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Superman Laptop Advance

February 9, 2006: “Superman Retuns” Laptop Advance

PlayThings has announced the up-coming release of the Superman Laptop Advance, an electronic computer for children. Here's the description from their website...

    Oregon Scientific, Tualatin, Ore., continue their partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products with the Superman Laptop Advance. The Laptop is recommended for ages 5 and up and will be released along with the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures film, Superman Returns, this summer. A newer version will also be introduced for children ages 3 and older and will include eight learning activities with an ALPHA keyboard. The laptop includes a LCD screen with activities in math, logic, memory and spelling with 30 activities in English and 30 activities in Spanish. Kids can wave their hand above the lid to activate the classic Superman song and pop open the lid. An internal antenna within the lid functions with sensor technology, detects a hand's natural heat and electromagnetic field and activates the lid to spring into action (SRP US$59.99).

Look for the Superman Laptop Advance to be released around the same time that "Superman Returns" is released to cinemas.

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