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July 21, 2006: “Hollywoodland” Website Up and Running

Focus Features and Vivendi Universal have debuted the website for "Hollywoodland", the feature film inspired by the story of the death of George Reeves, the actor who played Clark Kent and Superman on TV's "The Adventures of Superman" from 1952-1958. According to the synopsis included on the "Hollywoodland" website:

    A uniquely compelling exploration of fame and identity. The drama, inspired by one of Hollywood's most infamous real-life mysteries, follows a 1950s private detective (Academy Award winner Adrien Brody) who, investigating the mysterious death of "Superman" star George Reeves (Academy Award winner Ben Affleck), uncovers unexpected connections to his own life as the case turns ever more personal. The torrid affair Reeves had with the wife (Academy Award nominee Diane Lane) of a studio executive (Academy Award nominee Bob Hoskins) might hold the key to the truth.

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