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May 5, 2006: Massive 12-Part “Superman Returns” Set Visit Report

By Steve Younis

Finally, after nearly 10 months of sitting on this story, I can finally present to you my "Superman Returns" Set Visit report!!!

On Thursday, July 28th and Friday, July 29th 2005 I was lucky enough to be invited to a "Superman Returns" International Online Set Visit.

This 2 day event included a visit to various sound stages within Sydney's Fox Studios, a close-up examination of the Superman costume, a private screening of the San Diego Comic Con preview video clip, set visit to watch filming within the Australian Museum (doubling as the Metropolis Museum) and interviews with cast and crew (9 in total).

I was one of around 20 reporters from around the world visiting on behalf of various entertainment websites. No photos or videos were allowed, just audio. I'll do my best to describe everything I saw.

My set visit report is broken up into the following sections:

  • Part 1: The Production Design Department and Interview with Guy Dyas
  • Part 2: The Writers - Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris
  • Part 3: Stanford - Kal Penn
  • Part 4: The Producers - Gilbert Adler and Chris Lee
  • Part 5: I only need 5 minutes - Kevin Spacey
  • Part 6: The Costume - Louise Mingenbach and Dan Bronson
  • Part 7: San Diego Comic Con Footage - Bryan Singer
  • Part 8: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El - Brandon Routh
  • Part 9: Kitty Koslowski - Parker Posey
  • Part 10: Lois Lane - Kate Bosworth
  • Part 11: Director - Bryan Singer
  • Part 12: Up, Up and Away - Tour Ends

Presented here are all 12 parts of my "Superman Returns" Set Visit report.

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