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May 26, 2006: Exclusive Interview with Neil Corbould

Six U.K. based Superman fans were chosen by Warner Bros. to submit questions to various cast and crew on "Superman Returns". Most of those chosen are Superman Homepage members, and we're pleased to present their exclusive interview with Neil Corbould, SFX Supervisor on "Superman Returns".

Look for more exclusive interviews with Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty (Writers), and Louise Mingenbach (Costume Designer) in the next few days.

    Q: One of the most exciting prospects of "Superman Returns" is to finally see Superman cut loose on screen in a way never seen before. How did you feel in regards to realising the iconic flight and powers of Superman that have been rendered by so many artists and comic books throughout history?

    Neil: When I was asked to do the Physical Special Effects on "Superman Returns" I was very excited. Superman holds a special place in my heart as "Superman: The Movie" was the first movie that I worked on and then to get the chance to supervise "Superman Returns" was an absolute honor. Especially with the technology that is available today with both physical and visual effects; the sky was the limit, pardon the pun. I have worked with Mark Stetson before on "The Fifth Element", so when I heard that he was the Visual Effects Supervisor I knew that it was going to be something special. I was excited and a little worried to see who would fill the boots of Christopher Reeve, but when I first met Brandon Routh I knew that the Superman Icon was in good hands... and with Byran Singer directing what more could anyone want. Bryan has so much passion for Superman and it really shows up in the movie.

Click here to read to read the complete interview with Neil Corbould.

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