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July 13, 2006: Newton Thomas Sigel Talks “Superman Returns”

American Cinematography has published an indepth 4-page article on "Superman Returns" Director of Photography, Newton Thomas Sigel, exploring what it took to make the movie look so great on screen...

    "The general look was determined by the themes and characters, as it would be on any film. However, a large part of the look also came from the translation of comic-book art into three-dimensional space and movement. Consequently, the picture features very graphic, elegant compositions, and there's a vibrancy to the colors that pushes the envelope of what is real. I wanted to create a look that would be naturalistic but also have a painterly, illustrative quality that pays respect to the paint-and-ink drawing of the original comics. The color scheme is not as strong as the hues in some other films adapted from comics, such as Dick Tracy, but our overall use of color does provide a different type of image quality. Superman Returns creates a sense of nostalgia through the use of golds, yellows and bronzes in both the production design and lighting. I also bent this scheme a little in the grading to create a slightly more pastel, less photo-realistic look."

Read the complete 4-page article at the ASCmag.com website.

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