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July 13, 2006: “Superman Returns” London Premiere

"Superman Returns" premiered at the Odeon in Leicester Square in London tonight, with various media outlets reporting on the event...

BBC News - Superman Returns for UK Premiere:

    Bryan Singer, who has been linked to a possible 2009 sequel to the new film, said he was merely the current "custodian" of the character.

    "Superman means something to everybody - he's been around for 70 years. I wanted to get as much of it right as possible," he said.

    The director, who shot to fame with 1995's The Usual Suspects, said Thursday's premiere was bigger than those for his two X-Men films.

    "This is pretty incredible: more people, more intensity, more excitement - more screaming."

London Premiere London Premiere London Premiere London Premiere London Premiere

Yahoo News - Kate Steals Limelight from Superman:

    American actress Kate Bosworth, who plays the feisty journalist Lois Lane, stole the show from the caped superhero in a daring backless mini-dress.

    "It's fantastic. It's always great to be in London premieres. This city has an energy like no other.

    "The fans are great here and I really enjoy being here. I was a little nervous but also so excited. There's a lot of expectation from fans of the film who have certain ideas about the character and the details like even a wave in Lois' hair but it's incredible to have fans who believe so strongly in the film."

The Daily Mail - Superman Flied in for UK Premiere (they also have an online video interview with the cast, available in both Windows Media and RealVideo formats):

    "I was aware of the great legacy, not only of Superman, but also of Christopher Reeve. He's the one that made me love Superman, watching him perform." said Brandon, but he added: "You have to try to imagine what it's like to be the most powerful person on earth and there's no room for fear in that."

Superman Homepage member Andrew Hobbs grabbed these great photos from outside the premiere at the Odeon cinema...

London Premiere London Premiere London Premiere
London Premiere London Premiere London Premiere

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