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March 31, 2006: “Superman Returns” Preview DVD in Total Film Magazine

The U.K. edition of "Total Film" magazine (May 2006 issue) comes with a free DVD. The DVD contains the original teaser trailer for "Superman Returns" plus three of the best of Bryan Singer's video diary blogs.

Total Film Magazine The blogs included on the DVD with the teaser trailer are "To Fly" (#10), "Love Previs" (#20), and "20 hours to San Diego" (#22).

Shown right is the cover of this issue of "Total Film" with the preview DVD (available on newsstands in the U.K. now). Shown left is a screen capture of the on-screen DVD menu.

Thanks to Chris Hasson for the info and images for this news report.

Meanwhile, the official "Superman Returns" site has been updated to include the billing block for the film (shown below - click to enlarge).

Billing Block

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