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July 14, 2006: NY Times Talks With Noel Neill and Jack Larson

The New York Times has published an article about Noel Neill and Jack Larson, sitting down recently to talk to them about their long involvement in the world of Superman...

    They make cameo appearances in "Superman Returns," directed by Bryan Singer, Ms. Neill as a wealthy widow whose deathbed scene is the opening act of the film, and Mr. Larson as a bow-tie-wearing bartender serving drinks to Jimmy Olsen (played this time by Sam Huntington) and Clark Kent.

    "Bryan Singer has shown great respect for the entire Superman legend, for our television show, for Noel and for me," Mr. Larson said, occasionally grasping Ms. Neill's hand as they sat together recently in Patrick's Roadhouse, a weathered, memorabilia-cluttered diner alongside the traffic-jammed Pacific Coast Highway, where Ms. Neill, who lives nearby, is a regular. "I was enormously moved and gratified by that."

    Mr. Singer offered casting invitations in person to Mr. Larson and Ms. Neill before "Superman Returns" began filming last year in Australia.

Read the article at the NYTimes.com website (subscription may be required).

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