he got to interview the cast and crew after seeing "Superman Returns" the night before.

Here is the transcript of the roundtable interview with Sam Huntington.

    Press: You had a number of scenes with Jack (Larson). Speak to his frame of mind on the set, being in this film... it had to be coming full-circle for him.

    Sam: Yeah, it's crazy, man. I mean, everybody asks me, "So what was it like to work with Jack Larson and was there a passing of the torch?" There was like a twenty-five minute passing of the torch! The cool thing was it was just as exciting, I think, for him, seemingly so, as it was for me to meet him, for him to pass the torch as it was for me to receive it. And that was really, really cool, man.

    Press: Any personal moments with him that were kind of touching?

    Sam: Just the talks and how the role has affected his life and how being part of this has affected him fifty-plus years after the show was on television. It's still affecting him. And it's just kinda neat. It's like almost one of those things where you see what could potentially happen and he's just such a sweet, wonderful man.

Read the complete interview right here at the Superman Homepage.

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